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Biker Bound: The Lost Souls MC Series

Ellie R. Hunter

  Biker Bound

  The Lost Souls MC


  Ellie R Hunter

  Ellie R Hunter

  Biker Bound

  © 2014 Ellie R Hunter


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  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This book contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author / publisher.

  This book is a work of fiction. Any similarity between the characters and situations within its pages and places or persons, living or dead, is unintentional and co-incidental.

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  Looking around my pathetic one bedroom apartment it makes me want to burn the place to the ground. It’s beginning to fall down but the landlord doesn’t care as long as he gets his rent. The décor doesn’t bother me as you can barely see the walls for photographs and notes I have collected.

  I know everything there is to know about the Lost Souls MC. I’m lost in this perpetual darkness that surrounds me. The darkness is their fault. They don’t know it yet but each and every one of them will be left broken…just like me. They took my life from me. I still breathe and live day by day but none of it means anything. Until my dying breath is taken I will not stop tormenting them until they are all in the ground or the club is torn apart. I’m prepared to risk my life to achieve their demise because I know if they catch me, they will kill me. I used to have everything. I had a home, I had a family and I had someone who I could depend on. All of that is gone now because of them.

  The hatred I feel towards them is what fuels me. It gets me out of bed each morning and it’s the reason I don’t wish for death as I try to sleep each night.

  I don’t mind playing games with them. It’s the only way I can find enjoyment these days. Days are long gone since I could find pleasure in simple things. I no longer have friends to laugh with. When I say everything was taken from me, I mean everything.

  Slowly and meticulously I will repay the Lost Souls by taking everything I can from them.

  Chapter One


  Our supporting MC, the Devils Bastards, are in town. Business for both clubs has been going well and this weekend is all about celebrating.

  “You not enjoying the party baby?”

  I look over my shoulder to see Sarah. She’s dressed up to the nines or rather down to zero as she’s in next to nothing.

  “Not particularly.”

  “Anything I can do for you?” she smiles flirtatiously, wrapping her arm around my neck.

  Since Cas and Sparky took on old ladies the girls at the club have flocked around us single brothers like glue. Each one hoping if they fuck us enough we’ll become too attached to them to let them go.

  I’m not going to sit here and say I haven’t took advantage of this but each time I wake up the next morning or walk away from a quick fuck something in me hates myself a little more inside.

  “Not tonight darlin’,” I grunt, rolling my shoulders away from her touch.

  My brush off still doesn’t faze her and she inches closer.

  “You sure there isn’t anything I can do?” she purrs, pushing her hand between my thighs and pressing down into my groin.

  “I’m fuckin’ positive,” I growl, sliding off the stool. I was quite happy having a one man pity party on.

  “Way to be an ass Slade. What’s wrong with you these days?” she calls after me.

  Some of the guys around us shoot her glares but I carry on walking away.

  On any other night I’d be drinking and having a laugh with my brothers and wouldn’t be brushing Sarah off. With my head not in the right place tonight I decide to head for home.

  With everyone preoccupied with their drinks and women I manage to make it to the garage where my bike is parked without being noticed.

  Opening the shutter so I can walk my bike out I’m greeted by Sparky’s lily white ass and his jeans pushed down round his legs.

  He throws his head round at the commotion I make and like always he doesn’t care I had walked in on them.

  “I hope that’s Bonnie hiding behind you,” I tease.

  I know it’s her. For one, my brother would not screw around behind her back, especially when she’s in the same area and two, she doesn’t show her face in embarrassment. If it was one of the club girls they wouldn’t care about being caught.

  “Of course it’s Bonnie, shithead. Now, do you mind fuckin’ off?”

  “I’m only here for my bike, if you ask nicely I might close the shutter on the way out,” I laugh, knowing Bonnie would be mortified if anyone else saw them.

  “Hey, where you goin’ anyway?” Sparky asks, still in the same position.

  “Home. I’ll talk to you when you ain’t got your dick in your wife.”

  I roll my bike clear out of the garage and pull the shutter down again.

  I know my sinking mood hasn’t gone unnoticed by the club. Even my ma hears it on our brief but often phone calls. I can’t seem to shake it and the more I try, the deeper I sink. I have everything I need apart from the one thing I want most. I want someone to call mine. I don’t believe in love at first sight. I believe you can be blown over by someone’s appearance to the point you can’t think straight but to me, love means you love everything about that person and you aren’t able to come to the conclusion of love based on first appearances alone.

  Over the last couple of years I have watched Cas and Sparky lose themselves into their women. The two guys I thought would never settle down yet here I am…alone.

  Sparky joked a few months ago that I should get on my laptop and find myself a woman. I wouldn’t admit it to anyone especially my brothers but I had been tempted. As tempted as I was I didn’t want to pick a woman from photos and profiles that are probably full of bullshit lies about themselves. I wanted to hear her voice and see her face in person, to find out for myself what the woman is truly like. Also, what would I put on my profile? Lonely biker, lives life on the edge and on the wrong side of the law, possibility of being in danger is more frequent than not. Earns money by computer hacking and dealing in weapons.

  I can only imagine what kind of women would reply. The same kind we have hanging around the club and I’m tired of those. They don’t do anything for me anymore, hence why I’m going home early on a Sa
turday night on my own.


  My stomach is a bundle of nerves as I drive into Willows Peak. I should have done this sooner, much sooner.

  I quickly glance in the rear view mirror and remind myself why I decided to pack up and leave everything I know…Zachery.

  I should have brought him sooner but with all the misery and struggle in my life, it just wasn’t possible.

  My father battled with Parkinson’s disease for many years and during my unplanned pregnancy he took a turn for the worst. I held back going off to college and ran his pawn shop back east while my mom took care of him at home. Growing up around my dad who was always lively and boisterous with his customers and friends, to the weak timid man he was at the end was horrifying. Me and my mom both knew he only held on long enough to meet his grandson. When Zachery was six months old my father died at the age of fifty-seven. Nothing in this world could have held me together apart from Zachery. Eventually after selling the shop, my childhood home, my mom went to stay with her sister Helen. It’s then I decided it wasn’t fair to my son not to know his father any longer.

  The last message I had from his father was that he was staying in Willows Peak and he was sorting himself out. I was only four months pregnant when I couldn’t make contact with him anymore. Then my father needed all my attention, from there everything went to shit.

  The only problem I have now is finding him in this town. It has been over a year and a half since I last spoke to him and here I am, about to turn up on his doorstep and change his life forever.

  After stopping at the local diner asking after him I was directed to a clubhouse by a non-too friendly, over-weight guy wearing a dirty apron with a name tag that read ‘Hank’. He must be the owner going by the name of the diner.

  Back in the car and after four wrong turns I finally ended up outside two huge gates that are wide open with a guy dressed in leather staring intently at me.

  If this is where he is then I have to go in. For a minute I thought the guy was going to stop me but he didn’t. Inside, bikes were parked everywhere and the ground was littered with beer bottles and if I wasn’t hallucinating, a guy was passed out on a picnic table.

  What kind of place is this?

  Stopping the car by what looked like a mechanics shop, I took a long deep breath and tried unsuccessfully to calm down. I look back at Zachery still asleep in his car seat and was debating what to do when a sudden knock at the window made me jump out of my skin.

  I rolled the window down instead of getting out.

  “I think you’re lost little girl,” the guy huffed.

  His leathers and beard were a big give away that he was a biker and then it dawns on me, I have just driven into the middle of a biker club.

  Isn’t that just fucking great? And now I have this old guy looking down at me, or more like down my top and I want to scream.

  “I definitely agree with you. I’m looking for someone and I was pointed in this direction,” I told him.

  He opened my door and swung his arm out in gesture for me to get out. I really wasn’t sure about this but I had to know if he was here.

  “Who you lookin’ for? If I know him I’ll tell you where he is, but then again, I might keep you for myself,” he leered.

  “Okay, for starters no one is keeping me and certainly not you and secondly, how do you know I’m looking for a guy?”

  “On a male to female ratio in this place your fine piece of ass has stumbled into, I’m pretty sure you’re here for a guy,” he said, so sure of himself.

  I’m about to speak when he is approached by other leather wearing guys, all staring and not giving a damn that I can see them blatantly checking me out.

  “You ready to go Prez?” one of them asks.

  Prez? I look at his leather vest and see all the patches sewn on. One of them says President and underneath it says Devils Bastards. Nice, I think to myself.

  “Names Linc,” he says, holding out his hand choosing to ignore the other guys.


  I don’t offer a surname and I ignore his hand.

  “You’re being rude Kristen, when someone offers you their hand, it’s polite to accept,” he rambles on.

  Ha! What would he know about politeness? He’s just been checking out my cleavage for the past five minutes.

  “I should go, who I’m looking for won’t be here,” I said, hoping I am right.

  “You haven’t said who you’re lookin’ for yet,” he reminded me.

  “It really doesn’t matter,” I mumble.

  “Have it your way then. I hope I see you around here the next time I’m passin’ through,” he says, before walking away.

  I highly doubt it I think to myself as I watch him swing his heavy leg over his bike. Within seconds, the thunderous roars of the bikes are passing me by making my bones rattle.

  Once they’re out of sight the feeling in my legs return and I contemplate asking someone else around here. Surely they can’t all be like Linc, the old hairy biker?

  A door flies open from the other end of the lot and three, no, four more leather wearing guys come out into the sun. Now these bikers do not look like the one I just met.

  Their laughter makes them seem less scary, almost friendly so I decide to stay and ask around. Looking in the car at Zachery, I decide to leave him in his seat. Just because I have to deal with these people doesn’t mean he has to. By the time I look back they are all heading in my direction.

  Their laughter has died away and none of them are even smiling. Every pair of eyes are on me and I wish I could sink into the car and high tail it out of here.

  “Can we help you?” the guy walking in front asks as he nears me. Either from afar or on closer inspection, this guy is hot. His dark hair is pulled back and away from his face and his skin is very tanned causing his eyes to look like they are popping out their sockets.

  “I’m looking for someone and I was told he was here,” I explain for a second time.

  “Who told you anything?” the same guy asks, with a disapproving tone.

  “Um, a guy at the diner,” I answer quickly, jeez, they don’t like uninvited visitors much.

  “And who exactly are you lookin’ for?” A shaven-headed tattooed guy asks abruptly.

  “Billy, Billy Coleman.”

  I know I’m in the right place because as soon as I have said his name, all four faces freeze.

  “Is he here or not?” I ask when their silence becomes unbearable.

  “Who’s askin’?” the bald one asks, evading my question first.

  “The mother of his child.”

  Chapter Two


  I had just stepped out of the shower when I heard the phone ringing. I looked at the time and thought ten in the morning was a little early on a Sunday for my brothers to be hounding me, unless of course it was my mom.

  Nope, it was my president, Cas. Something must have happened for him to be calling this early.


  “Slade, I need you to find out everything you can on a woman called Kristen Collins and see if you can find a link between her and our Billy.”

  “Billy? I haven’t heard his name in a while. What’s goin’ on?” I ask.

  “Find out what you can and get to the clubhouse and I’ll fill you in. Just see if you can find anythin’” he says, sounding tired. He spits out a few more details about her and hangs up before I can say another word. It would be faster to find out myself who this woman is than to wait for Cas to tell me.

  I fire up my laptop and pour a steaming cup of coffee and begin my search.

  It doesn’t take long to pull up her driving licence, finances and her complete life history. Searching normal people is hell of a lot easier than outlaws. For one, normal people don’t feel the need to hide their transactions. Looking over her phone account I can see every call she has made. Combing her bank accounts I can see she has recently come into a large amount of money and she has
been spending small amounts on motels and fast food and if you were to track them on a map, they would be a route straight to Willows Peak.

  Digging around further, I find she has no property in her name and no rental leases. So, she has no home. After I comb through everything that could connect her to Billy I was about to give up when I thought I would check her medical records. That is when I find the connection. Billy’s name is down as her son’s father.

  Billy never said anything about having a girlfriend or a kid. He had only been a prospect for three months before he died but out of all the prospects, he was pretty open about himself. I even checked for a third time for any of his relatives just in case I missed anyone before his funeral.

  I print out a copy of the kid’s birth certificate for Cas and grab my keys.

  I was relieved to see most of the Devils Bastards had left after last night’s party. After parking my bike in my usual spot I snatch the print outs and head inside to find Cas. I immediately find him pacing the bar waiting for me going by the relieved look on his face when he sees me.

  “Did you find anythin’?” he snaps.

  “What’s goin’ on?”

  “We got a woman here askin’ about Billy. She claims he’s the father of her kid.”

  “From what I’ve found out, she isn’t lying Prez.”

  I hand him what I found and sit on a stool, waiting for him to finish reading.

  His eyes narrowed tighter and tighter the more he read.

  “It’s true then? He is the kid’s dad.”

  “Yeah, he wasn’t born until five maybe six months after Billy died, that’s why I didn’t find them for the funeral,” I point out.

  “Billy didn’t just die, he was murdered.”

  Both Cas and I turn around to find Alannah behind us. It has been a year and a half since that dark day at the cabin and she still struggles to cope with what she saw. She is a strong woman but when it comes to Billy, she goes back to that day like it was yesterday.