Fistful of reefer, p.25
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       Fistful of Reefer, p.25

           David Mark Brown
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Greetings from Author David Mark Brown

  I hope you’ve enjoyed Fistful of Reefer, #17 of the Lost DMB Files. (If you have, you might want to check out the sneak peek of The Austin Job at the end of this very book!) If you haven’t enjoyed Fistful of Reefer, then why are you still reading?! Writing these garish Lost DMB Files is a blast.

  I’m also looking forward to the first of a new series of books entitled simply The DMB Files. These stories will take place in the same alternate history of Fistful of Reefer and the rest of the lost files, but they will focus on the near future. A future in which professor Jim “Buck” Buckner stumbles upon the fact that the Lost DMB Files are actually based on true events. (Who knew!)

  David Mark Brown, it turns out, was actually a bold journalist disguising his exposé on the mysterious “benefactors” responsible for founding The Democratic Republic of Texicas as pulp fiction.

  Anywho, The DMB Files will follow Buckner’s efforts, along with David Mark Brown, IV and his Truth in History Society as they galavant across a globe and a near future similar to our own. But in their world, petroleum has yet to be tapped as a fuel or energy source. A neurotoxin has ravaged every geographical region in which hearty entrepreneurs have endeavored to harness the full potential of oil. Coincidence? You can’t seriously think so, now can you?

  The truth behind the future turns out to be hidden in the past—a forgotten past, recorded piecemeal by the lost files. With nothing more than his wits and the obscure writings of David Mark Brown, professor Buckner will attempt to redeem the past and save the future.

  But honestly, anyone could put the pieces together, if they’re willing to look…

  May the truth set you free.

  If you’ve liked what you’ve read so far stop by my website, The Green Porch, and join the revolution by signing up for my e-mail updates. More refreshing than a mint julep, or your money back. (Don’t worry, it’s free!)

  You could also join your regional chapter of the Truth in History Society.

  Above all, enjoy the show!

  All known “Lost” Files (in chronological order allowing for suspected gaps):

  Reefer Ranger (#9)

  Del Rio Con Amor (#14)

  Fistful of Reefer (#17)

  The Austin Job (#18)

  Hell’s Womb (#22)

  Get Doc Quick (#24)

  McCutchen’s Bones (#25)

  Twitch and Die! (#26)

  Paraplegic Zombie Slayer (#35)

  Fourth Horseman (#43)

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