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       Men of Inked Christmas Novella, p.3

         Part #6.5 of Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss
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  Pop’s already trying to make sense of the chaos of wrapping paper, boxes, and presents.

  Joe and Suzy are snuggled on the floor beside the tree with Rosie, Gigi, and Luna. I don’t envy the man. There’s so much estrogen in that house, I’m surprised he hasn’t gone mad.

  Max and Anthony are whispering to each other with Asher and Tamara in front of them, ripping open their presents and throwing the wrapping paper backward onto them, but they don’t seem to care.

  Thomas and Angel are next to us on the couch. She’s sitting in his lap with her legs hanging over the side closest to us. Nick’s by Pop, showing him the new baseball glove as they talk about how someday he’ll play for the Cubs.

  Izzy’s leaning against James as she sits between his legs with the kids near her feet. Trace, Mello, and Rocco are like three hellions, throwing things and tossing presents to their cousins like wild animals.

  When I look to Fran and Bear, they’re oblivious to the chaos in the room. They’re into each other. It’s nice to see them both finally happy. I never would’ve imagined that they would be a perfect match, but they are. He balances her nutty with his crazy, and somehow, they work perfectly.

  Even my cousin Morgan showed up with his beautiful wife Race. They were late, which is normal for them. Their excuse this time is Race’s ovulation schedule. Instead of being here with us, they’ve been at home fucking like animals, trying to get pregnant. It’s a reason I can get behind.

  I take it all in and try to memorize this moment. The room is filled with so much love and happiness, it’s almost too much to comprehend.

  I wish I could hit pause and keep us here, in this moment, forever.

  How I’ve become this lucky is beyond me. I know the moment is fleeting. Time moves on. We’re getting older. The kids are growing up and will soon take our place.

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