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Worship Me

Chelle Bliss

  Worship Me

  Chelle Bliss


  “Izzy, please. Be reasonable.”

  I loved when James begged. “Say it again,” I taunted him.

  What the fuck with the be reasonable comment? I’m always reasonable. Okay, maybe that isn’t entirely true. I usually shoot from the hip and save the apologies for later. My big mouth has gotten me into more trouble over the years, and much of it I try to forget, especially when it comes to James.

  He arched an eyebrow, and the same shitty smirk I’d grown accustomed to flashed across his lips. “I could make you say yes.”

  “Doubtful.” I glared at him, feeling supercocky even though I was in no position to be.

  James, my loving husband of over ten years, decided that tonight was a good time to tie me to the bed. I should’ve known he was up to no good because it’d been more than a little bit since he’d used restraints during sex. I figured we were just getting our kink on and that he wanted to try something new, but nope, the bastard knew I wouldn’t like what he was asking and made sure I didn’t have an out.

  “Baby,” he whispered, running his thumbs across my bottom lip and trying to seduce me. “You know you can’t say no to me. Never have and never will.”

  There were very few people in this world that could make me do anything, but James had a power over me since the first night I met him. Saying no to him had always been damn near impossible, and I almost hated myself because of it.

  I never wanted to be that girl—the one who caved to anything her husband asked. Never in my life had I wanted to be her, an easy mark and a carpet for her husband to walk all over, but things don’t always turn out the way we plan. I learned that the hard way.

  James wasn’t even on my radar until the night of Joe and Suzy’s wedding when he sauntered in with his good looks and charm. The arrogant bastard seemed to work me like he’d known me my entire life, and I fell for it.

  I thought I’d won when I snuck out. I figured I’d never see him again, so what did it matter. Boy, was I wrong.

  “I’ve said no to you plenty of times.” I refused to let him use his sexual prowess, which I’d done in the past, but sometimes I had to dig my heels in and find my inner bitch.

  I pulled at the restraints and tried to break free, but it was useless. The man could tie the most wicked knots, and it had been years since I’d been able to wiggle out of them. Every time I escaped, he’d learn a new technique until he found just the right one to render me helpless.

  His lips scorched a path down my neck, and my back arched as if begging for his touch. “Say yes, Izzy.”

  I stifled the moan that formed low in my throat, but I squeaked instead when he sucked my nipple into his mouth. My body rocked on its own, moving toward him instinctively, wanting the bite of his teeth. His hand slid down my front, cupping my pussy, not hard enough to give me pleasure, only the sweet torment that he reveled in.

  “Say yes, and I’ll give you what you want.”

  He was playing with me. James was a master manipulator. I didn’t know if it was his background with the DEA or just something he was born with, but he used it perfectly when it suited his purpose.

  I clenched my jaw, grinding my teeth together. “No.”

  He wanted me to go to Miami to help gather information on a case and spend a few days with his parents. I loved them. I had every intention of saying yes, but saying no made everything more interesting.

  He pulled my panties to the side before dipping two fingers inside me with the most sinful smile. “Last chance, baby,” he warned.

  What was he going to do to me if I didn’t give in? The thought passed through my mind, but I pushed it away. I was lost in the feel of his hands on my skin and the ache between my legs, but my resistance held. “No,” I bit out.

  He peered up, my nipple still in his mouth, smiling around the tip. The goddamn smile. I knew it so well, and we’d been together so long, I knew I was in for something I wasn’t going to like.

  He thrust his fingers through my wetness and curled them, pressing against my G-spot. The sensation made me almost breathless and made me want to say yes to him without a second thought, but then he bit down on my nipple, and I was shocked back to reality and the knowledge that this was just a game to him.

  Involuntarily, my back arched off the bed, offering my breast to him. My body had always betrayed me when it came to him. It was like he had the power to short-circuit my wiring and reprogram me, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do to change it.

  He added a third finger, filling me so completely that I moaned my pleasure and cried out his name. As if he’d achieved his goal, he pulled his fingers out and rubbed the wetness over my clit, taunting me. Slowly, his fingertips circled my supersensitive bud, driving me closer to the edge. It hit me. The bastard was going to torture me, denying me the orgasm I so badly wanted and now needed until I said yes and gave him what he wanted. This wasn’t about sex or connection. It was about getting what James wanted, and this was the only way he knew how.

  I wiggled my bottom, trying to stop him before it was too late… But I’d already passed the point of no return, and he damn well knew it. His fingers were skilled, his mind sharp and cunning, and he was the master of my body.

  My toes curled, the orgasm just within reach as his teeth clamped down harder against my nipple, pushing me closer to the edge. Just as my body tensed, losing myself in oblivion, James’s touch vanished.

  “Fucking asshole,” I hissed and glared down my body at my sadistic husband.

  He smiled, licking my wetness from his fingers with the deepest, sexiest moan I’d ever heard. I yanked at the restraints, again trying to break free because I wanted to launch myself across the bed and wrap my hands around his neck. Who the hell was I kidding? I’d rather knock his ass down and sit on his face, letting him slowly suffocate while getting the orgasm he was so intent on denying me.

  “I’m going to let you think about your answer.” His tongue swept across his beautiful full lips, making sure he’d captured every drop of me.

  He was completely naked, every muscle on his perfectly chiseled body glistening in the candlelight I’d spent a half hour lighting before he got home from work. My parents had the boys for the weekend and I didn’t want to waste a moment of our alone time, but in no way had I ever thought this was how our night would turn out.

  “You can’t leave me like this,” I pleaded, but I knew the man was just as stubborn as I was, so I was basically screwed. “Come on. We’re alone for the first time in months, and you’re going to just walk out?”

  James let out a vicious laugh. “You want this, baby?” He wrapped his hand around his cock, pumping it roughly.

  I inhaled and closed my eyes, choking down the scream that so badly wanted to break loose along with a million ways to tell him to go fuck himself. “I want to come, sweetie.” My voice was anything but sweet as I said the words.

  He gripped his cock harder, moaning and putting on a show for me.

  My gaze dipped to his cock. “You wouldn’t dare.”

  He arched an eyebrow and accepted my challenge, pumping so fast that I could almost feel him thrusting into me. He placed his feet shoulder-width apart and tipped his head back, giving me an unobstructed view as he jacked himself off.

  My pussy throbbed with each thrust, and I silently cursed him for making me watch. I couldn’t help but feel the wetness between my legs start to run down my ass crack. I squeezed my thighs together, trying to quell the ache, but it was futile. What I needed wouldn’t be fixed without his touch.

  James stepped closer, and I licked my lips. “You want this cock?”

  I didn’t dare speak. I couldn’t. The on
ly thing I wanted to say was yes and then beg him to fuck me, to finish me off and give me the relief I so badly needed. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of letting him know how desperately I wanted to get off. He knew, though. The bastard always did. But I wasn’t going to say the words.

  I didn’t beg.

  It wasn’t in my nature, even when it came to my husband.

  “It’s so hard, Izzy.”

  Man, he was pulling out the asshole card…big-time.

  He smirked and moved closer, almost within kicking range. “You want me to fuck that beautiful cunt of yours?”

  His hand stroked faster as I lay there helpless and panting. I shook my head and bit down on my lip to keep myself quiet. The dull ache between my legs turned almost painful, and I was unable to escape.

  All day I’d worked myself up, planning for a night of crazy sex with him, like we used to have before the kids started growing up and work took over our lives.

  Private nights alone didn’t happen often enough anymore, and now he was going to waste it taunting me until I gave in to him.

  The bed dipped, and I thought I had been victorious as he climbed between my legs. In my mind, I was already doing the victory lap and waving the checkered flag, but my celebration didn’t last long.

  “You know I don’t need pretty things like this.” He kneeled before me, pumping his cock with one hand, and tangled his fingers in the waistband of my panties. I’d bought them special for tonight, thinking I needed to spice up our sex life, even though James preferred me naked. “I want what’s underneath.” Before I could protest, he ripped the material from my body and tossed the shards to the floor.

  “Take it,” I said. My voice was laced with so much need and want that I sounded pathetic even to myself. No one, and I mean no one, got to me like he did. Maybe that’s why I married him. God knew, it wasn’t because of his manners. The man was a beast in the sack and the best verbal sparring partner I’d ever had.

  He leaned forward, placing his mouth over my clit. Sweet Jesus. Right there. It was like the clouds had parted on a rainy day and the sun shone down, bathing me in warmth. I pushed the back of my head into the pillow, closing my eyes and thrusting my cunt into his face. Just a little more. I needed more of him. A flick of the tongue. The tease of his teeth. Something to push me over the edge and to ignite the slow burn that was overtaking my ability to think or speak.

  My entire body was on fire, needing the release so badly that he’d denied me minutes earlier. His tongue swiped against my clit, and my entire body quaked with pleasure. Right there. Oh God. Right there. I moaned, unable to hold it in, thankful for the brilliant moves his tongue made against my pussy.

  I’m so close…fuck. So close. My muscles were strained and my breathing was erratic and I started to sweat. My toes curled, the sign that it was about to happen—that I was about to have an orgasm that would tear me apart and send me into the best post-sex blackout of my life.

  “Yes!” I chanted. “Yes.”

  Then nothing.

  My eyes flew open just as he leaped off the bed in one quick move, like an Olympic gymnast going for the gold in the bullshit pommel horse event.

  “James.” He was lucky I was tied up because I would’ve ripped his cock right off out of anger and frustration and let him watch me fuck myself with it.

  He licked his lips, wiping them clean of my wetness again. “I’m going to go get something to drink. I’m feeling parched.” He gave me a mischievous smile. “You relax for a little bit.”

  Parched? He didn’t know parched, but he would. The man was about to have a dry spell that would make the Mojave Desert look like the wettest place on earth. I wouldn’t forget this night anytime soon, and I’d make sure he didn’t either.

  “James,” I yelled, pulling at the restraints and twisting in the bed as he started to walk to the doorway. “You cannot leave me like this.”

  He stared at me for a minute, watching me as I tried to break free…still with that cocky grin. He glanced down, catching sight of the leftover black rope he’d tossed aside earlier. “You’re right.” He stalked toward me after grabbing the rope off the floor and cinching it.

  Fuck. Me and my big mouth. Why did I always do this shit to myself? I couldn’t have just let him walk out the door and figured something out myself, not now. He was about to spread me out, making sure I wouldn’t be able to squeeze my legs together enough times to get myself off without him.