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         Part #3 of THIRDS series by Charlie Cochet
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  how the guy was treating his brother. It wasn’t as if the two of them got along on the best of days. “I guess so.”

  “Listen. Recon’s going to the hospital to check on the victims and question any witnesses. I know you hate waiting, so….” Sloane took a discreet look around and leaned into Dex, his voice hushed. “How about I take your mind off the wait? We’ll head over to my place and get into bed.” He gave Dex a wicked grin, and his hand slid over Dex’s thigh to his crotch. “I’ll help you relax.”

  Dex stole a quick kiss and got to his feet. “Let’s get out of this one-horse town.”

  Chapter 6

  “YOU’RE SUCH a dork,” Sloane teased, watching his partner squirm and laugh.

  “I’m sorry. You know how ticklish I am. Is it my fault you go for those exact spots?”

  “But I like those spots.” Sloane hummed as he trailed his tongue up his partner’s inner thigh, loving the taste of Dex’s soft skin. The higher he went, the more Dex squirmed. Deciding he would give his partner a break from the torture, he rose and moved up to kiss Dex. His tongue explored his partner’s mouth while his hand palmed both their erections. Slowly he stroked their cocks, occasionally giving them a squeeze and enjoying the sounds Dex made as he writhed with need. His partner arched his back, his legs spreading for Sloane.

  “Sloane,” Dex moaned against his lips.

  “Yes?” He knew what Dex wanted, but he loved hearing him say it. His partner’s fingers dug into Sloane’s shoulders, and Sloane groaned his pleasure.

  “Please, fuck me.”

  Sloane smiled against Dex’s lips as he deepened the kiss. He took the bottle of lube lying beside him on the mattress and sat back on his heels. With a wicked grin, he handed it to Dex.

  “Make me wet, baby.”

  Dex swallowed hard and sat up. He took the bottle from Sloane, the flush on his face travelling from his cheeks to the tips of his ears and down to his shoulders. Sloane resisted the urge to pounce on his partner. Instead he watched Dex intently as he squeezed a generous amount onto his hand. He closed the bottle and tossed it to one side before getting on his knees. When Sloane got on his back, Dex gave him a puzzled look.

  “I want you to ride me.”

  “Fuck.” Dex shivered from head to toe.

  “That’s the idea.” Sloane put his hands behind his head, and Dex crawled over him. He sat on Sloane’s thighs and wrapped his lubed hand around Sloane’s hard cock, sliding it up to the head and drawing a sharp breath from Sloane. He loved watching his partner. The heated look in Dex’s eyes, the way those plump lips were slightly parted as he slowly eased his hand down to the root, twisting as he went. Sloane closed his eyes with a moan. When Dex had slathered him up good and driven Sloane to the point where he thought he’d come, he grabbed Dex’s wrist and pulled him over. He needed to taste those lips, to claim them as his, and he started by forcing his tongue inside Dex’s mouth, his kisses hungry and needy. Gripping Dex’s ass, Sloane moved Dex onto him, pulling away from Dex’s lips long enough to demand hoarsely, “Fuck yourself on my dick.”

  “Oh God.” Dex shifted back and reached behind him. He took hold of Sloane’s cock, and Sloane felt it being pushed between Dex’s ass cheeks. With gritted teeth he watched Dex gradually push himself farther back onto Sloane.

  “Fuck. Dex,” Sloane groaned, his hands gripping fistfuls of the sheets as he felt the tightness of Dex’s ass swallowing Sloane little by little. Sloane’s brow was beaded with sweat, and he gritted his teeth until Dex was sitting on him with Sloane shoved all the way up. Dex leaned slightly forward, and Sloane ran a hand up his lover’s chest. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

  Dex gave him a wicked smile. He sat back and palmed his erection, jerking himself off unhurriedly. Just when Sloane thought the sight would drive him crazy, Dex started to move. Sloane’s hands found Dex’s hips, and he couldn’t hold back his growl when Dex’s gentle rocking turned into Dex fucking himself on Sloane just like he’d asked.

  “Oh fuck.” Sloane couldn’t have been more grateful to Dex for bringing up ditching the condoms. In truth, Sloane had been prepared for the question even if he hadn’t thought it would come up so soon. But there was nothing stopping them from taking this step, except for Sloane’s own apprehensions. Now that he was inside Dex like this, every touch, every caress of skin on skin made him desperate for more. More of Dex. More of them. More of what could be. The idea terrified him, and when that happened, he focused all his energy and attention on the beautiful man in front of him. It was going to be difficult to keep this up, but he forced himself to hold back for a little while longer, to appreciate what he was being given. Dex rose and fell back onto Sloane, his moans and whimpers driving Sloane close to the edge.

  Dex’s moves quickened as did his hand on his own cock. “Sloane….”

  Sloane was beyond speech. He simply nodded, mesmerized by Dex’s face as he came, shooting his load across Sloane’s chest. The way he threw his head back, exposing his neck, his lips parting as he moaned. Sloane watched Dex’s whole body tremble before him, his lover’s skin flushed and glistening with sweat. As Dex climaxed, Sloane was squeezed tightly and he lost it. Dex fell forward onto Sloane’s chest in exhaustion, and Sloane grabbed hold of Dex’s hips, forcing his lover down as he thrust up. The sound of skin slapping skin urged Sloane on, and he lost his rhythm as he pounded into Dex. Sloane buried his face against Dex’s neck and breathed in deeply, the scent intoxicating. His hips snapped against Dex’s ass bringing a gasp from his lover. Dex slipped his fingers into Sloane’s hair and held on tight.

  Sloane’s climax slammed into him, and he thrust deep into Dex. He continued to push, feeling his muscles tense and his body burn. When he’d emptied himself completely into Dex, he let his arms fall to his side. He was dripping with sweat and out of breath, with the strength to do nothing but lie there with Dex sprawled on him, both of them trying to catch their breaths.

  “That. Was. Fucking. Amazing,” Dex managed, his voice muffled against Sloane’s neck. All Sloane could do was nod. He told himself he should get up to clean them, but who was he kidding. He wrapped an arm around Dex, and before he knew it, he’d dozed off. When he woke up the next morning, Dex was getting back into bed. He smiled widely at Sloane. What the hell was Dex doing up before him?

  “Had to pee.”

  “Thank you for sharing,” Sloane said with a chuckle. His chest was clean, so he assumed Dex had done more than pee. His partner was also strangely awake. “You had coffee didn’t you?”

  Dex hung his head in shame. “I did.”

  That explained it. They didn’t even need to be up for another hour. No doubt his partner would be having another cup with breakfast as well. “Come here.” Sloane patted his side, and Dex crawled toward him when he heard a familiar gruff voice call his name. They both froze.

  Dex’s eyes widened. “Was that….”

  “Hey, Sloane. You up there?”

  “What the hell?” Dex hissed. “Ash has a key to your apartment? Why didn’t you tell me?”

  Sloane scrambled off the bed and grabbed his boxer briefs off the floor. “He doesn’t usually let himself in. You gotta hide.” He rushed from the room and nearly collided with Ash.

  “Fuck, Ash.” Sloane reeled back, his hand going to his chest. “You scared the shit out of me. What are you doing here?”

  “I’ve been calling you for the past hour. I was driving by, so I figured I’d see if you were in, except you weren’t answering your door. I thought maybe something happened. You’re usually up by now.” Ash eyed him before cursing under his breath and storming into Sloane’s bedroom. He looked around the room before facing Sloane with an accusing glare. “I fucking knew it!”

  Sloane peered at him. “Knew what?”

  “That you two were screwing.”

  “What the hell are you talking about?”

  “Oh, we’re going to do this are we?” Ash nodded, his hands going to his hips. This wasn’t look
ing good. “Okay. First of all, unless you were practicing for the day jacking off becomes an Olympic sport, there’s no reason you’d be that out of breath and reeking of sex. Plus, you’re still in bed at this time of morning.”

  “I had a headache, so I thought I’d lie in,” Sloane replied with a shrug.

  Ash arched an eyebrow at him. “There’s an open bag of gummy bears on your nightstand.”

  “Now I can’t like gummy bears?” Yeah, that one was stretching it even for him, and they both knew it.

  “Uh-huh.” Ash went over to the closet, and Sloane maintained his stoic expression. There was no way Dex would be hiding in the closet. It was too obvious. Ash opened the door, looking unimpressed. “There’s a fuckwit naked in your closet.”

  Dex looked up at Ash with wide eyes. “This isn’t what it looks like. I dropped some change, it rolled under the closet door, and when I went to pick it up, my clothes fell off. True story.”

  “You’re an idiot,” Ash growled, then turned back to Sloane. “And you’re a dick. How could you keep this from me?” He shook his head. “I knew it. My gut was telling me, but I ignored it because I figured my best friend would have the balls to confide in me.” Dex slowly stood, his hands clasped in front of him, and Ash turned his face up to the ceiling. “Put some pants on for fuck’s sake.”

  “Good idea.” Dex darted to the armchair where his clothes were when Sloane caught his arm.

  “Really? Your clothes fell off? That’s the best you could come up with?”

  Dex gave a helpless shrug. “I panicked.” His partner looked like he was about to freak out. Sloane couldn’t blame him. He was pretty freaked out about this whole mess too. Ash interrupted his thoughts.

  “I swear if he doesn’t put some clothes on that scrawny ass of his, I’m going to—”

  “We had sex in your bathroom during my party!”

  Sloane gaped at Dex who clamped his hands over his mouth, as if doing so might miraculously take back what he’d just blurted out. Ash’s words echoed Sloane’s thoughts.

  “What. The. Fuck! You had sex in my bathroom?” Ash went from flabbergasted to disgust in point five seconds. “Oh my God. Please tell me you didn’t jizz on my towels.”

  Dex held a hand up in promise. “I swear we didn’t jizz on your towels.”

  “Why should I believe you?”

  “Would it ease your mind if I told you I jizzed in Sloane’s mouth?”

  Sloane and Ash groaned at the same time. Just when he thought this day couldn’t get any more ridiculous. He should have known, really.

  “No. No, it doesn’t ease my mind. I’m going to have fucking nightmares for the rest of my life! I have to buy all new towels. Bleach the whole fucking place.” Ash shook his head, seeming unable to accept it. “My bathroom, man. You fucked in my bathroom.” He made a gagging sound, and Dex opened his mouth, but Sloane put his hand to it before his partner could say anything to make things worse because with Ash and Dex in the same room, things could always get worse.

  “Dex, can you wait downstairs. Please.”

  Dex nodded and, covering himself with his clothes, rushed out of the room. Sloane decided it was best to wait. He had no idea what was going to come out of his best friend’s mouth next. He felt a deep pang of guilt when Ash’s expression fell.

  “Why didn’t you tell me?”

  “Yeah, because it would have clearly gone so well.” Lucky for him, Ash didn’t deny it.

  “How long?”


  “There’s an unofficially?” Ash made to sit down on the bed, took in the rumpled state then seemed to think better of it. “Is there anywhere in this room where you two haven’t done it?”

  Sloane pointed to the armchair. “There. It’s usually where we throw our clothes.”

  Ash walked over and dropped himself onto it. The room went quiet. Just when Sloane thought the silence was going to drive him crazy, Ash spoke up. “Well?”

  “It started off as sex. Lots of sex.”

  “I don’t want to be reminded of what you two were doing before I got here.” Ash reached behind him, grabbed Sloane’s T-shirt, then tossed it at him. “So now it’s not just sex.”

  “Hasn’t been for a while.” Sloane slipped his T-shirt over his head and walked over to the bed to sit down.

  “When did it stop being about sex?”

  “Months ago.” Sloane shrugged. “I wasn’t ready to admit it.”

  “Then it’s serious. You’re serious about him.”

  Sloane nodded.

  “He’s a fucking jackass.”

  “Don’t,” Sloane pleaded. “You’re my best friend, Ash, and next to him, the only other family I have. Please.”

  “Shit. You really care about him.”

  “Yeah, I do. I know he annoys you—”


  “But I’m happy with him. I didn’t think I’d get another chance after Gabe.”

  Ash averted his gaze and seemed to get lost in his own thoughts for a few heartbeats. Sloane held his breath. It was difficult enough at work with Ash and Dex always at each other’s throats. What would it be like now that Ash knew? He couldn’t believe their cover was already blown. Their secret was quickly becoming not so secret.

  “He really makes you happy?”

  Sloane didn’t hesitate. “Yes.”

  Ash went pensive once again. “I’m not going to be nice to him ’cause he’s your boyfriend.”

  Sloane held back a smile. “Nothing has to change.”

  “It already has.”

  “Are you okay with that?”

  “You and Daley?” Ash gave a snort.

  “Stupid question?”

  “Doesn’t matter what I think. What matters is that you’re happy. Just be careful. I don’t think I need to tell you what’ll happen if this shit gets out. I don’t want them transferring you.”

  “Cael knows.” He might as well get it out there now. “And Shultzon, though I never confirmed it. You know what he’s like. I’m pretty sure Bradley knows, though he’s been trying to get us together from the start. Oh, and Lou.” He cringed at Ash’s murderous glare.

  “The fucking bartender and Dex’s ex-boyfriend knew before I did? What the fuck, man?”

  “I didn’t tell them. I swear, I’m not making excuses, but I really didn’t tell anyone. Lou walked in on us at Dekatria that night he showed up. I got into an argument with Dex, we were making up in one of the unused back-of-house halls, and Lou walked in on us. If I was going to tell anyone, you have to know you would be the first person I’d tell, even if it meant you threatening to kick my ass.”

  “Yeah, all right. I know.” Ash rubbed a hand over his head. “Okay, well. Cael won’t say anything, and I don’t think the others will either.”

  “Dex doesn’t know Cael knows.”

  “Those two are going to be the death of me.” Ash ran a hand over his face and sat back with a heavy sigh.

  “Dex I’m not surprised. But Cael? What’s going on with you two?” Something was going on with his friend. Ash hadn’t accompanied them to Dekatria in weeks. He barely dropped by the office. Unless they were training or out in the field, Sloane barely saw Ash.

  “Nothing. It’s fine.”

  “You haven’t been hanging out with him recently.”

  “I’ve been busy.”

  “Too busy for Cael?” Sloane couldn’t hold back his disbelief, especially when Ash snapped at him.

  “What am I, his fucking babysitter?”

  Sloane stood and faced his friend. “What the hell, man? First you brush him off in the canteen and now this?”

  “Sorry. I’m just tired.”

  “Ash, if something’s going on, you know you can talk to me.” His friend was reserved, but Ash’s behavior was starting to worry Sloane.

  “Thanks, but I’m fine.” Ash got up and shoved his hands in his pockets. “I came by to tell you I won’t be in most of today. I’ve got an eval sc

  “Shit. Are those coming up already?” He wouldn’t be surprised if that was the reason behind Ash’s strange mood lately. Psych evals were never fun, especially the kind they were subjected to. The THIRDS wanted to make sure their First Gen agents weren’t going to go off the deep end, so they pushed until an agent either caved under the pressure or dealt with it. Sloane always felt out of sorts the days surrounding his psych evals.

  “Yeah. You know I don’t like texting that shit, which is why I tried to call you.”

  “Thanks. I’m glad you came by.”

  “And here I was pissed off I got caught in a jam over on Ninth Avenue. Any sooner, and I might have caught you two—” Ash cut himself off and shuddered at the thought. He turned and headed downstairs with Sloane following close behind. Dex stood from the couch, his anxious gaze going from Ash to Sloane. When Sloane gave him a wink, Dex visibly relaxed. At least until Ash marched over to him and stuck a finger in Dex’s face.

  “You better hope this doesn’t get out, Daley. If he gets transferred I’m going to kick your ass.”

  “Got it.”

  “This is serious.”

  “Yeah, I figured. The getting my ass kicked part sort of gave it away,” Dex said with a frown. “Look, I know what’s at stake. I’d never do anything to screw things up for Sloane.”

  Ash went quiet for a moment before giving Dex a nod and storming off without saying another word. Sloane let out the breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding and then dropped down onto the couch with a heavy sigh. Dex quickly followed.

  “That went better than I expected.”

  Sloane gave Dex a sideways glance. “We really need to work on those freak-outs.”

  “Yeah, I’m not very good under stressful conditions.”

  “What are you talking about? You work under stressful conditions nearly every day.”

  Dex seemed to think about that. “You’re right. Let me rephrase that. I’m not very good under stressful conditions that involve Ash.”

  Sloane let his head fall back against the couch with a groan. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

  “And damn good in the sack,” Dex added.

  “And damn good in the sack,” Sloane agreed.

  “So… how about you show me how good you are.” Dex got to his feet and removed his shirt followed by his boxer briefs. Sloane got to his feet and towered over his lover, his smile stretched wide.

  “Challenge accepted.”

  SO FAR, so good.

  Sloane observed Dex as he edged up to the open doorway, pausing before entering with his rifle aimed and ready. Rosa entered swiftly behind. The two searched the room quickly and efficiently, watching each other’s backs as they did. Dex silently motioned to the closed door on the other end of the living room, and Rosa gave him a nod. Dex pressed himself up against the wall beside the door, reached out, and after getting Rosa’s signal, Dex pushed the door open. Rosa rushed in and assessed the room with Dex bringing up the rear. Moments later, Dex declared into his earpiece. “Clear.”

  “Good. Fall back. Calvin, Hobbs, what’s your twenty?” Sloane’s attention turned to the pair on the large monitor. Calvin inched up to the large steel door with Hobbs in his Therian form close behind, sniffing the air.

  “We’re about to breach the perimeter,” Calvin replied. “Cael, do you have a visual?”

  Sloane moved his gaze to Cael who appeared to be staring at the monitor but not seeing what was right in front of him.

  “Cael?” Calvin asked, snapping the young agent out of his trance.

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