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  1. H Is for Homicide (Sue Grafton)
  2. H. I. V. E.: Higher Institute of Villainous Education (Mark Walden)
  3. H. M. S. Ulysses (Alistair MacLean)
  4. H.E.R.O. - Metamorphosis (Kevin Rau)
  5. H.M.S. Surprise (Patrick O'Brian)
  6. H.P. Lovecraft Goes to the Movies (H. P. Lovecraft)
  7. H.P. Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction (H. P. Lovecraft)
  8. Ha'penny (Jo Walton)
  9. Ha'ven's Song (S. E. Smith)
  10. Habilitation (Ken O'Steen)
  11. Hacker (Malorie Blackman)
  12. Hacker School Trilogy (Allan R. Wallace)
  13. Hacking Harvard (Robin Wasserman)
  14. Hadagery (Teresa Vanmeter)
  15. Hadagery, Book of Canaan (Chapter 3) (Teresa Vanmeter)
  16. Hades (Larissa Ione)
  17. Hades' Daughter (Sara Douglass)
  18. Hadon of Ancient Opar (Philip José Farmer)
  19. HADRON Dark Matter (Stephen Arseneault)
  20. Hag-Seed (Margaret Atwood)
  21. Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai (Yamamoto Tsunetomo)
  22. Hagar (Mary Johnston)
  23. Haggopian and Other Stories (Brian Lumley)
  24. Hah and Grr: A Retelling of Hansel and Gretel (Shelley Chappell)
  25. Haiku & Selected Poems Volume I (Richard Kay)
  26. Haiku & Selected Poems Volume II (Richard Kay)
  27. Haiku & Senryu (Pam Crane)
  28. Haiku Moments (Kristina Howells)
  29. Hail Caesar (Levi Garcia)
  30. Hail to the Chief (Randall Garrett)
  31. Hailey Twitch and the Campground Itch (Lauren Barnholdt)
  32. Hailey Twitch and the Wedding Glitch (Lauren Barnholdt)
  33. Hailey Twitch Is Not a Snitch (Lauren Barnholdt)
  34. Hair-Breadth Escapes: The Adventures of Three Boys in South Africa (H. C. Adams)
  35. Haiti Noir (Edwidge Danticat)
  36. Haiti Noir 2 (Edwidge Danticat)
  37. Haiti Noir Part 2 (Edwidge Danticat)
  38. Haiti Noir_The Classics (Edwidge Danticat)
  39. Hakan/Severin (Alexandra Ivy)
  40. Hal Junior 1: The Secret Signal (Simon Haynes)
  41. Hal Kenyon Disappears (Gordon Stuart)
  42. Hal Spacejock (Simon Haynes)
  43. Halaka, The Laws Of The Universe (Timothy Snyder)
  44. Halcyon Daze - Growing up Canadian (N. A. Dalbec)
  45. Halcyon Isle Peace No More (S.C. Clarke)
  46. Half a Century Alone (Nobo13)
  47. Half A Chance (Frederic Stewart Isham)
  48. Half a Chance (Cynthia Lord)
  49. Half a Creature From the Sea: A Life in Stories (David Almond)
  50. Half a Crown (Jo Walton)
  51. Half a King (Joe Abercrombie)
  52. Half a Life (V. S. Naipaul)
  53. Half a Man (Michael Morpurgo)
  54. Half a Mind (David Howells)
  55. Half a War (Joe Abercrombie)
  56. Half a World Away (Cynthia Kadohata)
  57. Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas (Tom Robbins)
  58. Half Bad (Sally Green)
  59. Half Brains, Sacred Water book 1 (Charles Kaluza)
  60. Half Brother (Kenneth Oppel)
  61. Half Full - Half Empty (Matthew L Williams)
  62. Half Girlfriend (Chetan Bhagat)
  63. Half Heart (Lacie Perry Parker)
  64. Half Lies (Sally Green)
  65. Half Lost (Sally Green)
  66. Half Magic (Edward Eager)
  67. Half Moon Bay II: Drug smuggling Catholic Saints investing into America’s future. (Frank Knoll)
  68. Half Moon Chronicles: Legacy (J Michael Gonzalez)
  69. Half of a Yellow Sun (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
  70. Half of Paradise (James Lee Burke)
  71. Half Past One (Audrey Valiant)
  72. Half Share (Nathan Lowell)
  73. Half Sour, Half Sweet (S. A. Barton)
  74. Half the Blood of Brooklyn (Charlie Huston)
  75. Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide (Nicholas D. Kristof)
  76. Half the World (Joe Abercrombie)
  77. Half Truths (Sally Green)
  78. Half Upon a Time (James Riley)
  79. Half Way Home (Hugh Howey)
  80. Half Wild (Sally Green)
  81. Half-Blood (Jennifer L. Armentrout)
  82. Half-Blood Dragon (Dragon Born Book 1) (K.N. Lee)
  83. Half-Breed (Zachary Smith)
  84. Half-Hours with Jimmieboy (John Kendrick Bangs)
  85. Half-Hours with the Idiot (John Kendrick Bangs)
  86. Half-Off Ragnarok (Seanan McGuire)
  87. Half-Past Bedtime (Sir H. H. Bashford)
  88. Half-Random Rhymes (Steve Tiffany)
  89. Halfkinds: Survival and Superiority (Volume 1 - Contact) (Andrew Vu)
  90. Halfway Between (Jana Leigh)
  91. Halfway Heroes (Dustin Martin)
  92. Halfway to Forever (Karen Kingsbury)
  93. Halfway to the Grave (Jeaniene Frost)
  94. Halfway to the Sky (Kimberly Brubaker Bradley)
  95. Halfwit and All Man (Peter Rodman)
  96. Halil the Pedlar: A Tale of Old Stambul (Mór Jókai)
  97. Hall of Mirrors (Fredric Brown)
  98. Hallelujah! The Welcome Table: A Lifetime of Memories With Recipes (Maya Angelou)
  99. Hallow (Renato Carreira)
  100. Hallow Be the Haunt (Heather Graham)
  101. Hallow Point (Ari Marmell)
  102. Hallowe'en Party (Agatha Christie)
  103. Hallowed (Tonya Hurley)
  104. Hallowed (Cynthia Hand)
  105. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Ryan Schneider)
  106. Hallowed Ground (Greg Meyer)
  107. Hallowed Ground: A Walk at Gettysburg (James M. McPherson)
  108. Halloween Children's 1: Whistling Ghost (Dr. MC)
  109. Halloween Fire & Other Shorts (Efran Myles)
  110. Halloween Frost (Jennifer Estep)
  111. Halloween in Hell (Ashley Stoyanoff)
  112. Halloween in Moriches (John Gannon)
  113. Halloween Night: A Short Story (M.J. Fontana)
  114. Halloween Parade (Ann M. Martin)
  115. Halloween Party (R. L. Stine)
  116. Halloween Party (superhero paranormal mashup series book 2) (P.A. Ross)
  117. Halloween Special (AD Stewart)
  118. Halloween Stories: Spooky Short Stories for Children (Uncle Amon)
  119. Halloween's Perfect Storm (LC Cooper)
  120. Halloween: Scary Halloween Stories for Kids (Arnie Lightning)
  121. Halloween: Scary Short Stories for Kids (Arnie Lightning)
  122. Halls of Desolation (Mark Trimeloni)
  123. Hallucinations (Oliver Sacks)
  124. Hallways (Mike Ramon)
  125. Halo (Alexandra Adornetto)
  126. Halo: Contact Harvest (Joseph Staten)
  127. Halo: Cryptum (Greg Bear)
  128. Halo: Cryptum: Book One of the Forerunner Saga (Greg Bear)
  129. Halo: Evolutions, Volume I (Tobias S. Buckell)
  130. Halo: First Strike (Eric S. Nylund)
  131. Halo: Ghosts of Onyx (Eric S. Nylund)
  132. Halo: Glasslands (Karen Traviss)
  133. Halo: Primordium (Greg Bear)
  134. Halo: Silentium (Greg Bear)
  135. Halo: The Cole Protocol (Tobias S. Buckell)
  136. Halo: The Flood (William C. Dietz)
  137. Halo: The Thursday War (Karen Traviss)
  138. Halo®: Mortal Dictata (Karen Traviss)
  139. Halt's Peril (John Flanagan)
  140. Ham (Sam Harris)
  141. Ham on Rye: A Novel (Charles Bukowski)
  142. Ham Sandwich (James H. Schmitz)
  143. Ham Taylor: Lost In Time! (J.P Jackson)
  144. Hamburgers for Thanksgiving? (Marlene Sowder)
  145. Hamelin (Eric Marcelo)
  146. Hamilton Stark (Russell Banks)
  147. Hamish and the Baby BOOM! (Danny Wallace)
  148. Hamish and the GravityBurp (Danny Wallace)
  149. Hamish and the Neverpeople (Danny Wallace)
  150. Hamish and the Terrible, Terrible Christmas (Danny Wallace)
  151. Hamish and the WorldStoppers (Danny Wallace)
  152. Hamlet (John Marsden)
  153. Hamlet (William Shakespeare)
  154. Hamlet and Cheese (Megan McDonald)
  155. Hamlet On A Budget (K McConnell)
  156. Hammer the Exalter (Anthony Payne)
  157. Hammered (Kevin Hearne)
  158. Hammerfall (C. J. Cherryh)
  159. Hana (Lauren Oliver)
  160. Hand in Glove (Ngaio Marsh)
  161. Hand Me Down World (Lloyd Jones)
  162. Hand of God (Philip Kerr)
  163. Hand to Bone (KUBOA)
  164. Handcuffs (Bethany Griffin)
  165. Handcuffs, Kisses and Awkward Situations: Mystery Romance (Olivia Harvard)
  166. Handle With Care (Jodi Picoult)
  167. Handling the Undead (John Ajvide Lindqvist)
  168. Hands of the Traitor (Christopher Wright)
  169. HandsOn (Jaci Burton)
  170. Handwriting (Michael Ondaatje)
  171. Handy sandy (james milano)
  172. Hang Fire - A Short Story (Age of Steam) (Devon Monk)
  173. Hang in There Bozo (Lauren Child)
  174. Hang Tough (Lorelei James)
  175. Hanging by a Thread (Randall Garrett)
  176. Hanging Hill (Mo Hayder)
  177. Hangman (Amanda Surowitz)
  178. Hangman's Holiday: A Collection of Short Mysteries (Dorothy L. Sayers)
  179. Hangover Square (Patrick Hamilton)
  180. Hangsaman (Shirley Jackson)
  181. Hangtime (Jack Thompson)
  182. Hannah (Gloria Whelan)
  183. Hannah (Kathryn Lasky)
  184. Hannah Coulter (Wendell Berry)
  185. Hannah Green and Her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence (Michael Marshall Smith)
  186. Hannah's Bright Star (Lisa Schroeder)
  187. Hannah's List (Debbie Macomber)
  188. Hannah's Secret (Carolyn Keene)
  189. Hannah's Warrior (S. E. Smith)
  190. Hannibal (Thomas Harris)
  191. Hannibal 02: Fields of Blood (Ben Kane)
  192. Hannibal 03 - Clouds of War (Ben Kane)
  193. Hannibal Enemy of Rome (2011) (Ben Kane)
  194. Hannibal Rising (Thomas Harris)
  195. Hannibal: Enemy of Rome (Ben Kane)
  196. Hannibal: The Patrol (Ben Kane)
  197. Hanover; Or The Persecution of the Lowly (Jack Thorne)
  198. Hans Brinker; Or, The Silver Skates (Mary Mapes Dodge)
  199. Hans Brinker; Or, The Silver Skates (Mary Mapes Dodge)
  200. Hansel & Grethel - & Other Tales by the Brothers Grimm (Jacob Grimm)
  201. Hansel and Gretel (Jenni James)
  202. Hansel, Part Four (Ella James)
  203. Hansel, Part One (Ella James)
  204. Hansel, Part Three (Ella James)
  205. Hansel, Part Two (Ella James)
  206. Haole (Daniel R. Haight)
  207. Hap and Leonard (Joe R. Lansdale)
  208. Hap and Leonard Ride Again (Joe R. Lansdale)
  209. Hap and Leonard: Blood and Lemonade (Joe R. Lansdale)
  210. Hapgood: A Play (Tom Stoppard)
  211. Happenstance 1 (Jamie McGuire)
  212. Happenstance 2 (Jamie McGuire)
  213. Happenstance 3 (Jamie McGuire)
  214. Happier at Home (Gretchen Rubin)
  215. Happigo Bloodeye (Muppy Heingardt)
  216. Happily Ever After (Jenn Faulk)
  217. Happily Ever After: (A Cinder & Ella Novel) (Kelly Oram)
  218. Happily Ever After? (Marie Brown)
  219. Happily Never After (Jeaniene Frost)
  220. Happiness Class (Thomas Cannon)
  221. Happiness Hill (Grace Livingston Hill)
  222. Happiness Sold Separately (Lolly Winston)
  223. Happiness, Inc. (A.E. Hodge)
  224. Happy (Marla Braziel)
  225. Happy Accidents (Jane Lynch)
  226. Happy Again (Jennifer E. Smith)
  227. Happy Anniversary, Darling (Clare Tanner)
  228. Happy Days (Samuel Beckett)
  229. Happy Ending (Mack Reynolds and Fredric Brown)
  230. Happy Ending (J. Sterling)
  231. Happy Ever After (Nora Roberts)
  232. Happy Families (Carlos Fuentes)
  233. Happy Halloween (John Fazem)
  234. Happy Hearts (William Osborn Stoddard)
  235. Happy Holidays, Jessi (Ann M. Martin)
  236. Happy Hour in Hell (Tad Williams)
  237. Happy House (Jane Abbott)
  238. Happy Jack (Thornton W. Burgess)
  239. Happy Kids: The Secrets to Raising Well-Behaved, Contented Children (Cathy Glass)
  240. Happy Landings (Duncan James)
  241. Happy Little Word Worms (Artemis Vega)
  242. Happy Monsters: Stories, Jokes, Games, and More! (Uncle Amon)
  243. Happy Pants Cafe (Mimi Jean Pamfiloff)
  244. Happy People Live Here (C. Sean McGee)
  245. Happy Slumbers (Tom Lichtenberg)
  246. Happy Spank Patrick’s Day (Tymber Dalton)
  247. Happy Spanksgiving (Tymber Dalton)
  248. Happy Times in Norway (Sigrid Undset)
  249. Happy Valenkink's Day (Tymber Dalton)
  250. Happy's Nest (Ben Blanchette)
  251. Happy-go-lucky (Ian Hay)
  252. Harald Hardrada (John Marsden)
  253. Harbour (John Ajvide Lindqvist)
  254. Hard (Cheryl McIntyre)
  255. Hard and Fast (Lisa Renee Jones)
  256. Hard As It Gets: A Hard Ink Novel (Laura Kaye)
  257. Hard as Nails (Dan Simmons)
  258. Hard As Steel: A Hard Ink/Raven Riders Crossover (1001 Dark Nights) (Laura Kaye)
  259. Hard As You Can (Laura Kaye)
  260. Hard Beat (K. Bromberg)
  261. Hard Bitten (Chloe Neill)
  262. Hard Choice (C. A. Hoaks)
  263. Hard Contact (Karen Traviss)
  264. Hard Core (Madison Faye)
  265. Hard Core (Tess Oliver)
  266. Hard Creek Bridge: a short story (Isaac Sweeney)
  267. Hard Crush (Mira Lyn Kelly)
  268. Hard Day's Knight (Katie MacAlister)
  269. Hard Edge (Tess Oliver)
  270. Hard Eight (Janet Evanovich)
  271. Hard Ever After (Laura Kaye)
  272. Hard Evidence (Pamela Clare)
  273. Hard Freeze (Dan Simmons)
  274. Hard Girls (Martina Cole)
  275. Hard Gold: The Colorado Gold Rush of 1859: A Tale of the Old West (Avi)
  276. Hard Hitter (Sarina Bowen)
  277. Hard Knox (Nicole Williams)
  278. Hard Landing (Peter Menadue)
  279. Hard Love (Ellen Wittlinger)
  280. Hard Magic: Book I of the Grimnoir Chronicles (Larry Correia)
  281. Hard Magic: Book I of the Grimnoir Chronicles-ARC (Larry Correia)
  282. Hard Mated (Jennifer Ashley)
  283. Hard News (Jeffery Deaver)
  284. Hard Rain Falling (Don Carpenter)
  285. Hard Revolution (George Pelecanos)
  286. Hard Rules (Lisa Renee Jones)
  287. Hard Times (Charles Dickens)
  288. Hard to Be a God (Arkady Strugatsky)
  289. Hard to Be Good (Hard Ink #3.5) (Laura Kaye)
  290. Hard to Break (Bella Jewel)
  291. Hard to Come By (Laura Kaye)
  292. Hard to Fight (Bella Jewel)
  293. Hard to Forget (Bella Jewel)
  294. Hard to Hold on To (Laura Kaye)
  295. Hard to Kill (Christina Dodd)
  296. Hard to Kill_Cape Charade (Christina Dodd)
  297. Hard to Let Go (Laura Kaye)
  298. Hard to Love (Kendall Ryan)
  299. Hard to Serve: A Hard Ink Novella (Laura Kaye)
  300. Hard Up! A Tale of Champion City (J. Walt Layne)
  301. Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (Haruki Murakami)
  302. Hardball (V.K. Sykes)
  303. Hardboiled & Hard Luck (Banana Yoshimoto)
  304. Hardcase (Dan Simmons)
  305. Hardcore Twenty-Four (Janet Evanovich)
  306. Hardcore: Complete Series (Staci Hart)
  307. Hardcore: Complete Series Box Set (Hardcore #1-3) (Staci Hart)
  308. Hardcore: Volume 1 (Staci Hart)
  309. Hardcore: Volume 2 (Staci Hart)
  310. Hardfought (Greg Bear)
  311. Hardin's Dilemma (A.S. Morrison)
  312. Hardin's War (A.S. Morrison)
  313. Harding's luck (E. Nesbit)
  314. Hardly a Husband (Rebecca Hagan Lee)
  315. Hardshellz (Morris Kenyon)
  316. Hare and Hounds (Alex Brightsmith)
  317. Hare Moon (Carrie Ryan)
  318. Harlan Ellison's Watching (Harlan Ellison)
  319. Harland's Half Acre (David Malouf)
  320. Harlequin (Bernard Cornwell)
  321. Harlequin Midnight (S.E. Casey)
  322. Harlequin Valentine (Neil Gaiman)
  323. Harlequin's Millions (Bohumil Hrabal)
  324. Harley Hogues Mountain (Darrel Bird)
  325. Harlot's Ghost (Norman Mailer)
  326. HARM (Brian W Aldiss)
  327. Harmful Intent (Robin Cook)
  328. Harmless (Dean Kisling)
  329. Harmonia's Kiss (Deborah Cooke)
  330. Harmonics: Rise of the Magician (Collin Earl)
  331. Harmony and High Heels (Tracy Wolff)
  332. Harmony House (Nic Sheff)
  333. Harmony Season 1 (C.O. Amal)
  334. Harmony Season 2 (C.O. Amal)
  335. Harmonys Way (Lora Leigh)
  336. Harnessing Peacocks (Mary Wesley)
  337. Harold Creeny's Unfortunate Day (Scott J. Callaway)
  338. Haroun and the Sea of Stories (Salman Rushdie)
  339. Harpies of Planet Sutherland (Brian S. Wheeler)
  340. Harpoon at a Venture (Gavin Maxwell)
  341. Harpy Thyme (Piers Anthony)
  342. Harriet – The End of Peace (John Stevenson)
  343. Harriet Wolf's Seventh Book of Wonders (Julianna Baggott)
  344. Harrigan (Max Brand)
  345. Harris (Jasinda Wilder)
  346. Harris-Ingram Experiment (Charles E. Bolton)
  347. Harrison Bergeron (Kurt Vonnegut)
  348. Harry Bilinsky (Jeff Tikari)
  349. Harry Blount, the Detective; Or, The Martin Mystery Solved (T. J. Flanagan)
  350. Harry Bosch Novels, The: Volume 2 (Michael Connelly)
  351. Harry Cat's Pet Puppy (George Selden)
  352. Harry Hole 02 - Cockroaches (Jo Nesbo)
  353. Harry Hole Mysteries 3-Book Bundle (Jo Nesbo)
  354. Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse (George Selden)
  355. Harry Milvaine; Or, The Wanderings of a Wayward Boy (Gordon Stables)
  356. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (J. K. Rowling)
  357. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (J. K. Rowling)
  358. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (J. K. Rowling)
  359. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (J. K. Rowling)
  360. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (J. K. Rowling)
  361. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (J. K. Rowling)
  362. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (J. K. Rowling)
  363. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (J. K. Rowling)
  364. Harry Rotter (Gerrard Wllson)
  365. Harry the Poisonous Centipede Goes to Sea (Lynne Reid Banks)
  366. Harry the Poisonous Centipede's Big Adventure: Another Story to Make You Squirm (Lynne Reid Banks)
  367. Harry the Poisonous Centipede: A Story to Make You Squirm (Lynne Reid Banks)
  368. Harry's Ladder to Learning (Anonymous)
  369. Harsh Light of Day (Jaye A. Jones)
  370. Harstairs House (Amanda Grange)
  371. Hart's Hope (Orson Scott Card)
  372. Hart's War (John Katzenbach)
  373. Harum Scarum's Fortune (Esmè Stuart)
  374. Harvard Square (André Aciman)
  375. Harvest (William Horwood)
  376. Harvest (Belva Plain)
  377. Harvest (Jim Crace)
  378. Harvest (Tess Gerritsen)
  379. Harvest for Hell (David J. Agostine)
  380. Harvest Home (Thomas Tryon)
  381. Harvest Hunting (Yasmine Galenorn)
  382. Harvest Moon (Dustin Adrian Rhodes)
  383. Harvest Moon (Rebecca Hagan Lee)
  384. Harvest Moon (Robyn Carr)
  385. Harvest Song (Yasmine Galenorn)
  386. Harvester 7 (Andy Lang)
  387. Harvesting the Heart (Jodi Picoult)
  388. Harvey The Indian: The Man Who Wouldn't Leave (Andrew Genaille)
  389. Has a Monster Under Her Bed (Barbara Park)
  390. Has a Peep in Her Pocket (Barbara Park)
  391. Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly? (Bryce Walton)
  392. Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins? (Liz Kessler)
  393. Hastur Lord (Marion Zimmer Bradley)
  394. Hasty Wedding (Debbie Macomber)
  395. Hat Trick Overtime: A Classic Winter's Night (Jeff Adams)
  396. Hat Trick Overtime: Reunion (Jeff Adams)
  397. Hatched (Bruce Coville)
  398. Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal (Nick Bilton)
  399. Hate List (Jennifer Brown)
  400. Hate Me (Jillian Dodd)
  401. Hate Runs Deep (Quintin Fortune)
  402. Hate Story (Nicole Williams)
  403. Hate That Cat (Sharon Creech)
  404. Hate to Love You (Tijan)
  405. Hatred & Integrity: Two Short Tales of Historical Fiction (Rich DiSilvio)
  406. Hatred. Hidden. (Dan. C Thompson)
  407. Hatter's Castle (A. J. Cronin)
  408. Hattie Big Sky (Kirby Larson)
  409. Hattie Ever After (Kirby Larson)
  410. Haughtiness in Love (Heena Kothari)
  411. Haunt Me (Liz Kessler)
  412. Haunt Me Still (Jennifer Lee Carrell)
  413. Haunted (James Herbert)
  414. Haunted (Kay Hooper)
  415. Haunted (Heather Graham)
  416. Haunted (Meg Cabot)
  417. Haunted (Chuck Palahniuk)
  418. Haunted (Alexandra Adornetto)
  419. Haunted (Joy Preble)
  420. Haunted (AM Kirkby)
  421. Haunted (Kelley Armstrong)
  422. Haunted (James Patterson)
  423. Haunted City (Sarah Spelbring)
  424. Haunted Destiny (Heather Graham)
  425. Haunted in Death (J. D. Robb)
  426. Haunted Life (Jack Kerouac)
  427. Haunted Like This (Frankie Lassut)
  428. Haunted Love (Cynthia Leitich Smith)
  429. Haunted Love (Tara Venn)
  430. Haunted Mask II (R. L. Stine)
  431. Haunted Moon (Yasmine Galenorn)
  432. Haunted Moon (A Moon Coven Series Novella) (K. B. Miller)
  433. Haunted Redemption (Rebecca Royce)
  434. Haunted Years (Rebecca Royce)
  435. Haunting Blackie (Laurann Dohner)
  436. Haunting Grace (Elizabeth Marshall)
  437. Haunting Helen (Book One in the Love Life Series) (Anne Seaworthy)
  438. Haunting Rachel (Kay Hooper)
  439. Haunting Violet (Alyxandra Harvey)
  440. Haunting Weir (Kari L. Ronning)
  441. Haunting Zoe (Sherry D. Ficklin)
  442. Hauntings (Vernon Lee)
  443. Havah (Tosca Lee)
  444. Havana (Stephen Hunter)
  445. Havana Bay (Martin Cruz Smith)
  446. Havana Storm (Clive Cussler)
  447. Have a Bad Day: Seven Stories of Sickness, Sin, and Psychopaths (Ross Willard)
  448. Have a Bloody Christmas (Dairenna VonRavenstone)
  449. Have a Little Faith: A True Story (Mitch Albom)
  450. Have a New Kid by Friday (Kevin Leman)
  451. Have a Nice Day!: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks (Mick Foley)
  452. Have Club Will Travel (Michael Joy)
  453. Have His Carcase (Dorothy L. Sayers)
  454. Have Me (J. Kenner)
  455. Have No Shame (Melissa Foster)
  456. Have Some Guts (Justin Langer)
  457. Have Space Suit—Will Travel (Robert A. Heinlein)
  458. Have Stakes, Will Travel (Faith Hunter)
  459. Have You Ever Had That Feeling? (Gagee Ashby)
  460. Have You Ever Heard of The Lent Killer (Erik D'Souza)
  461. Have You Ever Met The God (Hiranya Borah)
  462. Have You Ever Nogged A Nag? (Jonathan Antony Strickland)
  463. Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? (R. L. Stine)
  464. Have You Seen Her? (Karen Rose)
  465. Have You Seen Marie? (Sandra Cisneros)
  466. Have You Seen Tarum? (Jaleta Clegg)
  467. Haveachat with Les Shipp (Les Shipp)
  468. Havelok the Dane (Charles W. Whistler)
  469. Haven (Karen Lynch)
  470. Haven (Mary Lindsey)
  471. Haven (Kristi Cook)
  472. Haven (Kay Hooper)
  473. Haven of Swans (Colleen Coble)
  474. Haven: A Stranger Magic (D.C. Akers)
  475. Haven: A Stranger Magic (D.C. Akers)
  476. Haven: Jennyville (Jeff Ping)
  477. Haven: Life Goes On (Jeff Ping)
  478. Haven: The Beginning (Jeff Ping)
  479. Haven: The Federation (Jeff Ping)
  480. Havoc (E. Phillips Oppenheim)
  481. Havoc (Ann Aguirre)
  482. HAVOC (Descendants Saga: Crisis Sequence Book 3) (James Somers)
  483. Hawaii (James A. Michener)
  484. Hawaiian Shirts in the Electric Chair (KUBOA)
  485. Hawk & Fisher (Simon R. Green)
  486. Hawk (Vlad) (Steven Brust)
  487. Hawk and Fisher (Simon R. Green)
  488. Hawk Banks - Founding Texas (D. Allen Henry)
  489. Hawk Carse (Anthony Gilmore)
  490. Hawk Fae (Terry Spear)
  491. Hawke (Sawyer Bennett)
  492. Hawkes Harbor (S. E. Hinton)
  493. Hawking's Hallway (Neal Shusterman)
  494. Hawkins' Grove (Graeme Bourke)
  495. Hawkmistress! (Marion Zimmer Bradley)
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  497. Hawks of the Sea (Michael Daniels)
  498. Hawksbill Station (Robert Silverberg)
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  514. He (John Connolly)
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  520. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Amy Sparks)
  521. He Loves Me...He Loves You Not (Lauren Hammond)
  522. He Once Loved Chekhov (Anne Spackman)
  523. He Remains Faithful (Laurie Gilbreath)
  524. He Said, She Said (Kwame Alexander)
  525. He Shot First (S. A. Barton)
  526. He stepped from my dreams (Mark Stewart)
  527. He Wakes Up (Ramin Pourmand)
  528. He Walked Around the Horses (H. Beam Piper)
  529. He Was A Son Of A Beach (Jake Jones)
  530. He Who Drinks From Lethe... (John Wayne Falbey)
  531. He Who Fears The Wolf (Karin Fossum)
  532. He Will Be My Ruin (K. A. Tucker)
  533. He's Got Her Goat (Christine Thackeray)
  534. He's So Fine (Jill Shalvis)
  535. He, She and It (Marge Piercy)
  536. Head Bangers (Zane)
  537. Head Hunters (Hiranya Borah)
  538. Head in the Box (C.P. Kemabia)
  539. Head in the Clouds (Karen Witemeyer)
  540. Head of a Traveller (Nicholas Blake)
  541. Head Of State (Laurie Parres)
  542. Head of the House (Grace Livingston Hill)
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  544. Head Over Heels (Jill Shalvis)
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  550. Headhunters (Jo Nesbo)
  551. Heading Out to Wonderful (Robert Goolrick)
  552. Heading South, Looking North: A Bilingual Journey (Ariel Dorfman)
  553. HEADLEY AND I (S. Hussain Zaidi)
  554. Headmaster (Tara Sue Me)
  555. HEADMASTER (Jaimie Roberts)
  556. Heads Up (Bem Le Hunte)
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  568. Healthcare In America - Where Do I Begin? (Marc D'Agosta)
  569. Healthy Lifestyle and Learning Languages (Enrique Kates)
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  572. Hear Me (Skye Warren)
  573. Hear No Evil: A Short Story (Nickie Anderson)
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  577. Hearing Secret Harmonies (Anthony Powell)
  578. Heart (Paula Hayes)
  579. Heart (Henry Slesar)
  580. Heart & Soul (Nicole Williams)
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  604. Heart of Obsidian (Nalini Singh)
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  664. Heartland Junk Part I: The End: A Zombie Apocalypse Serial (Eli Nixon)
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  736. Heaven Is Paved With Oreos (Catherine Gilbert Murdock)
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  738. Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall (Wendy Mass)
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  783. Heir to Sevenwaters (Juliet Marillier)
  784. Heir to the Empire (Timothy Zahn)
  785. Heir to the Jedi (Kevin Hearne)
  786. Heir to the Shadows (Anne Bishop)
  787. Heir to the Sky (Amanda Sun)
  788. Heirs of Empire (David Weber)
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  790. Heist (Laura Pauling)
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  984. Her Royal Highness: A Romance of the Chancelleries of Europe (William Le Queux)
  985. Her Russian Knight (Brie's Submission, #13) (Red Phoenix)
  986. Her Russian Returns (Brie's Submission Book 15) (Red Phoenix)
  987. Her Second Billionaire (Julia Kent)
  988. Her Two Alphas (Scarlett Grove)
  989. Her Two Billionaires (Julia Kent)
  990. Her Two Billionaires and a Baby (Julia Kent)
  991. Her Vampyrrhic Heart (Simon Clark)
  992. Her Victory (Alan Sillitoe)
  993. Her Wolf (Rebecca Royce)
  994. Her Wounded Warrior (Kristi Rose)
  995. Her Yearning for Blood: Episode One (Tim Greaton)
  996. Hera (Chrystalla Thoma)
  997. Hera 2781: A Military Short Story (Janet Edwards)
  998. Hera's Fury (Eric Feka)
  999. Herakleion Treasures (Laura Lane)
  1000. Herald of the New World (L. D. Dailey)
  1001. Herald of the Storm (Richard Ford)
  1002. Heralds of Empire (Agnes C. Laut)
  1003. Herb's Pajamas (Abigail Thomas)
  1004. Herbert Carter's Legacy; Or, the Inventor's Son (Jr. Horatio Alger)
  1005. Herbert Rowbarge (Natalie Babbitt)
  1006. Hercule Poirot's Christmas: A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Agatha Christie)
  1007. Hercule Poirot: The Complete Short Stories (Agatha Christie)
  1008. Here (Ella James)
  1009. Here and Now: Letters (2008-2011) (Paul Auster)
  1010. Here at the End of the World We Learn to Dance (Lloyd Jones)
  1011. Here Be Demons (David Wesley Hill)
  1012. Here Be Dragons (Sharon Kay Penman)
  1013. Here Be Dragons (Stella Gibbons)
  1014. Here Be Dragons: A Firelighter's Tale (Sionnach Wintergreen)
  1015. Here Be Monsters! (Alan Snow)
  1016. Here Be Sexist Vampires (Suzanne Wright)
  1017. Here Come the Bridesmaids! (Ann M. Martin)
  1018. Here Comes the Shaggedy (R. L. Stine)
  1019. Here I Am (Jonathan Safran Foer)
  1020. Here I Go Again: A Novel (Jen Lancaster)
  1021. Here in Cold Hell (Tanith Lee)
  1022. Here in Sullen (Teresa Vanmeter)
  1023. Here Is New York (E. B. White)
  1024. Here Is Where We Meet (John Berger)
  1025. Here Kitty, Kitty! (Shelly Laurenston)
  1026. Here Lies Arthur (Philip Reeve)
  1027. Here Lies Daniel Tate (Cristin Terrill)
  1028. Here on Earth (Alice Hoffman)
  1029. Here There be Monsters (A. J. S. Mims)
  1030. Here to Help (Steve Matthew Benner)
  1031. Here to Stay (Catherine Anderson)
  1032. Here to Stay (Where Love Begins Book #2) (Melissa Tagg)
  1033. Here Today (Ann M. Martin)
  1034. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Marilyn Kaye)
  1035. Here We Are Now (Jasmine Warga)
  1036. Here We Go Again (Jeffrey Somogyi)
  1037. Here We Lie (Sophie McKenzie)
  1038. Here Without You (Tammara Webber)
  1039. Here's Hoping (Michael Krause)
  1040. Here's to Falling (Christine Zolendz)
  1041. Here, Home, Hope (Kaira Rouda)
  1042. Here, There, Elsewhere: Stories From the Road (William Least Heat-Moon)
  1043. Here, There, Everywhere (Julia Durango)
  1044. Hereafter (Tara Hudson)
  1045. Hereafter (Kate Brian)
  1046. Hereditary (Jane Washington)
  1047. Heresy (Bryan Murphy)
  1048. Heretic (Ayaan Hirsi Ali)
  1049. Heretic (Bernard Cornwell)
  1050. Heretic Dawn (Robert Merle)
  1051. Heretics (S. Andrew Swann)
  1052. Heretics and Heroes (Thomas Cahill)
  1053. Heretics of Dune (Frank Herbert)
  1054. Heretics [Apotheosis 02]] (S. Andrew Swann)
  1055. Hereward, the Last of the English (Charles Kingsley)
  1056. Heris Serrano (Elizabeth Moon)
  1057. Heritage and Shimmer (Brian S. Wheeler)
  1058. Heritage Of The Xandim (Maggie Furey)
  1059. Herland (Charlotte Perkins Gilman)
  1060. Hermit in Paris: Autobiographical Writings (Italo Calvino)
  1061. Hernando Heat (Tymber Dalton)
  1062. Hero (R. A. Salvatore)
  1063. Hero (Alethea Kontis)
  1064. Hero (Samantha Young)
  1065. Hero at Large (Janet Evanovich)
  1066. Hero Bear (Scarlett Grove)
  1067. Hero Book 3 - The Battle: Military Romance (M. S. Parker)
  1068. Hero in the Shadows (David Gemmell)
  1069. Hero of a Highland Wolf (Terry Spear)
  1070. Hero of Dreams (Brian Lumley)
  1071. Hero Tales (James Baldwin)
  1072. Hero's Break (P.A. Ross)
  1073. Hero's Brew: A Short Story (TW Colvin)
  1074. Hero's Song (Edith Pattou)
  1075. Hero, Traitor, Daughter (Morgan Rice)
  1076. Hero-Type (Barry Lyga)
  1077. Herobrine Birth of a Monster (Barry J McDonald)
  1078. Herod (Atlas)
  1079. Heroes (Andrew Mowere)
  1080. Heroes (Leigh Barker)
  1081. Heroes (Robert Cormier)
  1082. Heroes & Villains (Jon Scieszka)
  1083. Heroes 'Til Curfew (Susan Bischoff)
  1084. Heroes (formerly Talisman of Troy) (Valerio Massimo Manfredi)
  1085. Heroes A2Z #1: Alien Ice Cream (David Anthony & Charles David Clasman)
  1086. Heroes and Villains (Angela Carter)
  1087. Heroes Are My Weakness (Susan Elizabeth Phillips)
  1088. Heroes Die (Matthew Woodring Stover)
  1089. Heroes of Phenomena (Samantha Redstreake Geary)
  1090. Heroes of the Dustbin (Tyler Whitesides)
  1091. Heroes of the Frontier (Dave Eggers)
  1092. Heroes of the Valley (Jonathan Stroud)
  1093. Heroes: Godsend (Adam Sklar)
  1094. Heron Fleet (Paul Beatty)
  1095. Herr Arnes penningar. English (Selma Lagerlöf)
  1096. Herr Melby Makes Coffee (Gavin William Wright)
  1097. Herrick (Vampire Morsels) (Betty Casbeer Carroll)
  1098. Herveus - A Hers To Save Short Story (Michelle Connor)
  1099. Herzog (Saul Bellow)
  1100. Hettford Witch Hunt: Easter Special (James Rhodes)
  1101. Hettford Witch Hunt: Series One (James Rhodes)
  1102. Hettford Witch Hunt: Series Two (James Rhodes)
  1103. Hetty Feather (Jacqueline Wilson)
  1104. Hevun's Rebel (C M Weller)
  1105. Hex (Robert Sheckley)
  1106. Hex Addict (Short Story #1 from Magic Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories) (Lisa Scott)
  1107. Hex and the City (Simon R. Green)
  1108. Hex Hall (Rachel Hawkins)
  1109. Hexbound (Chloe Neill)
  1110. Hexe Hunt (Chyna Yue)
  1111. Hexed (Kevin Hearne)
  1112. Hexwood (Diana Wynne Jones)
  1113. Hey Honey Bunch (Tushar Mangl)
  1114. Hey Nostradamus! (Douglas Coupland)
  1115. Hey Rube: Blood Sport, the Bush Doctrine, and the Downward Spiral of Dumbness: Modern History From the Sports Desk (Hunter S. Thompson)
  1116. Heyday of Go Astray (Adam Luke)
  1117. Heywood Fetcher (W.H. Harrod)
  1118. Hi Jolly! (Jim Kjelgaard)
  1119. Hickory Dickory Dock (Agatha Christie)
  1120. Hidden (Barbara Taylor Bradford)
  1121. Hidden (Shalini Boland)
  1122. Hidden (Cathy Glass)
  1123. Hidden (Catherine McKenzie)
  1124. Hidden (P. C. Cast)
  1125. Hidden (Sophie Jordan)
  1126. Hidden (Marianne Curley)
  1127. Hidden (Rebecca Zanetti)
  1128. Hidden (Hidden Series Book One) (M. Lathan)
  1129. Hidden - a dark romance (Marchwood Vampire Series #1) (Shalini Boland)
  1130. Hidden Agendas (Lora Leigh)
  1131. Hidden Away (Maya Banks)
  1132. Hidden Bodies (Caroline Kepnes)
  1133. Hidden Credit Repair Secrets (Mark Clayborne)
  1134. Hidden Currents (Christine Feehan)
  1135. Hidden Deception: A Shelby Nichols Adventure (Colleen Helme)
  1136. Hidden Desires (Elle Kennedy)
  1137. Hidden Empire (Orson Scott Card)
  1138. Hidden Gem (India Lee)
  1139. Hidden Gold (Wilder Anthony)
  1140. Hidden Holidays: A Monster Haven Short Story (R.L. Naquin)
  1141. Hidden Honor (Anne Stuart)
  1142. Hidden House (BobMathews)
  1143. Hidden Huntress (Danielle L. Jensen)
  1144. Hidden in Plain Sight (Karen Ann Hopkins)
  1145. Hidden in the Haunted School (Gertrude Chandler Warner)
  1146. Hidden in the Heart: An LDS Novel (Roseanne Evans Wilkins)
  1147. Hidden Jewel (V. C. Andrews)
  1148. Hidden Leaves (V. C. Andrews)
  1149. Hidden Magic (Emmy Oakes)
  1150. Hidden Meanings (Carolyn Keene)
  1151. Hidden Monster (Amanda Strong)
  1152. Hidden Moon (Lori Handeland)
  1153. Hidden Places (Lynn Austin)
  1154. Hidden Riches (Nora Roberts)
  1155. Hidden Seams (Alessandra Torre)
  1156. Hidden Star (Nora Roberts)
  1157. Hidden Summit (Robyn Carr)
  1158. Hidden Talents (Jayne Ann Krentz)
  1159. Hidden Truth (Dawn Cook)
  1160. Hidden Warrior (Lynn Flewelling)
  1161. Hidden Water (Dane Coolidge)
  1162. Hidden Wings (Cameo Renae)
  1163. Hiddensee: A Tale of the Once and Future Nutcracker (Gregory Maguire)
  1164. Hide (Lisa Gardner)
  1165. Hide 1: Untethered (Jax Spenser)
  1166. Hide And Seek (Ian Rankin)
  1167. Hide and Seek (Sara Shepard)
  1168. Hide and Seek (James Patterson)
  1169. Hide and Seek (Nalini Singh)
  1170. Hide and Seek (Jack Ketchum)
  1171. Hide and Seek - part 1 - Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems (Nikhil Parekh)
  1172. Hide and Seek - part 2 - Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems (Nikhil Parekh)
  1173. Hide and Seek - part 3 - Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems (Nikhil Parekh)
  1174. Hide and Seek - part 4 - Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems (Nikhil Parekh)
  1175. Hide and Seek - part 5 - Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems (Nikhil Parekh)
  1176. Hide and Seek - part 6 - Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems (Nikhil Parekh)
  1177. Hide and Seek - part 7 - Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems (Nikhil Parekh)
  1178. Hide and Seek - part 8 - Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems (Nikhil Parekh)
  1179. Hide Away (Iris Johansen)
  1180. Hide Me Among the Graves (Tim Powers)
  1181. Hide-n-Go-Coffin and Other Short Stories (MJ Ware)
  1182. Hideaway (Penelope Douglas)
  1183. Hideaway (Dean Koontz)
  1184. Hideout: The First Adventure (Gordon Korman)
  1185. Hideout: The Second Adventure (Gordon Korman)
  1186. Hideout: The Third Adventure (Gordon Korman)
  1187. Hiding Behind A Mask (The Maskless Trilogy #1) (K. Weikel)
  1188. Hiding From Seagulls (John Wallis)
  1189. Hiding From the Light (Barbara Erskine)
  1190. Hiding in the Corners: Five Tiny Fairy Stories (C.L. Mannarino)
  1191. Hiding in the Shadows (Kay Hooper)
  1192. Hieroglyphic Tales (Horace Walpole)
  1193. Hieronymus Bosch's American Landscape (Barry Rachin)
  1194. High (Andrew Osmond)
  1195. High Art: A Short Story (Andre Farant)
  1196. High Cotton: Selected Stories of Joe R. Lansdale (Joe R. Lansdale)
  1197. High Crime Area: Tales of Darkness and Dread (Joyce Carol Oates)
  1198. High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton (Ann Coulter)
  1199. High Crimes and Mr. Wieners (Paul Hawkins)
  1200. High Deryni (Katherine Kurtz)
  1201. High Dragon Bump (Don Thompson)
  1202. High Fidelity (Nick Hornby)
  1203. High Five (Janet Evanovich)
  1204. High Heat (Richard Castle)
  1205. High Heat (Lee Child)
  1206. High Heels, With a Touch of Prufrock (David Sheppard)
  1207. High Hunt (David Eddings)
  1208. High Man (Jay Clarke)
  1209. High Noon (Nora Roberts)
  1210. High Octane (Lisa Renee Jones)
  1211. High Plains Justice (Maryk Lewis)
  1212. High Plains Tango (Robert James Waller)
  1213. High Rhulain (Brian Jacques)
  1214. High Rhymes and Misdemeanors (Diana Killian)
  1215. High Risk (Carolyn Keene)
  1216. High School Football – The Temptation (first in the high school series) (Paul Swearingen)
  1217. High School Freak (Aaron Grunn)
  1218. High School Rivalry (Phil Wohl)
  1219. High Sea Murder - A Kit and Kat Mystery 2 (Chuck Antone, Jr)
  1220. High Sorcery (Andre Norton)
  1221. High Spirits (Robertson Davies)
  1222. High Stakes (Sylvia Browne)
  1223. High Stakes (Mark Hockley)
  1224. High Stakes (Dick Francis)
  1225. High Stakes (Helen Harper)
  1226. High Stakes: A Wild Cards Novel (George R. R. Martin)
  1227. High Strangeness in South Haven (Patrick C. Greene)
  1228. High Tide (Jude Deveraux)
  1229. High Tide (9781481413824) (R. L. Stine)
  1230. High Tide in Tucson (Barbara Kingsolver)
  1231. High Voltage (Karen Marie Moning)
  1232. High White Sound (Hannah Herchenbach)
  1233. High Wizardry (Diane Duane)
  1234. High Wizardry New Millennium Edition (Diane Duane)
  1235. High, Wide and Lonesome: Growing Up on the Colorado Frontier (Hal Borland)
  1236. High-Opp (Frank Herbert)
  1237. High-Rise (J. G. Ballard)
  1238. Higher Gossip: Essays and Criticism (John Updike)
  1239. Higher Octave (Heavy Influence #2.5) (Ann Marie Frohoff)
  1240. Highland Barbarian (Ruth Ryan Langan)
  1241. Highland Fire (Ruth Ryan Langan)
  1242. Highland Fling (Nancy Mitford)
  1243. Highland Heart (Ruth Ryan Langan)
  1244. Highland Heather (Ruth Ryan Langan)
  1245. Highland Heaven (Ruth Ryan Langan)
  1246. Highland Magic Prequel (Helen Harper)
  1247. Highland Moon #1 (Scottish Werewolf Shifter Romance) (Mac Flynn)
  1248. Highland Moon Box Set (Mac Flynn)
  1249. Highland Rake (Terry Spear)
  1250. Highland Sorcerer (Clover Autrey)
  1251. Highland Sword (Ruth Ryan Langan)
  1252. Highland Velvet (Jude Deveraux)
  1253. Highlander Ever After (Jennifer Ashley)
  1254. Highlander Hellcat PG-13 Version (KuroKoneko Kamen)
  1255. Highlander Most Wanted (Maya Banks)
  1256. Highlander Unchained (Monica McCarty)
  1257. Highlander Unmasked (Monica McCarty)
  1258. Highlander Untamed (Monica McCarty)
  1259. Highly Illogical Behavior (John Corey Whaley)
  1260. Highway of Eternity (Clifford D. Simak)
  1261. Highway to Hell (Rosemary Clement-Moore)
  1262. Highway to Hell (M.T. Acquaire)
  1263. Highwayman Lover (Sara Reinke)
  1264. Highways in Hiding (George O. Smith)
  1265. Hijacked - The Creation Story (Mike Hartman)
  1266. Hiking Poems (Lenny Everson)
  1267. Hilarity Ensues (Tucker Max)
  1268. Hilda - Lycadea (Paul Kater)
  1269. Hilda - The Challenge (Paul Kater)
  1270. Hilda and Zelda (Paul Kater)
  1271. Hilda Hopkins, Murder, She Knit #1 (Vivienne Fagan)
  1272. Hilda the Wicked Witch (Paul Kater)
  1273. Hildebrand; or, The Days of Queen Elizabeth, An Historic Romance, Vol. 1 of 3 (Anonymous)
  1274. Hildebrand; or, The Days of Queen Elizabeth, An Historic Romance, Vol. 2 of 3 (Anonymous)
  1275. Hildebrand; or, The Days of Queen Elizabeth, An Historic Romance, Vol. 3 of 3 (Anonymous)
  1276. Hildegarde's Holiday: A Story for Girls (Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards)
  1277. Hildegarde's Neighbors (Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards)
  1278. Hildie at the Ghost Shore (Paula Cappa)
  1279. Hilfords Chronicles: The Black Powder Incident (VM Sapone)
  1280. Hill (Jean Giono)
  1281. Hill girl (Charles Williams)
  1282. Hillbilly Rockstar (Lorelei James)
  1283. Hilldiggers (Neal Asher)
  1284. Hindsight (Daedalus Book 1) (Josh Karnes)
  1285. Hindsight: Out of the Blue (Part 1) (Kelly Martin)
  1286. Hinterland (James Clemens)
  1287. Hints (Ryan Paich)
  1288. Hire the Right People and Win Big (Van Allen)
  1289. Hired to Kill (Andrew Peterson)
  1290. Hired to Kill (The Nathan McBride Series Book 7) (Andrew Peterson)
  1291. Hiroshima Sunset (John Kelly)
  1292. Hiroshima, Crystal Crier (E. Mendell)
  1293. Hiroshima, Dark Secrets (E. Mendell)
  1294. Hiroshima, Golden Messenger (E. Mendell)
  1295. Hiroshima, Sinister History (E. Mendell)
  1296. His Answer (Meghann McVey)
  1297. His Big Mountain Axe (Madison Faye)
  1298. His Canvas (Tymber Dalton)
  1299. His Captive Mountain Virgin (Madison Faye)
  1300. His Christmas Wish (Marquita Valentine)
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  1308. His Dog (Albert Payson Terhune)
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  1312. His Fill-In Housekeeper (Lola Lois Raphael)
  1313. His First Mission (J.R. Martin)
  1314. His for Christmas (Skye Warren)
  1315. His Grandfather's Ring (Shawn Cowling)
  1316. His Hard Mountain Wood (Madison Faye)
  1317. His Heart's Delight (Mary Blayney)
  1318. His Honour, and a Lady (Sara Jeannette Duncan)
  1319. His Hour (Elinor Glyn)
  1320. His Hunger (M. S. Parker)
  1321. His Illegal Self His Illegal Self His Illegal Self (Peter Carey)
  1322. His Jar of Hearts (A Broken Fairy Tale #3) (S.P. Cervantes)
  1323. His Lady Peregrine (Ruth J. Hartman)
  1324. His Last Bow: An Epilogue of Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle)
  1325. His Light in the Dark (L. A. Fiore)
  1326. His Lion Blood (Scarlett Grove)
  1327. His Little Bad Girl (Madison Faye)
  1328. His Lordship Possessed (Lynn Viehl)
  1329. His Lordship's Leopard: A Truthful Narration of Some Impossible Facts (W. W. Jacobs)
  1330. His Love Escapades: The Encounter with Rose (Daniel Olas)
  1331. His Lucky Day (BobMathews)
  1332. His Mafioso Princess (Terri Anne Browning)
  1333. His Majesty's Well-Beloved (Baroness Emmuska Orczy Orczy)
  1334. His Majestys Dragon (Naomi Novik)
  1335. His Master's Voice (Stanisław Lem)
  1336. His Name was Ted Maize (Mike Bozart)
  1337. His Obsession (M. S. Parker)
  1338. His Only Son: With Dona Berta (Leopoldo Alas)
  1339. His Other Self (W. W. Jacobs)
  1340. His Perilous Throne (Mark Swain)
  1341. His Pleasures (M. S. Parker)
  1342. His Proposed Deal (Sandi Lynn)
  1343. His Purrfect Mate (Laurann Dohner)
  1344. His Reverie (Monica Murphy)
  1345. His Robot Girlfriend (Wesley Allison)
  1346. His Royal Favorite (Lilah Pace)
  1347. His Royal Princess (Jessica Clare)
  1348. His Royal Secret (Lilah Pace)
  1349. His Rules (Scott Hildreth)
  1350. His Runaway Campfire Princess (Gwen Hayes)
  1351. His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages (Red Phoenix)
  1352. His Second Chance (Emily Josephine)
  1353. His Secret (M. S. Parker)
  1354. His Secret Past (Katie Reus)
  1355. His Secrets (Lisa Renee Jones)
  1356. His Selfish Love (Ellie R. Hunter)
  1357. His Selfish Love: Sons of Lost Souls MC Book Two (Ellie R. Hunter)
  1358. His Stolen Secret (His Secret: A NOVELLA SERIES Book 2) (Terri Anne Browning)
  1359. His Story (Fiona Druce)
  1360. His Style of Seduction (Roxanne St Claire)
  1361. His Tiny Toes (O. Susmita)
  1362. His To Guard (Fate #6) (Elizabeth Reyes)
  1363. His to Protect (Katie Reus)
  1364. His to Take (Shayla Black)
  1365. His Touch (Patty Blount)
  1366. His True Queen (Jodi Ellen Malpas)
  1367. His True Queen ~ Jodi Ellen Malpas (Jodi Ellen Malpas)
  1368. His Unknown Wife (Louis Tracy)
  1369. His Unlikely Lover (Natasha Anders)
  1370. His Untamed Desire (Katie Reus)
  1371. His Vampyrrhic Bride (Simon Clark)
  1372. His Victory (Christiaan Bann)
  1373. His Wasted Heart (Monica Murphy)
  1374. His Wicked Games: A Billionaire Romance (The Cunningham Family #1) (Ember Casey)
  1375. His Wild Highland Lass (Terry Spear)
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  1383. History of Fire (Alexia Purdy)
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  1385. History of Lataria (Katherine Lashley)
  1386. History of Maharashtra (Abhishek Thamke)
  1387. History of Orrin Pierce (George Bird Grinnell)
  1388. History of the Plague in London (Daniel Defoe)
  1389. History of Tom Jones, a Foundling (Henry Fielding)
  1390. History Repeats (George O. Smith)
  1391. History's Lover (Loren Elias)
  1392. History's Shadow Beginnings: Alexander (K. Dzr)
  1393. Hit (Delilah S. Dawson)
  1394. Hit and Run (Lawrence Block)
  1395. Hit and Run (Hot-Lanta #4) (Meghan Quinn)
  1396. Hit List (Lawrence Block)
  1397. Hit List (Laurell K. Hamilton)
  1398. Hit Man (Lawrence Block)
  1399. Hit Me (Lawrence Block)
  1400. Hit Parade (Lawrence Block)
  1401. Hit Points: Gettysburg Generals (Jacob Lindaman)
  1402. Hit the Road, Jack (Edua Erasmus)
  1403. Hitch-22: A Memoir (Christopher Hitchens)
  1404. Hitchcock (Francois Truffaut)
  1405. Hitched: Volume One (Kendall Ryan)
  1406. Hitched: Volume Three (Kendall Ryan)
  1407. Hitched: Volume Two (Kendall Ryan)
  1408. Hitchhiker 1 (Mark Haugen)
  1409. Hitchhiker 3 - Wendy (Mark Haugen)
  1410. Hitchhikers (Kate Spofford)
  1411. Hitching Rides with Buddha: A Journey Across Japan (Will Ferguson)
  1412. Hitler (Ian Kershaw)
  1413. Hitler 1889-1936: Hubris (Ian Kershaw)
  1414. Hitler 1936-1945: Nemesis (Allen Lane History) (Ian Kershaw)
  1415. Hitler's Niece (Ron Hansen)
  1416. Hitler's Peace (Philip Kerr)
  1417. Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All (Jonas Jonasson)
  1418. Hive (A. J. Betts)
  1419. Hive (J. K. Accinni)
  1420. HMS Marlborough Will Enter Harbour (Nicholas Monsarrat)
  1421. Hoax (C. L. Stone)
  1422. Hobby (Jane Yolen)
  1423. Hobnail Boots (Gerrard Wllson)
  1424. Hobos I Have Known (Art Burton)
  1425. Hobson’s Choice (Alfred Bester)
  1426. Hocus Pocus (Kurt Vonnegut)
  1427. Hodge Podge (Damion Boyd)
  1428. Hog and Hominy: Soul Food From Africa to America (Frederick Douglass)
  1429. Hogfather (Terry Pratchett)
  1430. Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide (J. K. Rowling)
  1431. Hoiman and the Solar Circuit (G. Gordon Dewey)
  1432. Hoist the Jolly Lucas (David J. Wighton)
  1433. Hokey Pokey (Jerry Spinelli)
  1434. Hold (Claire Kent)
  1435. Hold Back the Dark (Kay Hooper)
  1436. Hold Back the Night (Pat Frank)
  1437. Hold Me (Courtney Milan)
  1438. Hold Me Close (Megan Hart)
  1439. Hold Me Closer: The Tiny Cooper Story (David Levithan)
  1440. Hold Me Fast (McCullough Mountain Book 7) (Lydia Michaels)
  1441. Hold Me Now (Addison Moore)
  1442. Hold my Hand (Penguin Metro Reads) (Durjoy Datta)
  1443. Hold On (Ryan Frawley)
  1444. Hold On (Kristen Ashley)
  1445. Hold on Tight (J. Kenner)
  1446. Hold on Tight (Deborah Smith)
  1447. Hold on Tight (Abbi Glines)
  1448. Hold On Tight (Lazarus Rising Book 6) (Cynthia Eden)
  1449. Hold On To Me (Elisabeth Naughton)
  1450. Hold Onto My Heart (Amilee Palmer)
  1451. Hold Onto Yourself (Paul Whybrow)
  1452. Hold Still (Nina LaCour)
  1453. Hold the Dream (Barbara Taylor Bradford)
  1454. Hold Tight (Harlan Coben)
  1455. Hold You Against Me (Skye Warren)
  1456. Hold Zero! (Jean Craighead George)
  1457. Holding Her Hand (Tammy Falkner)
  1458. Holding On (Pamela Clare)
  1459. Holding on Tighter (Shayla Black)
  1460. Holding On To Heaven (Melyssa Winchester)
  1461. Holding On: A Colorado High Country Novel (Pamela Clare)
  1462. Holding Out For a Hero (Stacey Joy Netzel)
  1463. Holding the Bricks (James Cage)
  1464. Holding The Cards (Joey W. Hill)
  1465. Holding the Dream (Nora Roberts)
  1466. Holding the Dream (Nora Roberts)
  1467. Holding the Man (Timothy Conigrave)
  1468. Holding Up the Universe (Jennifer Niven)
  1469. Holding You (Kelly Elliott)
  1470. Hole (Peter Barns)
  1471. Holes (Louis Sachar)
  1472. Holes, Incorporated (L. Major Reynolds)
  1473. Holiday Bear (Scarlett Grove)
  1474. Holiday Games (Jaci Burton)
  1475. Holiday Happenings, Part 2, "Can You Imagine...?" Volume IV (Bobbi G)
  1476. Holiday Happenings, Part I Can You Imagine...?, Volume III (Bobbi G)
  1477. Holiday House: A Series of Tales (Catherine Sinclair)
  1478. Holiday in Death (J. D. Robb)
  1479. Holiday on Ice (Jaci Burton)
  1480. Holiday on Planet Jolieterre; a Nova Skylar Space Nurse Adventure (Linda Collison)
  1481. Holiday Short Stories (Jayne Amanda Maynes)
  1482. Holiday Time (Ann M. Martin)
  1483. Holiday Wishes (Jill Shalvis)
  1484. Holiday's Collection of Poems (David A Parrish)
  1485. Holidays and Dreamy Nights - Book 3 (Nancy C. Wilson & Harriet Trevathan)
  1486. Holidays at Roselands (Martha Finley)
  1487. Holidays in Heck (P. J. O'Rourke)
  1488. Holidays in Hell (P. J. O'Rourke)
  1489. Holidays on Ice (Richard Bach)
  1490. Holidays on Ice (David Sedaris)
  1491. Hollow (Teresa Mummert)
  1492. Hollow City (Ransom Riggs)
  1493. Hollow Earth (John M. Davis)
  1494. Hollow Empire: Episode 1 (Night of Knives) (John McGuire & J Edward Neill)
  1495. Hollowed (Half Light) (Kelley York)
  1496. Hollowland (Amanda Hocking)
  1497. Hollowmen (Amanda Hocking)
  1498. Holly (Jude Deveraux)
  1499. Holly Golightly Syndrome (C.E. Wanders)
  1500. Holly in Love: A Cooney Classic Romance (Caroline B. Cooney)
  1501. Holly Takes a Risk (Gillian Shields)
  1502. Holly's Story (Lurlene McDaniel)
  1503. Holly, Curses, and Hauntings (Jovee Winters)
  1504. Hollywood (Gore Vidal)
  1505. Hollywood (Charles Bukowski)
  1506. Hollywood Assassin - A Hollywood Alphabet Series Thriller (MZ Kelly)
  1507. Hollywood Dead (Richard Kadrey)
  1508. Hollywood Dirt (Alessandra Torre)
  1509. Hollywood Divorces (Jackie Collins)
  1510. Hollywood Divorces • Hollywood Wives: The New Generation (Jackie Collins)
  1511. Hollywood Heir (Westerly Billionaire Book 4) (Ruth Cardello)
  1512. Hollywood Hills (Aimee Friedman)
  1513. Hollywood Husbands (Jackie Collins)
  1514. Hollywood Merman PG-13 Version (KuroKoneko Kamen)
  1515. Hollywood Wives (Jackie Collins)
  1516. Hollywood Wives--The New Generation (Jackie Collins)
  1517. Holocaust (Ifedayo Adigwe Akintomide)
  1518. Holy Emotions (Vincent de Paul)
  1519. Holy Fools (Joanne Harris)
  1520. Holy Frigging Matrimony: A Tangled Series Short Story (Emma Chase)
  1521. Holy Innocence (Elove Poetry)
  1522. Holy Night (Colleen Coble)
  1523. Holy Smokes (Katie MacAlister)
  1524. Holy the Firm (Annie Dillard)
  1525. Homage to Catalonia (George Orwell)
  1526. Hombre (Elmore Leonard)
  1527. Home (George Saunders)
  1528. Home (Stacia Kane)
  1529. Home (Sarah Prineas)
  1530. Home (J.W. Phillips)
  1531. Home (Marilynne Robinson)
  1532. Home (Harlan Coben)
  1533. Home (Uvi Poznansky)
  1534. Home (Robert Muchamore)
  1535. Home (Nalini Singh)
  1536. Home (Toni Morrison)
  1537. Home Again (Kristin Hannah)
  1538. Home Again, Home Again (Cory Doctorow)
  1539. Home Alone (Todd Strasser)
  1540. Home Alone 2 (Todd Strasser)
  1541. Home Alone 3 (Todd Strasser)
  1542. Home for Christmas: A YA Zombie Story (Rusty Fischer)
  1543. Home for the Holidays (Johanna Lindsey)
  1544. Home for the Holidays (Jeaniene Frost)
  1545. Home for the Holidays (Debbie Macomber)
  1546. Home for the Holidays (Heather Vogel Frederick)
  1547. Home Front (Kristin Hannah)
  1548. Home in Time for Christmas (Heather Graham)
  1549. Home is the Hunter (Helen Macinnes)
  1550. Home Is the Place (Ann M. Martin)
  1551. Home Is the Sailor (Patrick Taylor)
  1552. Home Is Where the Heart Break Is (Tess Oliver)
  1553. Home is Where You Left It (George O. Smith)
  1554. Home Lost (Franz McLaren)
  1555. Home of the Brave (Katherine Applegate)
  1556. Home of the Gentry (Ivan Turgenev)
  1557. Home on Huckleberry Hill (Jennifer Beckstrand)
  1558. Home Run (Nathan Lowell)
  1559. Home Run (Smuggler's Tales From the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper Book 3) (Nathan Lowell)
  1560. Home Safe (Elizabeth Berg)
  1561. Home Song (LaVyrle Spencer)
  1562. Home Sweet Home (Adrian Sturgess)
  1563. Home Sweet Motel (Chris Grabenstein)
  1564. Home Sweet Murder (James Patterson)
  1565. Home Tears (Tijan)
  1566. Home to Big Stone Gap (Adriana Trigiani)
  1567. Home to Holly Springs (Jan Karon)
  1568. Home to Me (Ruth Cardello)
  1569. Home to Me (The Andrades, Book 2) (Ruth Cardello)
  1570. Home to Stay (Kate James)
  1571. Home Torn (Tijan)
  1572. Homebody (Orson Scott Card)
  1573. Homebush Boy (Thomas Keneally)
  1574. Homecoming (Michael Morpurgo)
  1575. Homecoming (Belva Plain)
  1576. Homecoming (Kass Morgan)
  1577. Homecoming (Cynthia Voigt)
  1578. Homecoming (A Finn McCoy Paranormal Thriller #1) (Scott Langrel)
  1579. Homecoming (Terran Z Prelude) (R. James Stevens)
  1580. Homecoming Blues (Andrew Scorah)
  1581. Homecoming Homecoming Homecoming (Bernhard Schlink)
  1582. Homecoming: A Prelude to the Myfanwy's People Series (Joseph H.J. Liaigh)
  1583. Homegoing (Yaa Gyasi)
  1584. Homeland (John Jakes)
  1585. Homeland (Cory Doctorow)
  1586. Homeland (R. A. Salvatore)
  1587. Homeland and Other Stories (Barbara Kingsolver)
  1588. Homeless (Laurie Halse Anderson)
  1589. Homeless #1 (Christopher Lee Cousino)
  1590. Homeless Bird (Gloria Whelan)
  1591. Homeport (Nora Roberts)
  1592. Homer Bolton: The Sheriff of Duncan Flats (Mark Goodwin)
  1593. Homer Price (Robert McCloskey)
  1594. Homer's Daughter (Robert Graves)
  1595. Homeroom Diaries (James Patterson)
  1596. Homesick (Lyn Venable)
  1597. Homesteader Blues (Cherime MacFarlane)
  1598. Hometown Heroes (Joe Gribble)
  1599. Hometown Legend (Jerry B. Jenkins)
  1600. Hometown, Day One (John Dee)
  1601. Homeward Bound (W. W. Jacobs)
  1602. Homeward Bound and Other Stories.indb (Bruce Coville)
  1603. Homicide (David Simon)
  1604. Homing (Grace Livingston Hill)
  1605. Homing Mouse (Wilde Blue Sky)
  1606. Hominids (Robert J. Sawyer)
  1607. homme à l'oreille cassée. English (Edmond About)
  1608. Homo Deus (Yuval Noah Harari)
  1609. Homo Faber (Max Frisch)
  1610. Homo Inferior (Mari Wolf)
  1611. Homo Sum — Complete (Georg Ebers)
  1612. Honest Illusions (Nora Roberts)
  1613. Honestly Ben (Bill Konigsberg)
  1614. Honey (V. C. Andrews)
  1615. Honey (Sarah Weeks)
  1616. Honey and Smoke (Deborah Smith)
  1617. Honey Flava (Zane)
  1618. Honey for the Bears (Anthony Burgess)
  1619. Honeymoon (James Patterson)
  1620. Honeymoon from Hell I (R. L. Mathewson)
  1621. Honeymoon from Hell II (R. L. Mathewson)
  1622. Honeymoon from Hell III (R. L. Mathewson)
  1623. Honeymoon from Hell IV (R. L. Mathewson)
  1624. Honeymoon from Hell V (R. L. Mathewson)
  1625. Honeymoon from Hell VI (R. L. Mathewson)
  1626. Honeymoon in Paris (Jojo Moyes)
  1627. Honeymoon Phase (Todd Adam Hewlett)
  1628. Hong lou meng. English (Xueqin Cao)
  1629. Hong lou meng. English (Xueqin Cao)
  1630. Honk if You Love Real Men (Lora Leigh)
  1631. Honk Twice (Jeffrey R. Butler)
  1632. Honky Tonk Samurai (Hap and Leonard) (Joe R. Lansdale)
  1633. Honolulu (Alan Brennert)
  1634. Honor (Elif Shafak)
  1635. Honor (Jay Crownover)
  1636. Honor & Betray (Teresa Mummert)
  1637. Honor Among Thieves (Jeffrey Archer)
  1638. Honor Among Thieves (James S. A. Corey)
  1639. Honor Among Thieves (Rachel Caine)
  1640. Honor Among Thieves (Ann Aguirre)
  1641. Honor Among Thieves: Star Wars (James S. A. Corey)
  1642. Honor and Obey (Teresa Mummert)
  1643. Honor Auchinleck (Elyne Mitchell)
  1644. Honor Bound (Joey W. Hill)
  1645. Honor Me (Chelle Bliss)
  1646. Honor Student (Teresa Mummert)
  1647. Honor Thy Teacher (Teresa Mummert)
  1648. Honor's Flight (Lindsay Buroker)
  1649. Honor's Splendour (Julie Garwood)
  1650. Honorable Enemies Rethought (Poula Anderson)
  1651. Honorary White (E. R. Braithwaite)
  1652. Honored Enemy (Raymond E. Feist)
  1653. Honored: 7 Honorable Mention Stories from the Writers of the Future Contest (Michael D. Britton)
  1654. Honoring Ancestors (Carlene Carter Brandon)
  1655. Honors Knight (Rachel Bach)
  1656. Honour Bound (Helen Harper)
  1657. Hood (Stephen R. Lawhead)
  1658. Hood (Emma Donoghue)
  1659. Hood No. 1 (J.M. Thomas)
  1660. Hoodoo Harry (Joe R. Lansdale)
  1661. Hoofbeats on the Turnpike (Mildred A. Wirt)
  1662. Hook Me (Chelle Bliss)
  1663. Hooked by Love (Bellevue Bullies #3) (Toni Aleo)
  1664. Hooking Up (Tom Wolfe)
  1665. Hooligans (William Diehl)
  1666. Hoop Dreams (Aaliyah Jackson)
  1667. Hoosac Horror (J Joseph Michaels)
  1668. Hoot (Carl Hiaasen)
  1669. Hopalong Cassidy (Honoré Morrow)
  1670. Hopalong Cassidy's Rustler Round-Up; Or, Bar-20 (Rex Beach)
  1671. Hope (Len Deighton)
  1672. Hope (John Stevenson)
  1673. Hope (Kennie Kayoz)
  1674. Hope After The Fall (Eli Taff, Jr)
  1675. Hope and Have; or, Fanny Grant Among the Indians: A Story for Young People (Oliver Optic)
  1676. Hope and Other Luxuries: A Mother's Life With a Daughter's Anorexia (Clare B. Dunkle)
  1677. Hope Burns (Jaci Burton)
  1678. Hope Deferred (Rob Pomeroy)
  1679. Hope Falls (Addison Moore)
  1680. Hope Flames (Jaci Burton)
  1681. Hope For Valentine's Day (Jillian Jones)
  1682. Hope Hathaway: A Story of Western Ranch Life (Frances Parker)
  1683. Hope Heals (Tymber Dalton)
  1684. Hope Ignites (Jaci Burton)
  1685. Hope of Earth (Piers Anthony)
  1686. Hope on a Paige (Tales from the Dead Letter Office) (Jeff Dvorak)
  1687. Hope Restrained (M. S. Willis)
  1688. Hope Smolders (Jaci Burton)
  1689. Hope to Die (Lawrence Block)
  1690. Hope to Die (James Patterson)
  1691. Hope Was Here (Joan Bauer)
  1692. Hope's End: A Powder Mage Short Story (Brian McClellan)
  1693. Hope(less) (Melissa Haag)
  1694. Hope, Depression, Love & Fractured Hearts: A Collection of Short Stories & Other Pieces of Writing (Bradley Atchison)
  1695. Hopeless (Colleen Hoover)
  1696. Hopeless Magic (Rachel Higginson)
  1697. Hopelessly Found (Lyn Wilkerson)
  1698. Hopes and Impediments: Selected Essays 1965-87 (Chinua Achebe)
  1699. Hopper Croakington II and the Princely Present (Suzanne Selfors)
  1700. Hopper's Destiny (Lisa Fiedler)
  1701. Hopscotch: A Novel (Julio Cortázar)
  1702. Hopscotch: Lost Loved Ones (J Niessen)
  1703. Horde (Ann Aguirre)
  1704. Horizon (Nelson Lynch)
  1705. Horizon (Tom Dillon)
  1706. Horizon (Alyson Noel)
  1707. Horizon (Helen Macinnes)
  1708. Horizon (Lois McMaster Bujold)
  1709. Horizons Around Us (Robin Xavier Fontaine)
  1710. Horn Crown (Witch World: High Hallack Series) (Andre Norton)
  1711. Hornblower and the Crisis (C. S. Forester)
  1712. Hornet Flight (Ken Follett)
  1713. Hornet's Nest (Patricia Cornwell)
  1714. Horns (Joe Hill)
  1715. Hornswoggled: Captured In His Love (Ross Shultz)
  1716. Horrendus (Lori R. Lopez)
  1717. Horrible Horace (Gerrard Wllson)
  1718. Horrible Horace and the Slug (Gerrard Wllson)
  1719. Horror at the Haunted House (Peg Kehret)
  1720. Horror D'ourves (Lisa McCourt Hollar)
  1721. Horror in Grayscales (Heath Amodio)
  1722. Horror in Vault Hill (Reginaldo Borges, Sr)
  1723. Horror Of Yakshini (Ratan Lal Basu)
  1724. Horror Shots (Maison Crow)
  1725. Horror Stories (E. Nesbit)
  1726. Horror Stories from Denmark Box set (Willow Rose)
  1727. Horse Heaven (Jane Smiley)
  1728. Horse of a Different Color: Reminiscences of a Kansas Drover (Ralph Moody)
  1729. Horse Soldiers (Doug Stanton)
  1730. Horse Under Water (Len Deighton)
  1731. Horse's Ass (Jay Arre)
  1732. Horse-Shoe Robinson: A Tale of the Tory Ascendency (John Pendleton Kennedy)
  1733. Horseflesh (Alexander Turnbull)
  1734. Horseman, Pass By (Larry McMurtry)
  1735. Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse (John Nichols)
  1736. Horton Halfpott; Or, the Fiendish Mystery of Smugwick Manor; Or, the Loosening of M’Lady Luggertuck’s Corset (Tom Angleberger)
  1737. Horton Halfpott; Or, the Fiendish Mystery of Smugwick Manor; Or, the Loosening of M’Lady Luggertuck’s Corset (Tom Angleberger)
  1738. Horton Halfpott; Or, the Fiendish Mystery of Smugwick Manor; Or, the Loosening of M’Lady Luggertuck’s Corset (Tom Angleberger)
  1739. Horton Halfpott; Or, the Fiendish Mystery of Smugwick Manor; Or, the Loosening of M’Lady Luggertuck’s Corset (Tom Angleberger)
  1740. Horton Halfpott; Or, the Fiendish Mystery of Smugwick Manor; Or, the Loosening of M’Lady Luggertuck’s Corset (Tom Angleberger)
  1741. Horus Heresy - Death of a Silversmith (Graham McNeill)
  1742. Horus Rising (Dan Abnett)
  1743. Hospital of the Transfiguration (Stanisław Lem)
  1744. Hospital Sketches (Louisa May Alcott)
  1745. Host (Faith Hunter)
  1746. Host (Robin Cook)
  1747. Host Chronicles Volume 1: Devil's Offspring (D.L. Cox)
  1748. Hostage (Kay Hooper)
  1749. Hostage (Willo Davis Roberts)
  1750. Hostage (Robert Crais)
  1751. Hostage (Elie Wiesel)
  1752. Hostage (Predators MC Book 3) (Jamie Begley)
  1753. Hostage Run (Andrew Klavan)
  1754. Hostage to Murder (Val McDermid)
  1755. Hostage to Pleasure (Nalini Singh)
  1756. Hostage: A Terran Empire story (Ann Wilson)
  1757. Hostile (Cameo Renae)
  1758. Hostile Encounter (Mac Ewing)
  1759. Hostile Intent (Michael P. Rogers)
  1760. Hostile Takeover (Grayson Queen)
  1761. Hostile Takeover (Joey W. Hill)
  1762. Hostile Takeover (Shane Kuhn)
  1763. Hosts (F. Paul Wilson)
  1764. Hot & Heavy (Tracy Wolff)
  1765. Hot and Badgered (Shelly Laurenston)
  1766. Hot and Bothered (Elle Kennedy)
  1767. Hot and Cold at the Starlight Diner (Helen Cox)
  1768. Hot as Sin (Bella Andre)
  1769. Hot Blooded (Amanda Carlson)
  1770. Hot Blooded (Lisa Jackson)
  1771. Hot Buttered Rum: Standalone Romance (Silk Stocking Inn Book 4) (Tess Oliver)
  1772. Hot Commodity (Linda Kage)
  1773. Hot Cop (Laurelin Paige)
  1774. Hot for the Fireman (Gina L. Maxwell)
  1775. Hot for the Holidays (Lora Leigh)
  1776. Hot Holiday Nights (Jaci Burton)
  1777. Hot Honey Kisses (Addison Moore)
  1778. Hot Ice (Nora Roberts)
  1779. Hot in December (Joe R. Lansdale)
  1780. Hot in Handcuffs (Sylvia Day)
  1781. Hot in Handcuffs: Three Novellas of Erotic Capture (Sylvia Day)
  1782. Hot Lead, Cold Iron (Ari Marmell)
  1783. Hot Legs (Susan Johnson)
  1784. Hot Mama (Jennifer Estep)
  1785. Hot Milk (Deborah Levy)
  1786. Hot Money (Dick Francis)
  1787. Hot Off the Press (Ridgemont University Book 1) (Meredith Taylor)
  1788. Hot Pink (Susan Johnson)
  1789. Hot Pink (Adam Levin)
  1790. Hot Pursuit (Carolyn Keene)
  1791. Hot Rocks (Nora Roberts)
  1792. Hot Sauce [Suncoast Society] (Siren Publishing Sensations (Tymber Dalton)
  1793. Hot Secrets (Lisa Renee Jones)
  1794. Hot Secrets (Lisa Marie Rice)
  1795. Hot Shot (Karina Halle)
  1796. Hot Shot (Denise Devine)
  1797. Hot Shots FC (A M Layet)
  1798. Hot Six (Janet Evanovich)
  1799. Hot Sky at Midnight (Robert Silverberg)
  1800. Hot Spell (Michelle Rowen)
  1801. Hot Spot (Charles Williams)
  1802. Hot Springs (Stephen Hunter)
  1803. Hot Stuff (Aglaia Bouma)
  1804. Hot Stuff (Janet Evanovich)
  1805. Hot Summer Nights (Jessica Clare)
  1806. Hot Target (Lisa Renee Jones)
  1807. Hot Ticket (Olivia Cunning)
  1808. Hot Times in Magma City, 1990-95 (Robert Silverberg)
  1809. Hot Touch (Deborah Smith)
  1810. Hot Toy (Jennifer Crusie)
  1811. Hot Tracks (Carolyn Keene)
  1812. Hot Tramp (Erik D'Souza)
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  1814. Hot Vampire Seduction (Lisa Renee Jones)
  1815. Hot Vampire Touch (Lisa Renee Jones)
  1816. Hot Water (P. G. Wodehouse)
  1817. Hot Water Man (Deborah Moggach)
  1818. Hot Water Music (Charles Bukowski)
  1819. Hotbed (Bill James)
  1820. Hotbloods (Bella Forrest)
  1821. Hotel (Arthur Hailey)
  1822. Hotel 72: The Last Hit (Anthony Ivins)
  1823. Hotel Angeline (Garth Stein)
  1824. Hotel for Dogs (Lois Duncan)
  1825. Hotel Horror Story (Eduard Joseph)
  1826. Hotel Iris (Yoko Ogawa)
  1827. Hotel Kerobokan (Kathryn Bonella)
  1828. Hotel Midnight (Simon Clark)
  1829. Hotel of the Saints (Ursula Hegi)
  1830. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (Jamie Ford)
  1831. Hotel Ruby (Suzanne Young)
  1832. Hotel Savoy (Joseph Roth)
  1833. Hotel Scenes from the Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels (Thomas Corfield)
  1834. Hotel World (Ali Smith)
  1835. Hotel Z: A Short Story (A.C. Hutchinson)
  1836. Hotels of North America (Rick Moody)
  1837. Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails: A Memoir (Anthony Swofford)
  1838. Hotline to Danger (Carolyn Keene)
  1839. Hotshot (Julie Garwood)
  1840. Hotshots (Wildfires Book 1) (Jana Leigh)
  1841. Hotter After Midnight (Lauren DeStefano)
  1842. Hotter After Midnight (Cynthia Eden)
  1843. Hotter Than Ever (Elle Kennedy)
  1844. Hotter Than Wildfire (Lisa Marie Rice)
  1845. Hottest Mess (J. Kenner)
  1846. Hotwire (Alex Kava)
  1847. Houdini Heart (Ki Longfellow)
  1848. Houdini's Last Trick (David Khalaf)
  1849. Houlihan's Wake (Bryan Murphy)
  1850. Houlihan's Equation (Walter J. Sheldon)
  1851. Hounded (Kevin Hearne)
  1852. Hounds of Rome (Tom Clancy)
  1853. Hour Game (David Baldacci)
  1854. Hour of Enchantment (Roy J. Snell)
  1855. Hourglass (Myra Mcentire)
  1856. House Divided (Pearl S. Buck)
  1857. House Hunting (Jonathan M Barrett)
  1858. House Immortal (Devon Monk)
  1859. House of a Thousand Screams (R. L. Stine)
  1860. House of Cards (Michael Dobbs)
  1861. House of Cards (Garrett Leigh)
  1862. House of Cards: A Novel (Sudha Murty)
  1863. House of Chains (Steven Erikson)
  1864. House of Dark Shadows (Robert Liparulo)
  1865. House of Dreams (Liz Rosenberg)
  1866. House of Echoes (Barbara Erskine)
  1867. House of Furies (Madeleine Roux)
  1868. House of Glass (Pramoedya Ananta Toer)
  1869. House of Holes (Nicholson Baker)
  1870. House of Judges (House of Royals Book 4) (Keary Taylor)
  1871. House of Justice: A Horror Short Story (Vincent Bivona)
  1872. House of Khepru ~ Episode One (Calvin Travostin)
  1873. House of Kings (House of Royals Book 3) (Keary Taylor)
  1874. House of Korba (C. L. Stone)
  1875. House of Many Ways (Diana Wynne Jones)
  1876. House of Meetings (Martin Amis)
  1877. House of Names (Colm Toibin)
  1878. House of New Gods (S.A. Geary)
  1879. House of Orphans (Helen Dunmore)
  1880. House of Pawns (Keary Taylor)
  1881. House of Peine (Sarah-Kate Lynch)
  1882. House of Phoenyx: House of Phoenyx book 1 (T. John Greene)
  1883. House Of Pryce (Wil Clayton)
  1884. House of Ravens (Keary Taylor)
  1885. House of Reckoning (John Saul)
  1886. House of Royals (Keary Taylor)
  1887. House of Sand and Fog: A Novel (Andre Dubus III)
  1888. House of Secrets (V. C. Andrews)
  1889. House of Spies (Daniel Silva)
  1890. House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion (David Weber)
  1891. House of Suns (Alastair Reynolds)
  1892. House of the Rising Son (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
  1893. House of the Rising Sun (James Lee Burke)
  1894. House Of The Scorpion (Nancy Farmer)
  1895. House of Thebes: The Beginning (Courtney Cole)
  1896. House of Torment (Guy Thorne)
  1897. House of Whispers (R. L. Stine)
  1898. House on Fire (G. Andy Mather)
  1899. House Rules (Jodi Picoult)
  1900. House Rules (Chloe Neill)
  1901. Houseboat Girl (Lois Lenski)
  1902. Houseboat Mystery (Gertrude Chandler Warner)
  1903. Houseboat on the Seine: A Memoir (William Wharton)
  1904. Housebound (Anne Stuart)
  1905. Housebroken (Laurie Notaro)
  1906. Household Tales by the Brothers Grimm (Jacob Grimm)
  1907. Housekeeping: A Novel (Marilynne Robinson)
  1908. Houses Without Doors (Peter Straub)
  1909. Housewarming at the Orchard (Nalini Singh)
  1910. Houston, 2030: The Year Zero (Mike McKay)
  1911. Houston, 2030: With Proper Legwork (Mike McKay)
  1912. Hover Car Racer (Matthew Reilly)
  1913. How (Not) to Play with Magic (A Cindy Eller Short Story Prequel) (Elizabeth A Reeves)
  1914. How A Dear Little Couple Went Abroad (Mrs. Molesworth)
  1915. How Are You, Scarecrow? - A Novella (Jennifer Perry)
  1916. How Blue Boy Crumpets Became a Special Christmas Elf (Jude Garrison)
  1917. How Boredom Turned Into A Crime (Yvonne M Remington)
  1918. How Canada Was Won: A Tale of Wolfe and Quebec (F. S. Brereton)
  1919. How Carlos Webster Changed His Name to Carl and Became a Famous Oklahoma Lawman (2003) (Elmore Leonard)
  1920. How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly (Connie May Fowler)
  1921. How Dabney Got His Hat (Caitlan Burns)
  1922. How Ethel Hollister Became a Campfire Girl (Irene Elliott Benson)
  1923. How Evan Broke His Head and Other Secrets (Garth Stein)
  1924. How Far - a one-act stage play (Lawrence Block)
  1925. How Firm a Foundation (David Weber)
  1926. How Freckle Frog Made Herself Pretty (Charlotte B. Herr)
  1927. How Gods Bleed (Shane Porteous)
  1928. How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea (Mira Grant)
  1929. How Green Was My Valley (Richard Llewellyn)
  1930. How He Came to Be Somewhere (Jonathan Franzen)
  1931. How He Comes Out of the Sun (A Digital Short Story) (Carlyle Clark)
  1932. How I Became a Bestseller (Suzie Louis)
  1933. How I Found You (Gabriella Lepore)
  1934. How I Got My Shrunken Head (R. L. Stine)
  1935. How I Got Over (Charles Harvey)
  1936. How I Live Now (Meg Rosoff)
  1937. How I Managed To Kidnap Neil Gaiman (David D Sharp)
  1938. How I Met Barbara The Zombie Hunter (Raymund Hensley)
  1939. How I Met My Monster (9780545510172) (R. L. Stine)
  1940. How I Met My Mother (Ray Daley)
  1941. How I Overcame My Inventor’s Block (Hallett German)
  1942. How I Proposed to My Wife: An Alien Sex Story (John Scalzi)
  1943. How I Saved Humankind (Debra Kraft)
  1944. How I Saved the Cup Final (Sarah McEvoy)
  1945. How I Shed My Skin (Jim Grimsley)
  1946. How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and other Stories (Sudha Murty)
  1947. How It All Began (Penelope Lively)
  1948. How It All Began (Kendra Cooper)
  1949. How It Ended (Jay McInerney)
  1950. How It Ends (Laura Wiess)
  1951. How It Ends: Part 1 - The Evaluation (Scott C Lyerly)
  1952. How It Is (Samuel Beckett)
  1953. How Johnny Cash Saved my Life--300 Years After He Died (Abigail Isaac)
  1954. How Jones Goes (Lawrence Dagstine)
  1955. How Kiki and Charlie the monkey helped a little polar bear find his way home (Gary Rostock)
  1956. How Literature Inspires Visual Art (Articles)
  1957. How Lovely Are Thy Branches (Diane Duane)
  1958. How Lunchbox Jones Saved Me From Robots, Traitors, and Missy the Cruel (Jennifer Brown)
  1959. How Miru Earned His Secret Name (Edward Stanton)
  1960. How Nadine and Libby Escaped Destiny (Kali Amanda Browne)
  1961. How Ninja Brush Their Teeth (R.A. Hobbs)
  1962. How Not to Make a Dress (Elizabeth Chater)
  1963. How Old Holly Came to Be (Patrick Rothfuss)
  1964. How Private George W. Peck Put Down the Rebellion (George W. Peck)
  1965. How Raspberry Jam Got Invented (Brian Bakos)
  1966. How Reading Changed My Life (Anna Quindlen)
  1967. How Robert Found God At Angelo's Pizza Palace (Mario V. Farina)
  1968. How Santa Changed (Karl Steam)
  1969. How Shall I Know You?: A Short Story (Hilary Mantel)
  1970. How Society Governs Us (Kishan Jhunjhunwala)
  1971. How the Flight of the Maita Series Came to Be (CD Moulton)
  1972. How the French Won Waterloo - or Think They Did (Stephen Clarke)
  1973. How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents (Julia Alvarez)
  1974. How the Irish Saved Civilization (Thomas Cahill)
  1975. How the Light Gets In (Louise Penny)
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  1981. How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back (Diana Rowland)
  1982. How They Met and Other Stories (David Levithan)
  1983. How Tia Lola Came to (Visit) Stay How Tia Lola Came to (Visit) Stay (Julia Alvarez)
  1984. How Tia Lola Ended Up Starting Over (Julia Alvarez)
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  1986. How Tia Lola Saved the Summer (Julia Alvarez)
  1987. How to Abduct a Highland Lord (Karen Hawkins)
  1988. How to Avoid Making Art (Julia Cameron)
  1989. How to be a Hero (Geno Allen)
  1990. How to Be a Man (Duff McKagan)
  1991. How to Be a Perfect Girl (Mary Williams)
  1992. How to Be a Pirate (Cressida Cowell)
  1993. How to Be a Vampire (R. L. Stine)
  1994. How to Be a Woman (Caitlin Moran)
  1995. How to Be Alone (Jonathan Franzen)
  1996. How to Be Both (Ali Smith)
  1997. How to Be Famous (Caitlin Moran)
  1998. How to Be Good (Nick Hornby)
  1999. How To Be Invisible (Tim Lott)
  2000. How To Become A Roulette Champion (Ivan Nikolic, Jr)
  2001. How To Become Unpopular (Hiranya Borah)
  2002. How to Breathe Underwater (Julie Orringer)
  2003. How to Build a Girl (Caitlin Moran)
  2004. How to Capture a Countess (Duchess Diaries 1) (Karen Hawkins)
  2005. How to Catch a Bogle (Catherine Jinks)
  2006. How to Catch a Wild Viscount (Tessa Dare)
  2007. How to Change Your Mind (Michael Pollan)
  2008. How to Dance Naked in the Moonlight (Lenny Everson)
  2009. How to Date a Nerd (Cassie Mae)
  2010. How to Date Your Dragon (Molly Harper)
  2011. How To Defeat Pixies. (S R Edwards)
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  2013. How to Drive a Dragon Crazy (G. A. Aiken)
  2014. How To Eat A Human Being (Dan Dillard)
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  2016. How To Fall In Love (Bella Jewel)
  2017. How to Fall in Love (Cecelia Ahern)
  2018. How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf (Molly Harper)
  2019. How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf (Molly Harper)
  2020. How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia (Mohsin Hamid)
  2021. How to get PSC Result 2016 ? (Masud Rana, Jr)
  2022. How to Hear Over Music (Michael Bonady)
  2023. How to Hook a Bookworm (How To #3) (Cassie Mae)
  2024. How to Keep Rolling After a Fall (Karole Cozzo)
  2025. How to Keep Your Head When Everyone Wants to Put it on a Spike (Michael D. Britton)
  2026. How to Kill a Rock Star (Tiffanie DeBartolo)
  2027. How to Kill an Incubus (Kimber Lee)
  2028. How to Lead a Life of Crime (Kirsten Miller)
  2029. How to Look for a Lost Dog (Ann M. Martin)
  2030. How to lose 14 pounds in 14 days (Ngo Dang Truong Giang)
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  2032. How to Lose a Bride in One Night (Sophie Jordan)
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  2034. How to Love Her: McCullough Mountain (McCullough Mountain Prequel) (Lydia Michaels)
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  2037. How to Marry a Werewolf (Gail Carriger)
  2038. How to Party with an Infant (Kaui Hart Hemmings)
  2039. How to Print from iPad or iPhone to Any Printer without apps (Ron Chen)
  2040. How to Resist Prince Charming (Linda Kage)
  2041. How To Ride A Unicorn (Ross Lombardi)
  2042. How to Ruin a Summer Vacation (Simone Elkeles)
  2043. How to Ruin My Teenage Life (Simone Elkeles)
  2044. How to Ruin Your Boyfriends Reputation (Simone Elkeles)
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  2051. How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying) (Kerrelyn Sparks)
  2052. How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying) (Love at Stake) (Kerrelyn Sparks)
  2053. How to Seduce a Vampire [Without Really Trying] (Kerrelyn Sparks)
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  2072. How We Roll (Natasha Friend)
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  2075. Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates (Howard Pyle)
  2076. Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates (Howard Pyle)
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  2078. Howards End Is on the Landing: A Year of Reading From Home (Susan Hill)
  2079. Howl (H.C. Paye)
  2080. Howl for It (Shelly Laurenston)
  2081. Howling For You (Chloe Neill)
  2082. Howling For You - 13 Blues Songs (Paul Whybrow)
  2083. Howling Stones (Alan Dean Foster)
  2084. HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton (Rosemary Sutcliff)
  2085. Huck Out West (Robert Coover)
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  2092. Huckleberry Summer (Huckleberry Hill) (Jennifer Beckstrand)
  2093. Hudson (Laurelin Paige)
  2094. Hugues-le-Loup. English (Erckmann-Chatrian)
  2095. Huit coups de l'horloge. English (Maurice Leblanc)
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  2098. Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard (Kiran Desai)
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  2146. Hunt (Rachel Vincent)
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  2193. Hunters (Heather Mace)
  2194. Hunters (Whitley Strieber)
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  2196. Hunters Heart (J. D. Tyler)
  2197. Hunters in the Dark (HALO) (Peter David)
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  2199. Hunters of the Dusk (Darren Shan)
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  2206. Hunting Fear (Kay Hooper)
  2207. Hunting Ground (Patricia Briggs)
  2208. Hunting Human (Amanda E. Alvarez)
  2209. Hunting in Bruges (E.J. Stevens)
  2210. Hunting Julian (Jacquelyn Frank)
  2211. Hunting Lila (Sarah Alderson)
  2212. Hunting Prince Dracula (Kerri Maniscalco)
  2213. Hunting the Eagles (Ben Kane)
  2214. Hunting the Hunter (Gordon Korman)
  2215. Hunting the Lions (R. M. Ballantyne)
  2216. Hunting the White Witch (Tanith Lee)
  2217. Huntingtower (John Buchan)
  2218. Huntress (Malinda Lo)
  2219. Huntsman Returned (Andrew Michael Schwarz)
  2220. Hurrah for the Circus! (Enid Blyton)
  2221. Hurricane (L. Ron Hubbard)
  2222. Hurricane (Stories From the Golden Age) (L. Ron Hubbard)
  2223. Hurricane Bay (Heather Graham)
  2224. Hurricane Betsey (Malorie Blackman)
  2225. Hurricane Gold (Charlie Higson)
  2226. Hurricane Hurry (William Henry Giles Kingston)
  2227. Hurricane Island (H. B. Marriott Watson)
  2228. Hurst 02 - Scandal in Scotland (Karen Hawkins)
  2229. Hurt (Tabitha Suzuma)
  2230. Hurt Go Happy (Ginny Rorby)
  2231. Hurt World One and the Zombie Rats (Stuart Parker)
  2232. Husband Fur Hire (T. S. Joyce)
  2233. Husband's Secret (Liane Moriarty)
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  2235. Hush (Kay Botha)
  2236. Hush (Black Lotus #3) (E. K. Blair)
  2237. Hush - Complete Series (Amanda Maxlyn)
  2238. Hush Little Baby (Caroline B. Cooney)
  2239. Hush Money (Susan Bischoff)
  2240. Hush, Hush (Becca Fitzpatrick)
  2241. Hush, Little Horsie (Jane Yolen)
  2242. Hush-Hush (Joanna Mazurkiewicz)
  2243. Hushed (Kelley York)
  2244. Hushed (Gina Robinson)
  2245. Hushed Torment (Iron Fury MC Book 2) (Bella Jewel)
  2246. Hushed Torment (Iron Fury MC) (Bella Jewel)
  2247. Hushed Up! A Mystery of London (William Le Queux)
  2248. Hussein: An Entertainment (Patrick O'Brian)
  2249. HVZA: Apocalypse Sale (Linda Zimmermann)
  2250. Hybrid (The Evolution Trilogy) (Vanessa Wester)
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  2253. Hyde (Tara Brown)
  2254. Hyde, an Urban Fantasy (Lauren Stewart)
  2255. Hyenas (Joe R. Lansdale)
  2256. Hygiene and the Assassin (Amélie Nothomb)
  2257. Hypatia — or New Foes with an Old Face (Charles Kingsley)
  2258. Hyperbole and a Half (Allie Brosh)
  2259. Hyperion (Dan Simmons)
  2260. Hypnotizing Maria: A Story (Richard Bach)