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  1. 'Darren and George' (Phil McNulty)
  2. 'Doc.' Gordon (Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman)
  3. 'Drag' Harlan (Charles Alden Seltzer)
  4. D Is for Deadbeat (Sue Grafton)
  5. Débrouillard (Matt Peters)
  6. D'Ri and I (Irving Bacheller)
  7. D-Boys Preview (sample content) (Michael Stephen Fuchs)
  8. D-Day: The Battle for Normandy (Antony Beevor)
  9. D. C. Noir 2 (George Pelecanos)
  10. D.C. Noir (George Pelecanos)
  11. D.D.S.aves the World (H Jason Schulz)
  12. D2D_Poison or Protect (Gail Carriger)
  13. Dab Kinzer: A Story of a Growing Boy (William Osborn Stoddard)
  14. Dachshund Disaster (Tui T. Sutherland)
  15. Dad (William Wharton)
  16. Daddy Cool: A Novel (Old School Books) (Donald Goines)
  17. Daddy Duke (Madison Faye)
  18. Daddy Issues (Evangeline Anderson)
  19. Daddy Love: A Novel (Joyce Carol Oates)
  20. Daddy Luck (Thomas M. McDade)
  21. Daddy Takes Us Skating (Howard Roger Garis)
  22. Daddy Takes Us to the Garden (Howard Roger Garis)
  23. Daddy Wake Up! (A short story about the toll of death on children!) (Sian Young)
  24. Daddy's World (Walter Jon Williams)
  25. Daddy's Bedtime Bird Stories (Percy F. Westerman)
  26. Daddy's Girl (L. T. Meade)
  27. Daddy's Girl (Lisa Scottoline)
  28. Daddy's Gone a Hunting (Mary Higgins Clark)
  29. Daddy's Little Girl (Mary Higgins Clark)
  30. Daddy, We Hardly Knew You (Germaine Greer)
  31. Daddy-Long-Legs (Jean Webster)
  32. Daddy-Long-Legs & Dear Enemy (Jean Webster)
  33. Daddy’s Little Princess (Cathy Glass)
  34. Dads In Short Shorts (Bklein155)
  35. Daedalian Muse (Jamie Crothall)
  36. Daemon (Daniel Suarez)
  37. Daemonomania (John Crowley)
  38. Daemons Are Forever (Simon R. Green)
  39. Dagger (Steven dos Santos)
  40. Dagger's Hope (S. E. Smith)
  41. Dagger-Star (Elizabeth Vaughan)
  42. Daggerspell (Katharine Kerr)
  43. Dagon (Fred Chappell)
  44. Daily Emotions (Genevieve Lilith Vesta)
  45. Daimon (Jennifer L. Armentrout)
  46. Dainty's Cruel Rivals; Or, The Fatal Birthday (Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller)
  47. Dair (R. K. Lilley)
  48. Daire Meets Ever (Alyson Noel)
  49. Dairy Queen (Catherine Gilbert Murdock)
  50. Daisy (Susan Warner)
  51. Daisy Brooks; Or, A Perilous Love (Laura Jean Libbey)
  52. Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man (Fannie Flagg)
  53. Daisy in the Field (Susan Warner)
  54. Daisy Madigan's Paradise (Suzy Turner)
  55. Daisy Tooth (Susan Stamm)
  56. Daisy Weal and the Grelflin (Robert A.V. Jacobs)
  57. Daisy Weal and the MIllions (Robert A.V. Jacobs)
  58. Daisy Weal and the Weenies (Robert A.V. Jacobs)
  59. Daisy's Work: The Third Commandment (Joanna H. Mathews)
  60. Daja's Book (Tamora Pierce)
  61. Dakota Born (Debbie Macomber)
  62. Dakota Home (Debbie Macomber)
  63. Daksha the Medicine Girl (Gita V.Reddy)
  64. Dale Cozort's Alternate History Newsletter - Feb 2011 (Dale Cozort)
  65. Dallas Sweetman (Sebastian Barry)
  66. Dalva (Jim Harrison)
  67. Dalynia - Nature's Slaughter (Adrian Juhl)
  68. Damage Control (Lisa Renee Jones)
  69. Damage Control (M. S. Parker)
  70. Damaged (Alex Kava)
  71. Damaged (Skyla Madi)
  72. Damaged (Barbara Taylor Bradford)
  73. Damaged (H. M. Ward)
  74. Damaged (Cathy Glass)
  75. Damaged (Lisa Scottoline)
  76. Damaged (Amy Reed)
  77. Damaged (Martina Cole)
  78. Damaged 2 (H. M. Ward)
  79. Damaged Goods (Nicole Williams)
  80. Damaged Goods (Barry Rachin)
  81. Damaged Hearts - Monica Murphy (Monica Murphy)
  82. Damariscove (Jeremy Cook)
  83. Damascus Countdown (Joel C. Rosenberg)
  84. Damian's Immortal (War of Gods, Book 3) (Lizzy Ford)
  85. Damien (L. A. Casey)
  86. Damion (Lisa Renee Jones)
  87. Damnable Grace (Tillie Cole)
  88. Damnation Street (Andrew Klavan)
  89. Damned (Chuck Palahniuk)
  90. Damned If You Do (Marie Sexton)
  91. Damned If You Don't (Randall Garrett)
  92. Damsel Knight: Part One (Sam Austin)
  93. Dan Abnett - Embedded (Dan Abnett)
  94. Dan And Eric (Carl Polgar)
  95. Dan and the Dragon (Andrew Nicholls)
  96. Dan Carter and the Cub Honor (Mildred A. Wirt)
  97. Dan Carter and the Great Carved Face (Mildred A. Wirt)
  98. Dan Carter and the Haunted Castle (Mildred A. Wirt)
  99. Dan Carter and the Money Box (Mildred A. Wirt)
  100. Dan Carter, Cub Scout, and the River Camp (Mildred A. Wirt)
  101. Dan Carter-- Cub Scout (Mildred A. Wirt)
  102. Dan Sherman Space Guardian All Worlds Book Eight (Colin J Platt)
  103. Dan Sherman Space Guardian All Worlds Book Eleven (Colin J Platt)
  104. Dan Sherman Space Guardian All Worlds Book Five (Colin J Platt)
  105. Dan Sherman Space Guardian All Worlds Book Four (Colin J Platt)
  106. Dan Sherman Space Guardian All Worlds Book Nine (Colin J Platt)
  107. Dan Sherman Space Guardian All Worlds Book One (Colin J Platt)
  108. Dan Sherman Space Guardian All Worlds Book Seven (Colin J Platt)
  109. Dan Sherman Space Guardian All Worlds Book Six (Colin J Platt)
  110. Dan Sherman Space Guardian All Worlds Book Ten (Colin J Platt)
  111. Dan Sherman Space Guardian All Worlds Book Three (Colin J Platt)
  112. Dan Sherman Space Guardian All Worlds Book Two (Colin J Platt)
  113. Dance and Dream (Javier Marías)
  114. Dance Dance Dance (Haruki Murakami)
  115. Dance for Me (J.C. Valentine)
  116. Dance Into the Dark: A Living in the Shadows Novel (August Westman)
  117. Dance Me a Dream (Kait Nolan)
  118. Dance of Death (R. L. Stine)
  119. Dance of Desire (1001 Dark Nights) (Christopher Rice)
  120. Dance of Ghosts (Kevin Brooks)
  121. Dance of Seduction (Elle Kennedy)
  122. Dance of the Gods (Nora Roberts)
  123. Dance of the Red Death (Masque of the Red Death) (Bethany Griffin)
  124. Dance of the Reptiles (Carl Hiaasen)
  125. Dance of Thieves (Mary E. Pearson)
  126. Dance on Fire (James Garcia Jr.)
  127. Dance on My Grave (Aidan Chambers)
  128. Dance the Eagle to Sleep (Marge Piercy)
  129. Dance Till You Die (Carolyn Keene)
  130. Dance to the Piper (Nora Roberts)
  131. Dance to the Top (Nessa Brock)
  132. Dance Upon the Air (Nora Roberts)
  133. Dance With a Vampire (Ellen Schreiber)
  134. Dance with Darkness (Melissa Darnell)
  135. Dance With Me (Alexandra A. Cheshire)
  136. Dance With the Devil (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
  137. Dancer (Colum McCann)
  138. dancer, zero (S. Michael Choi)
  139. Dancers & Other Short Stories (J. R. Oneal)
  140. Dances With Wolves (Michael Blake)
  141. Dancing (Laurell K. Hamilton)
  142. Dancing Among the Stars (Josh Langston)
  143. Dancing at Midnight (Julia Quinn)
  144. Dancing at the Rascal Fair (Ivan Doig)
  145. Dancing Barefoot (Amber Lea Easton)
  146. Dancing Bear (James Crumley)
  147. Dancing Bear (Oren Sanderson)
  148. Dancing Days (Val St. Crowe)
  149. Dancing Fish and Ammonites: A Memoir (Penelope Lively)
  150. Dancing Girls & Other Stories (Margaret Atwood)
  151. Dancing in Darkness: The Damned (Kassandra Alvarado)
  152. Dancing in Darkness: Witch (Kassandra Alvarado)
  153. Dancing in My Nuddy-Pants (Louise Rennison)
  154. Dancing In The Dark (Mike Herman)
  155. Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy (Barbara Ehrenreich)
  156. Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age (Bohumil Hrabal)
  157. Dancing on Knives (Kate Forsyth)
  158. Dancing on the Edge (Han Nolan)
  159. Dancing on the Head of a Pin (Thomas E. Sniegoski)
  160. Dancing on the Wind (Mary Jo Putney)
  161. Dancing with Absinth (Stephanie Campbell)
  162. Dancing With Cooper (Nalini Singh)
  163. Dancing With Monsters (M.M. Gavillet)
  164. Dancing With Mr. Darcy (Sarah Waters)
  165. Dancing with the Devil (Keri Arthur)
  166. Dancing with Werewolves (Carole Nelson Douglas)
  167. Dandelion Cottage (Carroll Watson Rankin)
  168. Dandelion Fire (N. D. Wilson)
  169. Dandelion Wine (Ray Bradbury)
  170. Dandelion Wishes (Marissa Steidl)
  171. Dandelions in Paradise (Kit Duncan)
  172. Dandruff Hits The Turtleneck (John Mayfield)
  173. Dandy Do-Little (Leslie Allen)
  174. Dane's Lair (D.L. Gabriel)
  175. Danger at the Drawbridge (Mildred A. Wirt)
  176. Danger at the Fair (Peg Kehret)
  177. Danger for Hire (Carolyn Keene)
  178. Danger Guys (Tony Abbott)
  179. Danger Guys and the Golden Lizard (Tony Abbott)
  180. Danger Guys Blast Off (Tony Abbott)
  181. Danger Guys Hit the Beach (Tony Abbott)
  182. Danger Guys on Ice (Tony Abbott)
  183. Danger in a Red Dress (Christina Dodd)
  184. Danger in Dallas! A Floyd Sisters Mystery (Sinda Cheri Floyd)
  185. Danger in Deep Space (Carey Rockwell)
  186. Danger in Disguise (Carolyn Keene)
  187. Danger In The Shadows (Dee Henderson)
  188. Danger in the Woods - Nick and Mandy James Series (Peggy Lea Baker)
  189. Danger Next Door (Katie Reus)
  190. Danger on Parade (Carolyn Keene)
  191. Danger Zone (Short story) (Mal Olson)
  192. Danger! and Other Stories (Arthur Conan Doyle)
  193. Danger! Bad Boy (April Brookshire)
  194. Danger, Sweetheart (MaryJanice Davidson)
  195. Dangerous (Jacquelyn Frank)
  196. Dangerous (Shannon Hale)
  197. Dangerous (Amanda Quick)
  198. Dangerous 4 (Jana Leigh)
  199. Dangerous Ascent, Book 1: Starfall (Mark Mulle)
  200. Dangerous Boys (Abigail Haas)
  201. Dangerous Boys and Their Toy (Shayla Black)
  202. Dangerous Creatures (Kami Garcia)
  203. Dangerous Creatures: Crazy Stories from Wattle Creek Primary School (Ronald Hart)
  204. Dangerous Dana (A Suspense Thriller) (Doris Miller)
  205. Dangerous Deception (Kami Garcia)
  206. Dangerous Deception (Peg Kehret)
  207. Dangerous Deeds; Or, The Flight in the Dirigible (Frank Cobb)
  208. Dangerous Depths (Colleen Coble)
  209. Dangerous Depths (The Sea Monster Memoirs) (Karen Amanda Hooper)
  210. Dangerous Designs (Dale Mayer)
  211. Dangerous Dream (Kami Garcia)
  212. Dangerous Embrace (Embrace #1) (Dana Mason)
  213. Dangerous Games (Keri Arthur)
  214. Dangerous Games (Lora Leigh)
  215. Dangerous Gifts (Mary Jo Putney)
  216. Dangerous Girls (Abigail Haas)
  217. Dangerous Girls (R. L. Stine)
  218. Dangerous Ground; or, The Rival Detectives (Lawrence L. Lynch)
  219. Dangerous Ideas (Vincent Cleaver)
  220. Dangerous Kiss (Jackie Collins)
  221. Dangerous Ladies (Christina Dodd)
  222. Dangerous Lady (Martina Cole)
  223. Dangerous Lies (Becca Fitzpatrick)
  224. Dangerous Love (Ben Okri)
  225. Dangerous Love Sample (Kara Leigh Miller & Jody Holford)
  226. Dangerous Lover (Lisa Marie Rice)
  227. Dangerous Minds (Janet Evanovich)
  228. Dangerous Minds (Dee Ann Palmer)
  229. Dangerous Obsession (Cristiane Serruya)
  230. Dangerous Passion (Tomas Chevalier)
  231. Dangerous Passion (Lisa Marie Rice)
  232. Dangerous Playthings (Della Van Hise)
  233. Dangerous Pleasure (Lora Leigh)
  234. Dangerous Promise (Megan Hart)
  235. Dangerous Promise (The Protector) (Megan Hart)
  236. Dangerous Rainbows (James Ashman)
  237. Dangerous Reality (Malorie Blackman)
  238. Dangerous Refuge (Elizabeth Lowell)
  239. Dangerous Relations (Carolyn Keene)
  240. Dangerous Revelations (Lisa Jackson)
  241. Dangerous Rush (S. C. Stephens)
  242. Dangerous Secrets (Katie Reus)
  243. Dangerous Secrets (Lisa Renee Jones)
  244. Dangerous Surrender (Katie Reus)
  245. Dangerous Tension (L.V. Lloyd)
  246. Dangerous Tides (Christine Feehan)
  247. Dangerous to Know & Love (Jane Harvey-Berrick)
  248. Dangerous trio 1 (Jana Leigh)
  249. Dangerous trio 2 (Jana Leigh)
  250. Dangerous trio 3 (Jana Leigh)
  251. Dangerous Witness (Katie Reus)
  252. Dangerous Women (George R. R. Martin)
  253. Dangerous Women-A Book Of Poems (Gabrielle Garbin)
  254. Dangerously Alice (Phyllis Reynolds Naylor)
  255. Dangling Man (Saul Bellow)
  256. Dani Hayward, P.I.: The Joshua Franklin File (Ellie Smith)
  257. Dani Hayward, P.I.: The Richard Clark Case (Ellie Smith)
  258. Dani's Shorts (Dani J Caile)
  259. Dani's Shorts 2 (Dani J Caile)
  260. Dani's Shorts 3 (Dani J Caile)
  261. Dani's Shorts 4 (Dani J Caile)
  262. Dani's Shorts 5 (Dani J Caile)
  263. Daniel (Henning Mankell)
  264. Daniel Alexander (J. Sterling)
  265. Daniel Deronda (George Eliot)
  266. Daniel Martin (John Fowles)
  267. Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon Series (Daniel Silva)
  268. Daniella's Eyes (Shane Mole)
  269. DANMAR: Warrior of Tears (Kay Murky)
  270. Danny the Champion of the World (Roald Dahl)
  271. Danny's Mind: A Tale of Teenage Mysticism and Heavenly Power (James T. Bailie)
  272. Danny's Own Story (Don Marquis)
  273. Danse De La Folie (Sherwood Smith)
  274. Danse Macabre (Laurell K. Hamilton)
  275. Danse Macabre (Stephen King)
  276. Dante Club (Matthew Pearl)
  277. Dante Valentine (Lilith Saintcrow)
  278. Dante Valentine Book 5 - To Hell and Back (Lilith Saintcrow)
  279. Dante's Day Off (S. L. Wallace)
  280. Dante's Dream (Jana Leigh)
  281. Dante's Fire (Jennifer Probst)
  282. Dante's Lyric Poems (Italian Poetry in Translation) (Dante Alighieri)
  283. Dante’s Girl (Courtney Cole)
  284. Danzig Passage (Bodie Thoene)
  285. Daphne and the Silver Ash: A Fairy Tale (Joseph Robert Lewis)
  286. Daphne Dean (Grace Livingston Hill)
  287. Daphne Deane (Grace Livingston Hill)
  288. Daphne's Book (Mary Downing Hahn)
  289. Dapper Gentlemen (J Rocci)
  290. Darcy & Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship (Darcy Saga Prequel Duo) (Sharon Lathan)
  291. Darcy & Elizabeth: Hope of the Future: Darcy Saga Prequel Duo Book 2 (Sharon Lathan)
  292. Darcy Swipes Left (Jane Austen)
  293. Dare at the Fair (Carolyn Keene)
  294. Dare Game (Jacqueline Wilson)
  295. Dare Me (Courtney Cole)
  296. Dare Me (Jennifer Probst)
  297. Dare Me: A Novel (Megan Abbott)
  298. Dare Quest - Free the Slaves (Brian Smith)
  299. Dare Quest - Queen Cleopatra (Brian Smith)
  300. Dare Quest - Sherlock Holmes (Brian Smith)
  301. Dare Quest - The Chinese Pirate (Brian Smith)
  302. Dare Quest - The End of the World (Brian Smith)
  303. Dare Quest - The Red Planet (Brian Smith)
  304. Dare Quest - The Tiger (Brian Smith)
  305. Dare To Be Successful (John Barrett Hawkins)
  306. Dare to Dream (Nessa Brock)
  307. Dare to Fall (Estelle Maskame)
  308. Dare to Love (Jaci Burton)
  309. Dare to Love Again (Julie Lessman)
  310. Dare to Resist (a Wedding Dare novella) (Entangled Brazen) (Laura Kaye)
  311. Dare You (Jennifer Brown)
  312. Dare You To (Katie McGarry)
  313. Daring Her Love (Melissa Foster)
  314. Daring In a Blue Dress (Katie MacAlister)
  315. Daring the Bad Boy (Monica Murphy)
  316. Daring to Dream (Nora Roberts)
  317. Daring to Dream (Suzanne Weyn)
  318. Daring Wings (Graham M. Dean)
  319. Daris Moon (Juliana Rew)
  320. Darius & Twig (Walter Dean Myers)
  321. Darius and the Dragon's Stone (D. L. Torrent)
  322. Darius and the Vanilla Funk (Phil Wohl)
  323. Dark (JD Jones)
  324. Dark (James A. Brakken)
  325. Dark Aeons (Z. M. Wilmot)
  326. Dark Age (Felix O. Hartmann)
  327. Dark Allies (Peter David)
  328. Dark and Deadly 00 - Secrets Exposed (Lisa Renee Jones)
  329. Dark Angel (Eden Maguire)
  330. Dark Angel (V. C. Andrews)
  331. Dark Angel (Sally Beauman)
  332. Dark Angels (Karleen Koen)
  333. Dark Awakening (Kendra Leigh Castle)
  334. Dark Back of Time (Javier Marías)
  335. Dark Bites (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
  336. Dark Blood (Christine Feehan)
  337. Dark Breaks the Dawn (Sara B. Larson)
  338. Dark Brigade: Dorwin's Gold (D. N. Tomblin)
  339. Dark Calling (Cheryl McIntyre)
  340. Dark Calling (Darren Shan)
  341. Dark Carousel (Christine Feehan)
  342. Dark Celebration (Christine Feehan)
  343. Dark Challenge (Christine Feehan)
  344. Dark Christmas Tales (James Dwyer)
  345. Dark City (F. Paul Wilson)
  346. Dark Clouds (Scott Bury)
  347. Dark Communion (CJ Perry)
  348. Dark Corners (Liz Schulte)
  349. Dark Cotillion (First in the Brenna Strachan Series) (Hadena James)
  350. Dark Creations Boxed Set (Books 1-3) (Jennifer and Christopher Martucci)
  351. Dark Crime (Christine Feehan)
  352. Dark Currents (Lindsay Buroker)
  353. Dark Currents (Jacqueline Carey)
  354. Dark Curse (Christine Feehan)
  355. Dark Dance (Tanith Lee)
  356. Dark Days (Derek Landy)
  357. Dark Days (James Ponti)
  358. Dark Days at TAC (Richard Pinkerton)
  359. Dark Days: A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry (Chris Harris)
  360. Dark Days: Infected (Greg Wilburn)
  361. Dark Debt (Chloe Neill)
  362. Dark Demise (Rebecca Royce)
  363. Dark Demon (Christine Feehan)
  364. Dark Descendant (Jenna Black)
  365. Dark Descent (Christine Feehan)
  366. Dark Descent (Marlene Perez)
  367. Dark Desire (Christine Feehan)
  368. Dark Desires After Dusk (Kresley Cole)
  369. Dark Destiny (Christine Feehan)
  370. Dark Dream (Christine Feehan)
  371. Dark Dreams (Kristie K. Shafer)
  372. Dark Eden (Patrick Carman)
  373. Dark Edge of Honor (Aleksandr Voinov)
  374. Dark Edge: Prequel to the C.O.I.L. Series (D.I. Telbat)
  375. Dark Emerald (Lisa Jackson)
  376. Dark Energy (Robison Wells)
  377. Dark Exodus (Thomas E. Sniegoski)
  378. dark faerie 04.5 - without armor (Alexia Purdy)
  379. dark faerie 06 - ever dead (Alexia Purdy)
  380. Dark Fates (Lynn Thompson)
  381. Dark Fire (Christine Feehan)
  382. Dark Fire (Chris D'Lacey)
  383. Dark Fire (C. J. Sansom)
  384. Dark Fire (Angela Dorsey)
  385. Dark Flame (Alyson Noel)
  386. Dark Flame (Caris Roane)
  387. Dark Frost (Jennifer Estep)
  388. Dark Ghost (Christine Feehan)
  389. Dark Gods Rising (Mark Eller)
  390. Dark Gods: Taste Test (Julius Schenk)
  391. Dark Gold (Christine Feehan)
  392. Dark Guardian (Christine Feehan)
  393. Dark Guardian (Ammar Habib)
  394. Dark Guardian: A New Dawn (Ammar Habib)
  395. Dark Guardian: Shadows Of The City (Ammar Habib)
  396. Dark Guardian_Legends (Ammar Habib)
  397. Dark Heart of Magic (Jennifer Estep)
  398. Dark Heir (Faith Hunter)
  399. Dark Highland Fire (Kendra Leigh Castle)
  400. Dark Hollow (Anna Katharine Green)
  401. Dark Horizon: PORT 101 - Book One (J. A. Parrish)
  402. Dark Horse (J. R. Rain)
  403. Dark Hunger (Christine Feehan)
  404. Dark in Death (J. D. Robb)
  405. Dark Inside (Jeyn Roberts)
  406. Dark Instincts (Suzanne Wright)
  407. Dark Intelligence (Neal Asher)
  408. Dark Kiss (Michelle Rowen)
  409. Dark Legacy (Christine Feehan)
  410. Dark Legend (Christine Feehan)
  411. Dark Liberation: An Introduction (Philip Matthews)
  412. Dark Lies the Island (Kevin Barry)
  413. Dark Life (Kat Falls)
  414. Dark Light (Nicola Fulford)
  415. Dark Light (The Dark Light Series) (S. L. Jennings)
  416. Dark Light of Mine (John Corwin)
  417. Dark Light Present Today: Book Two of Forever Tomorrow, Volume One of The Book of Tomorrows (Alexander Ulysses Thor)
  418. Dark Lord of Derkholm (Diana Wynne Jones)
  419. Dark Lover (J. R. Ward)
  420. Dark Lure: Immortal Brotherhood (Edge Book 2) (Jamie Magee)
  421. Dark Lycan (Christine Feehan)
  422. Dark Magic (Christine Feehan)
  423. Dark Magic Comes Unbidden (Geltab)
  424. Dark Magick (Cate Tiernan)
  425. Dark Magicks (Katharine Kerr)
  426. Dark Matter (Michelle Paver)
  427. Dark Matter (Philip Kerr)
  428. Dark Matter (Ziggy Zeigler)
  429. Dark Matter (Blake Crouch)
  430. Dark Matter: Short Stories & Poems (Rose Perez)
  431. Dark Melody (Christine Feehan)
  432. Dark Mercy (Zoe Winters)
  433. Dark Moon (David Gemmell)
  434. Dark Moon Defender (Sharon Shinn)
  435. Dark Mountain (Richard Laymon)
  436. Dark Muse: An Indie Paranormal Sampler (Dave Ferraro)
  437. Dark Need (Lynn Viehl)
  438. Dark Needs (T. M. Frazier)
  439. Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Kresley Cole)
  440. Dark Night of the Soul (Kitty Thomas)
  441. Dark Nightmares of a Lost Soul (Genevieve Lilith Vesta)
  442. Dark Nights Boxed Set: The Complete Series (Skye Warren)
  443. Dark of Night - Flesh and Fire (Jonathan Maberry)
  444. Dark of the Moon (John Sandford)
  445. Dark of the Moon (Rachel Hawthorne)
  446. Dark of the Sun (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)
  447. Dark Peril (Christine Feehan)
  448. Dark Places (Gillian Flynn)
  449. Dark Pleasures (M. S. Parker)
  450. Dark Poetry (A.O. Chika)
  451. Dark Possession (Christine Feehan)
  452. Dark Predator (Christine Feehan)
  453. Dark Prelude (Andrea Parnell)
  454. Dark Prince (Christine Feehan)
  455. Dark Prince (David Gemmell)
  456. Dark Promise (Between Worlds #1) (Julia Crane)
  457. Dark Promises (Christine Feehan)
  458. Dark Protector (Katie Reus)
  459. Dark Queen (Faith Hunter)
  460. Dark Railroad and Other Tales (JA Ellis)
  461. Dark Reality 7-Book Boxed Set (Jennifer and Christopher Martucci)
  462. Dark Resurrection (Frederick Preston)
  463. Dark Rider (Iris Johansen)
  464. Dark Rites (Heather Graham)
  465. Dark Rivers of the Heart (Dean Koontz)
  466. Dark Road Rising (P. N. Elrod)
  467. Dark Room (Andrea Kane)
  468. Dark Secret (Christine Feehan)
  469. Dark Secrets (A. M. Hudson)
  470. Dark Secrets (Dark Heritage #1) (Samantha Hoffman)
  471. Dark Seed (V. C. Andrews)
  472. Dark Serpent (Kylie Chan)
  473. Dark Shadows (Jana Petken)
  474. Dark Shadows (Doreen Cronin)
  475. Dark Shadows of the Past (Angel Sefer)
  476. Dark Side of the Moon (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
  477. Dark Side of the Moon (Jeramey Kraatz)
  478. Dark Side of the Moon (C. Sean McGee)
  479. Dark Siren (Eden Ashley)
  480. Dark Skye (Kresley Cole)
  481. Dark Slayer (Christine Feehan)
  482. Dark Soul, Vol. 1 (Aleksandr Voinov)
  483. Dark Soul, Vol. 2 (Aleksandr Voinov)
  484. Dark Soul, Vol. 3 (Aleksandr Voinov)
  485. Dark Souls (Paula Morris)
  486. Dark Star (Alan Dean Foster)
  487. Dark Star Safari (Paul Theroux)
  488. Dark Storm (Christine Feehan)
  489. Dark Surrender (Rachel Van Dyken)
  490. Dark Surrendering (Chelsea M. Cameron)
  491. Dark Swan (Gena Showalter)
  492. Dark Swan Comic 1-4 (Richelle Mead)
  493. Dark Symphony (Christine Feehan)
  494. Dark Tales (Shirley Jackson)
  495. Dark Tales: eVolume One (Elle Chambers)
  496. Dark Taste of Rapture (Kerrelyn Sparks)
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  989. Dead Sprint (William Walsh)
  990. Dead Statues (Tim ORourke)
  991. Dead to Me (Lesley Pearse)
  992. Dead to Rites (Ari Marmell)
  993. Dead to the World (Charlaine Harris)
  994. Dead to You (Lisa McMann)
  995. Dead Tomorrow (Peter James)
  996. Dead Until Dark (Charlaine Harris)
  997. Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania (Erik Larson)
  998. Dead Warrior (John Myers Myers)
  999. Dead Watch (John Sandford)
  1000. Dead Water (Tim ORourke)
  1001. Dead Water (Ngaio Marsh)
  1002. Dead Water Zone (Kenneth Oppel)
  1003. Dead Witch Walking (Kim Harrison)
  1004. Dead Wolf (Tim ORourke)
  1005. Dead Wolf Walking (Veronica Blade)
  1006. Dead World (Jack Douglas)
  1007. Dead Zero (Stephen Hunter)
  1008. Dead Zone (Robison Wells)
  1009. Dead! (Troy Dennison)
  1010. DEAD(ish) (Naomi Kramer)
  1011. Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between (J. A. Saare)
  1012. Dead-Set Sicko Loser: The Film-Script (Dr D. Bruno Starrs)
  1013. Dead-Tective Box Set (Mac Flynn)
  1014. Deadend (Robert C. Waggoner)
  1015. Deadeye Dick (Kurt Vonnegut)
  1016. Deadfall (Robert Liparulo)
  1017. Deadfall (Anna Carey)
  1018. Deadgirl (Quintin Fortune)
  1019. Deadguy on Campus (Quintin Fortune)
  1020. Deadhead: A Zombie Apocalypse LitRPG Novella (David Payne)
  1021. Deadhouse Gates (Steven Erikson)
  1022. Deadlands: Ghostwalkers (Jonathan Maberry)
  1023. Deadline (Chris Crutcher)
  1024. Deadline (Mira Grant)
  1025. Deadline (Judy McDonough)
  1026. Deadline (Randy Alcorn)
  1027. Deadline (John Sandford)
  1028. Deadline for Murder (Val McDermid)
  1029. Deadlock (Mark Walden)
  1030. Deadlock (Robert Liparulo)
  1031. Deadlocked (Charlaine Harris)
  1032. Deadly (Sara Shepard)
  1033. Deadly Breakup (Andre' Mwansa)
  1034. Deadly Cheese Lovers (Dane Theodore)
  1035. Deadly City (Paul W. Fairman)
  1036. Deadly Crush (Ashley Stoyanoff)
  1037. Deadly Crush (Deadly Trilogy, Book 1) (Ashley Stoyanoff)
  1038. Deadly Deception (Michael P. Rogers)
  1039. Deadly Decisions (Kathy Reichs)
  1040. Deadly Descendant (Jenna Black)
  1041. Deadly Desire (Keri Arthur)
  1042. Deadly Desire (Emma Grace)
  1043. Deadly Desires (Shiloh Walker)
  1044. Deadly Dining (William Manchee)
  1045. Deadly Distractions, A Stan Turner Mystery Vol 6 (William Manchee)
  1046. Deadly Doubles (Carolyn Keene)
  1047. Deadly Eleven (Mark Tufo)
  1048. Deadly Embrace (Jackie Collins)
  1049. Deadly Enemy - Logan Ryvenbark's Saga 1 (Gray Lanter)
  1050. Deadly Escape (Colleen Helme)
  1051. Deadly Escape_A Shelby Nichols Adventure (Colleen Helme)
  1052. Deadly Fallout (Katie Reus)
  1053. Deadly Fate (Heather Graham)
  1054. Deadly Fear (Cynthia Eden)
  1055. Deadly Flowers (Sarah L. Thomson)
  1056. Deadly Forecast (Victoria Laurie)
  1057. Deadly Gamble: A Girl and Her Dog Cozy Mystery (Connie Shelton)
  1058. Deadly Game (Christine Feehan)
  1059. Deadly Games (Lindsay Buroker)
  1060. Deadly Gift (Heather Graham)
  1061. Deadly Harvest (Heather Graham)
  1062. Deadly Heat (Cynthia Eden)
  1063. Deadly Heat (Richard Castle)
  1064. Deadly Honeymoon (Lawrence Block)
  1065. Deadly Intent (Pamela Clare)
  1066. Deadly Intent (I-Team Book 8) (Pamela Clare)
  1067. Deadly Justice (Darrell Case)
  1068. Deadly Liaisons (Terry Spear)
  1069. Deadly Lies (Cynthia Eden)
  1070. Deadly Little Games (Laurie Faria Stolarz)
  1071. Deadly Little Lessons (Laurie Faria Stolarz)
  1072. Deadly Little Lies (Laurie Faria Stolarz)
  1073. Deadly Little Mermaids (J.D. Rogers)
  1074. Deadly Little Secret (Laurie Faria Stolarz)
  1075. Deadly Little Voices (Laurie Faria Stolarz)
  1076. Deadly Mates (Deadly Trilogy) (Ashley Stoyanoff)
  1077. Deadly Negotiations (Phil Armstrong)
  1078. Deadly Night (Heather Graham)
  1079. Deadly Pack (Deadly Trilogy Book 3) (Ashley Stoyanoff)
  1080. Deadly Pink (Vivian Vande Velde)
  1081. Deadly Pretty Strangers (Max Thorn)
  1082. Deadly Promises (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
  1083. Deadly Quicksilver Lies (Glen Cook)
  1084. Deadly Reckoning (Marian Jensen)
  1085. Deadly Secrets (Laura Tyler)
  1086. Deadly Secrets (Angel Sefer)
  1087. Deadly Secrets: An absolutely gripping crime thriller (Robert Bryndza)
  1088. Deadly Sexy (Beverly Jenkins)
  1089. Deadly Silence (Rebecca Zanetti)
  1090. Deadly Spurs (Jana Leigh)
  1091. Deadly Sting (Belle Aurora)
  1092. Deadly Sting (Jennifer Estep)
  1093. Deadly Wands (Brent Reilly)
  1094. Deadly Wish: A Ninja’s Journey (Sarah L. Thomson)
  1095. Deadman Switch (Timothy Zahn)
  1096. Deadman's Crossing (Joe R. Lansdale)
  1097. Deadman's Road (Joe R. Lansdale)
  1098. Deadmen Walking (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
  1099. Deadshifted (Cassie Alexander)
  1100. Deadtown (Nancy Holzner)
  1101. Deadwood Dick Jr. Branded; or, Red Rover at Powder Pocket. (Edward L. Wheeler)
  1102. Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road; or, The Black Rider of the Black Hills (Edward L. Wheeler)
  1103. Deadzone (Jennifer A. Nielsen)
  1104. Deaf and Dumb! (Harry Castlemon)
  1105. Deafening (Frances Itani)
  1106. Deal Breaker (Harlan Coben)
  1107. Deal With the Devil (Evangeline Anderson)
  1108. Deal With the Devil (Cynthia Eden)
  1109. Dealer's Choice (George R. R. Martin)
  1110. Dealing With Dragons (Patricia C. Wrede)
  1111. Dear Aaron (Mariana Zapata)
  1112. Dear and Glorious Physician (Taylor Caldwell)
  1113. Dear Aunt Myrna (Kit Duncan)
  1114. Dear Austin: Letters From the Underground Railroad (Elvira Woodruff)
  1115. Dear Bette Davis (Norman Crane)
  1116. Dear Bridget, I Want You (Penelope Ward)
  1117. Dear Diary, I'm Dead (R. L. Stine)
  1118. Dear Diary... (L. M. Reed)
  1119. Dear George Clooney (Susin Nielsen)
  1120. Dear God, Help!!! Love, Earl (Barbara Park)
  1121. Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
  1122. Dear Illusion: Collected Stories (Kingsley Amis)
  1123. Dear Jay (Marissa Steidl)
  1124. Dear John (Nicholas Sparks)
  1125. Dear Jon (Lori L. Otto)
  1126. Dear Life (Meghan Quinn)
  1127. Dear Life, You Suck (Scott Blagden)
  1128. Dear Maeve (Maeve Binchy)
  1129. Dear Martha (Phil Graham)
  1130. Dear Miffy (John Marsden)
  1131. Dear Mother: A gripping and emotional story that will make you sob your heart out (Angela Marsons)
  1132. Dear Mr. Darcy: A Retelling of Pride and Prejudice (Amanda Grange)
  1133. Dear Mr. M (Herman Koch)
  1134. Dear Olly (Michael Morpurgo)
  1135. Dear Pen Pal (Heather Vogel Frederick)
  1136. Dear Santa... (TW Brown)
  1137. Dear Santa: I'm Gay (E. Lee Hess)
  1138. Dear Stepbrother, I Want You (Madison Faye)
  1139. Dear Time's Waste (Joseph Mitchell)
  1140. Dearest (Alethea Kontis)
  1141. Dearest (H. Beam Piper)
  1142. Dearest Dacha (Norman Maclean)
  1143. Dearest Ivie (J. R. Ward)
  1144. Dearest Mother of Mine (John Corwin)
  1145. Dearest Rogue (Elizabeth Hoyt)
  1146. Dearly Beloved (Mary Jo Putney)
  1147. Dearly Devoted Dexter (Jeff Lindsay)
  1148. Dearly, Beloved (Lia Habel)
  1149. Dearly, Departed (Lia Habel)
  1150. Death (Tara Brown)
  1151. Death (Hyun Choul Kim)
  1152. Death & the Zombie Apocalypse (Chelsea Luna)
  1153. Death and Judgment (Donna Leon)
  1154. Death and Relaxation (Devon Monk)
  1155. Death and Taxes (Sansoucy Kathenor)
  1156. Death and Taxes: An Urban Fantasy Mystery (J. Zachary Pike)
  1157. Death and Taxes: Hydriotaphia and Other Plays (Tony Kushner)
  1158. Death and the Dancing Footman (Ngaio Marsh)
  1159. Death and the Devil (Frank Schätzing)
  1160. Death and the Devil: A Novel (Frank Schätzing)
  1161. Death and the Flower (Kōji Suzuki)
  1162. Death and the Girl Next Door (Darynda Jones)
  1163. Death Angel (Linda Howard)
  1164. Death as a Way of Life (David Grossman)
  1165. Death at La Fenice (Donna Leon)
  1166. Death at Lampier (Alex Harris)
  1167. Death at the Bar (Ngaio Marsh)
  1168. Death at the Dolphin (Ngaio Marsh)
  1169. Death at the Excelsior, and Other Stories (P. G. Wodehouse)
  1170. Death Be Not Proud (John Gunther)
  1171. Death Before Bedtime (Gore Vidal)
  1172. Death Before Dawn (Amelia Hutchins)
  1173. Death Below Stairs (Jennifer Ashley)
  1174. Death Benefit (Robin Cook)
  1175. Death Benefits (Nelson DeMille)
  1176. Death Bringer (Derek Landy)
  1177. Death By A Dark Horse (Susan Schreyer)
  1178. Death by Chocolate (Carol Lee)
  1179. Death By Christmas: Be Kind Or It May Kill You (Dorian Scott Cole)
  1180. Death By Drowning (Duncan James)
  1181. Death by Honeymoon (Book #1 in the Caribbean Murder Series) (Jaden Skye)
  1182. Death By Intention (Byron Calhoun)
  1183. Death by Ploot Ploot (Dara Joy)
  1184. Death by Water (Kenzaburo Oe)
  1185. Death Cap (Cecil Cavender)
  1186. Death Carries an Umbrella (Sean Capelle)
  1187. Death Checks Inn (Aspen Valley Inn Series Book 1) (Sara Robbins)
  1188. Death Comes as the End (Agatha Christie)
  1189. Death Comes for the Archbishop (Willa Cather)
  1190. Death Comes in the Morning (Don Bissett)
  1191. Death Comes to Pemberley (P. D. James)
  1192. Death Dances (Tanith Lee)
  1193. Death Doesn't Bargain (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
  1194. Death Draws Five (George R. R. Martin)
  1195. Death Du Jour (Kathy Reichs)
  1196. Death Echo (Elizabeth Lowell)
  1197. Death Has No Shadow (Justin Tyme)
  1198. Death in a Strange Country (Donna Leon)
  1199. Death in a White Tie (Ngaio Marsh)
  1200. Death in Berlin: A Mystery (M. M. Kaye)
  1201. Death in Cyprus: A Mystery (M. M. Kaye)
  1202. Death in Ecstasy (Ngaio Marsh)
  1203. Death in Kashmir (M. M. Kaye)
  1204. Death in Kenya (M. M. Kaye)
  1205. Death in Midsummer and Other Stories (Yukio Mishima)
  1206. Death in Pod Eighteen (John Stevenson)
  1207. Death in Summer (William Trevor)
  1208. Death in the Afternoon (Ernest Hemingway)
  1209. Death In The Air (Rob McShane)
  1210. Death in the Andamans (M. M. Kaye)
  1211. Death in the Andes (Mario Vargas Llosa)
  1212. Death in the Australian Outback (Anthony E Thorogood)
  1213. Death in the Castle (Pearl S. Buck)
  1214. Death in the Clouds (Agatha Christie)
  1215. Death in the Fifth Position (Gore Vidal)
  1216. Death in the Stocks: Merely Murder (Georgette Heyer)
  1217. Death in Venice (Thomas Mann)
  1218. Death in Venice and Other Tales (Thomas Mann)
  1219. Death in Zanzibar (M. M. Kaye)
  1220. Death Is a Lonely Business (Ray Bradbury)
  1221. Death Is Becoming (Jamie Leigh Hansen)
  1222. Death is Forever (Elizabeth Lowell)
  1223. Death Is Forever (John Gardner)
  1224. Death Is Not Enough (Karen Rose)
  1225. Death is Not the End, Daddy (Nate Allen)
  1226. Death is Only a Theoretical Concept (S. K. Een)
  1227. Death Likes It Hot (Gore Vidal)
  1228. Death List (Donald Goines)
  1229. Death Makes A Mistake (William P. McGivern)
  1230. Death Marked (Leah Cypess)
  1231. Death Masks (Jim Butcher)
  1232. Death Match (Lincoln Child)
  1233. Death of a B.E.M. (Berkeley Livingston)
  1234. Death of a Blood (Karl Tutt)
  1235. Death of a Blue Movie Star (Jeffery Deaver)
  1236. Death of a Dwarf (Pete Prown)
  1237. Death of a Financier (John Francis Kinsella)
  1238. Death of a Ghost (Jamie J. Buchanan)
  1239. Death of a Hero (John Flanagan)
  1240. Death of a King (Robert Evert)
  1241. Death of a River Guide (Richard Flanagan)
  1242. Death of a Salesman (Arthur Miller)
  1243. Death of a Silversmith (Graham McNeill)
  1244. Death of a Spaceman (Walter M. Miller)
  1245. Death of a Starship (Jay Lake)
  1246. Death of an Expert Witness (P. D. James)
  1247. Death of Bessie Smith, the Sandbox, and the American Dream (Edward Albee)
  1248. Death of Kings (Bernard Cornwell)
  1249. Death of the Artist (Justin Bartlett)
  1250. Death of the Body (Rick Chiantaretto)
  1251. Death of the Desperate (Karl Tutt)
  1252. Death of the Extremophile (Stuart Parker)
  1253. Death of the Innocent (Karl Tutt)
  1254. Death of the Magpie (William McMurray)
  1255. Death of the Marked (Karl Tutt)
  1256. Death of the Office Witch (Marlys Millhiser)
  1257. Death of The Old Man (Karl Tutt)
  1258. Death of the Rat (William McMurray)
  1259. Death of the Toad (William McMurray)
  1260. Death on a Foggy Spring Portage (Lenny Everson)
  1261. Death on a Rocky Little Island (Lenny Everson)
  1262. Death on a Small, Dark Lake (Lenny Everson)
  1263. Death on Naboo (Jude Watson)
  1264. Death on the Air (Ngaio Marsh)
  1265. Death on the Nile (Agatha Christie)
  1266. Death Perception (Victoria Laurie)
  1267. Death Points a Finger (Will Levinrew)
  1268. Death Queen of Neptune (Tara Loughead)
  1269. Death Quest (L. Ron Hubbard)
  1270. Death Ray Butterfly (Tom Lichtenberg)
  1271. Death Rides the Black Hills: A Frontier G-Man Novel (Franklin D. Lincoln)
  1272. Death Screams (Tamara Rose Blodgett)
  1273. Death Sentence (Alexander Gordon Smith)
  1274. Death Shall Come (Simon R. Green)
  1275. Death Songs (Edmund de Wight)
  1276. Death Sworn (Leah Cypess)
  1277. Death Takes a Holiday (Cities of the Dead) (William Young)
  1278. Death Times Two (Karl Tutt)
  1279. Death to the French (aka Rifleman Dodd) (C. S. Forester)
  1280. Death Wants Three (Karl Tutt)
  1281. Death Warmed Up (Christopher J Young)
  1282. Death Watch (Ari Berk)
  1283. Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories (Mary Higgins Clark)
  1284. Death Weavers (Brandon Mull)
  1285. Death Weeps (Tamara Rose Blodgett)
  1286. Death Wish (Iceberg Slim)
  1287. Death Wish (Cathy McGough)
  1288. Death Wish (Robert Sheckley)
  1289. Death Without Parole #1 (Christopher Lee Cousino)
  1290. Death's Time Keeper (Mohit Arora)
  1291. Death's Twilight (A. J. Leavens)
  1292. Death's Angel: A Novel of the Lost Angels (Heather Killough-Walden)
  1293. Death's Angels (William King)
  1294. Death's Dominion (Simon Clark)
  1295. Death's End (Liu Cixin)
  1296. Death's Master (Tanith Lee)
  1297. Death's Mistress (Karen Chance)
  1298. Death's Mistress (Terry Goodkind)
  1299. Death, and the Girl He Loves (Darynda Jones)
  1300. Death, Doom and Detention (Darynda Jones)
  1301. DeathAngel (Linda Howard)
  1302. Deathbird Stories (Harlan Ellison)
  1303. Deathday (Shane Griffin)
  1304. Deathforger (K.Z. Freeman)
  1305. Deathless (Catherynne M. Valente)
  1306. Deathless (The Vein Chronicles Book 2) (Anne Malcom)
  1307. Deathless Heart: A Collection of Poems (Elise Pehrson)
  1308. Deathmaker (Lindsay Buroker)
  1309. Deathmarked (The Fatemarked Epic Book 4) (David Estes)
  1310. Deaths Rival (Faith Hunter)
  1311. Deaths Shadow (Darren Shan)
  1312. Deathstalker (Simon R. Green)
  1313. Deathstalker Coda (Simon R. Green)
  1314. Deathstalker Destiny (Simon R. Green)
  1315. Deathstalker Honor (Simon R. Green)
  1316. Deathstalker Legacy (Simon R. Green)
  1317. Deathstalker Rebellion (Simon R. Green)
  1318. Deathstalker Return (Simon R. Green)
  1319. Deathstalker War (Simon R. Green)
  1320. Deathsworn Arc: The Last Dragon Slayer (Martyn Stanley)
  1321. Deathwatch (Robb White)
  1322. Deathworld (Harry Harrison)
  1323. Debaser (Max Frick)
  1324. Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove Cookbook (Debbie Macomber)
  1325. Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove Series (Debbie Macomber)
  1326. Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove Series, Volume 2 (Debbie Macomber)
  1327. Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove Series, Volume 3 (Debbie Macomber)
  1328. Debbie Macomber's Navy Box Set (Debbie Macomber)
  1329. Debbie Macomber's Table: Sharing the Joy of Cooking With Family and Friends (Debbie Macomber)
  1330. Deborah Moggach (Deborah Moggach)
  1331. Debt (David Graeber)
  1332. Debt Inheritance (Pepper Winters)
  1333. Debt of Bones (Terry Goodkind)
  1334. Debt of Honor (Tom Clancy)
  1335. Debutante Hill (Lois Duncan)
  1336. Decadence (english version) (Rosario Volpi)
  1337. Decadent (Shayla Black)
  1338. Deceit (Part 1) (L. A. Shorter)
  1339. Deceit Can Be Deadly (Nicky Charles)
  1340. Deceive the Paradox (Michael D. Britton)
  1341. Deceived (Stephanie Nelson)
  1342. Deceived (Elisabeth Naughton)
  1343. Deceived: House of Sin (Elisabeth Naughton)
  1344. Deceiver (C. J. Cherryh)
  1345. Deceiving Justice (Stephanie D. Mitchell)
  1346. Deceiving Lies (Molly McAdams)
  1347. Deceiving Mr. Bevison (Nanette Fynan)
  1348. Deceiving the Duke of Kerrington (Ginny Hartman)
  1349. December (Karen Lofgren)
  1350. December (Dora Okeyo)
  1351. December 21, 2012 (M. S. West)
  1352. December 6 (Martin Cruz Smith)
  1353. December Love (Robert Hichens)
  1354. December Love (Mildred Colvin)
  1355. December Moon (The Raven Saga) (Suzy Turner)
  1356. December Park (Ronald Malfi)
  1357. December Secrets (Patricia Reilly Giff)
  1358. December Sunshine (Evida Suntoyo)
  1359. DECEMBER WITHOUT DISASTER (Christopher Ebiala, Sr)
  1360. Deception (Aleatha Romig)
  1361. Deception (C. J. Redwine)
  1362. Deception (Joan Aiken)
  1363. Deception (Randy Alcorn)
  1364. Deception (Amanda Quick)
  1365. Deception (Fantasy Heartful)
  1366. Deception (Grace Brannigan)
  1367. Deception on His Mind (Elizabeth George)
  1368. Deception Point (Dan Brown)
  1369. Deceptions (Isabelle Arocho)
  1370. Deceptions (Cynthia Eden)
  1371. Deceptions (Kelley Armstrong)
  1372. Deceptive (M.D. Melai & C.S. Leigh)
  1373. Deceptive Bliss (J.D Evies)
  1374. Decider (Dick Francis)
  1375. Decision (Frank M. Robinson)
  1376. Decision at Delphi (Helen Macinnes)
  1377. Decision Points (George W. Bush)
  1378. Decisions, Decisions (Michael D. Britton)
  1379. Declan + Coraline (J. J. McAvoy)
  1380. Declaration of Courtship (Nalini Singh)
  1381. Declaration of War (John B. Joseph)
  1382. Declarations of Independence: Cross-Examining American Ideology (Howard Zinn)
  1383. Declare (Tim Powers)
  1384. Decline and Fall of Alternative Civilization (G S Oldman)
  1385. Decline of the English Murder (George Orwell)
  1386. Decocted (Saikat Dey)
  1387. Decode (Luke Series, #7) (Cassia Leo)
  1388. Decompression (Juli Zeh)
  1389. Decoy (S. B. Sebrick)
  1390. DECOY (Kindle Single) (Scott Mariani)
  1391. Decrypted (Lindsay Buroker)
  1392. Dedicated to my Youth (BobTam)
  1393. Dedication (Chandra Leigh White)
  1394. Dee Brown on the Civil War (Dee Brown)
  1395. Deeds of Honor (Elizabeth Moon)
  1396. Deeds of Men (Marie Brennan)
  1397. Deenie (Judy Blume)
  1398. Deep (Kylie Scott)
  1399. Deep (Adam Moon)
  1400. Deep (Skye Warren)
  1401. Deep and Dark and Dangerous (Mary Downing Hahn)
  1402. Deep as the Marrow (F. Paul Wilson)
  1403. Deep Betrayal (Lies Beneath #2) (Anne Greenwood Brown)
  1404. Deep Crossing (E. R. Mason)
  1405. Deep danger (Robb White)
  1406. Deep Dark Secret (Sierra Dean)
  1407. Deep Darkness (Dennis Rutherford Bennett)
  1408. Deep Down (Lee Child)
  1409. Deep Down (I) (Karen Harper)
  1410. Deep Down, a Tale of the Cornish Mines (R. M. Ballantyne)
  1411. Deep Echoes (Sean P. Wallace)
  1412. Deep Fathom (James Rollins)
  1413. Deep Freeze (John Sandford)
  1414. Deep Freeze (Lisa Jackson)
  1415. Deep In Death: A Shelby Nichols Adventure (Colleen Helme)
  1416. Deep in the Heart of Dixie (Heidi Sprouse)
  1417. Deep in the Heart of Trouble (Deeanne Gist)
  1418. Deep in the Jungle of Doom (R. L. Stine)
  1419. Deep in the Valley (Robyn Carr)
  1420. Deep Kiss of Winter / Untouchable (Kresley Cole)
  1421. Deep Lies the Murky Floor - A Short Story (Casey Criswell)
  1422. Deep Midnight (Heather Graham)
  1423. Deep Moat Grange (S. R. Crockett)
  1424. Deep Redemption (Tillie Cole)
  1425. Deep Secret (Diana Wynne Jones)
  1426. Deep Secrets (Carolyn Keene)
  1427. Deep Shadows (Bella Forrest)
  1428. Deep Six (Clive Cussler)
  1429. Deep Sky (Patrick Lee)
  1430. Deep Sleepers (A Tom Blake thriller - Book 1) (Adrian Wills)
  1431. Deep South (Paul Theroux)
  1432. Deep Space (Brett P. S.)
  1433. Deep Storm (Lincoln Child)
  1434. Deep Surrendering: Episode 1 (Chelsea M. Cameron)
  1435. Deep Surrendering: Episode 3 (Chelsea M. Cameron)
  1436. Deep Trouble (9780545405768) (R. L. Stine)
  1437. Deep Under (Lisa Renee Jones)
  1438. Deep Waters (Jayne Ann Krentz)
  1439. Deep Waters, the Entire Collection (W. W. Jacobs)
  1440. Deep Wizardry, New Millennium Edition (Diane Duane)
  1441. Deep-Spire (Sam J. Charlton)
  1442. Deepening Soul Vol.1 (Devaney S. Roberts)
  1443. Deepening Souls Vol. 2 (Devaney S. Roberts)
  1444. Deeper (Jeff Long)
  1445. Deeper (Robin York)
  1446. Deeper Than Blood (Antony Bennett)
  1447. Deeper Than Midnight (Lara Adrian)
  1448. Deeper than the Night (Amanda Ashley)
  1449. Deeper Water_Once and Forever 3 (Lauren Stewart)
  1450. Deeper We Fall (Chelsea M. Cameron)
  1451. Deepest Kiss (J. Kenner)
  1452. Deepest Quiet: A Short Story (Andre Farant)
  1453. Deepfreeze (Robert Donald Locke)
  1454. Deeply Odd (Dean Koontz)
  1455. Deeply, Desperately (Heather Webber)
  1456. Deer Dancing (Tales of the Reluctant Shaman) Real Story Safe Sex Project (Ty Nolan)
  1457. Deering of Deal; Or, The Spirit of the School (Latta Griswold)
  1458. Deerskin (Robin McKinley)
  1459. Defeat (Bernard Wilkerson)
  1460. Defeat's Victory (Mark Tufo)
  1461. Defeated Victory (Gabriel Archer)
  1462. Defective (Sharon Boddy)
  1463. Defector (Susanne Winnacker)
  1464. Defend Karuk (Nicholas Everritt)
  1465. Defender (C. J. Cherryh)
  1466. Defender (Janet Edwards)
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  1493. Defy the Stars (Sophie McKenzie)
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  1495. Defy the Worlds (Claudia Gray)
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  1497. Degrees of Delusion (Lindsay Buroker)
  1498. Dehydration (Grayson Queen)
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  1733. Despair (Vladimir Nabokov)
  1734. Desperado (Sandra Hill)
  1735. Desperate Acts (Kevin L. O'Brien)
  1736. Desperate Duchesses (Eloisa James)
  1737. Desperate for Money (Patrick Rees)
  1738. Desperate Games (Pierre Boulle)
  1739. Desperate In Sheridan (Gerry Pirani)
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  2078. Dina (Nom DePlume)
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  2194. Disclosures (Bill James)
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  2196. Disconnected in DC (Mike Bozart)
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  2198. Discordia - Short Stories from The Golden Apple of Discord (Lauren Hodge)
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  2215. Disengaged: A Dangerously Forbidden Love Affair (Jamie Magee)
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  2234. Dispatch from a Colored Room (Matt Weber)
  2235. Dispatches From the Sporting Life (Mordecai Richler)
  2236. Displaced (Gena D. Lutz)
  2237. Displaced (Gena D. Lutz)
  2238. Disposable Commodities (Kevin L. O'Brien)
  2239. Disputed Charges (Deena Staples)
  2240. Disruption (Jessica Shirvington)
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  2260. Distress (Greg Egan)
  2261. Distrust That Particular Flavor (William Gibson)
  2262. Disturbed by Her Song (Tanith Lee)
  2263. Disturbing Sun (Robert S. Richardson)
  2264. Disturbing the Dead (Lisa Vandiver)
  2265. Disturbing the Peace (Richard Yates)
  2266. Diuturnity's Dawn (Alan Dean Foster)
  2267. Diva (Alex Flinn)
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  2273. Divide & Conquer (Abigail Roux)
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  2279. Divided Halo (Casey Cleveland)
  2280. Divided in Death (J. D. Robb)
  2281. Dividing Eden (Joelle Charbonneau)
  2282. Divine (Karen Kingsbury)
  2283. Divine Assistant (Red Garnier)
  2284. Divine Beginnings (P. C. Cast)
  2285. Divine by Blood (P. C. Cast)
  2286. Divine by Choice (P. C. Cast)
  2287. Divine by Mistake (P. C. Cast)
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  2289. Divine Descendant (Jenna Black)
  2290. Divine Diagnosis (Gabriel Archer)
  2291. Divine Evil (Nora Roberts)
  2292. Divine Extinction (Hylton Smith)
  2293. Divine Hope (Jo O'Neil)
  2294. Divine Justice (David Baldacci)
  2295. Divine Madness (Robert Muchamore)
  2296. Divine Misdemeanors (Laurell K. Hamilton)
  2297. Divine Right (C. J. Cherryh)
  2298. Divine Right (James Neal)
  2299. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (Rebecca Wells)
  2300. Divine Solace (Joey W. Hill)
  2301. Divine Uprising (Rachel Van Dyken)
  2302. Diviner (Bryan Davis)
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  2304. Divinity (Joseph Samachson)
  2305. Divisadero (Michael Ondaatje)
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  2307. Diwali Gift (Hiranya Borah)
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  2315. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Philip K. Dick)
  2316. Do Anything I Shall Comment (Hiranya Borah)
  2317. Do Not Become Alarmed (Maile Meloy)
  2318. Do Not Disturb (Tilly Bagshawe)
  2319. Do Not Disturb (Alessandra Torre)
  2320. Do Or Die (E.R. Baine)
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  2322. Do Unto Others (Mark Clifton)
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  2393. Dogs Don't Tell Jokes (Louis Sachar)
  2394. Dogs of War (Jonathan Maberry)
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  2396. Doing and Daring: A New Zealand Story (Mary Hazelton Blanchard Wade)
  2397. Doing Business the Spiritual way (Timo ten Cate & Janneke Kromkamp)
  2398. Doing It (Melvin Burgess)
  2399. Doing It for Love (All About Love #1) (Cassie Mae)
  2400. Doing it my way (John Pustulka)
  2401. Doing It Right (MaryJanice Davidson)
  2402. Doing My Part (Teresa Funke)
  2403. Dolci di Love (Sarah-Kate Lynch)
  2404. Dolfin Tayle (Piers Anthony)
  2405. Doll Bones (Holly Black)
  2406. Dollar Bahu (Sudha Murty)
  2407. Dollhouse (K. Weikel)
  2408. Dolls (Simon Ericson)
  2409. Dolly (Susan Hill)
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  2411. Dolores Claiborne (Stephen King)
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  2415. Dom Wars: Round Five (Lucian Bane)
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  2427. Dominic (L. A. Casey)
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  2440. Don Winslow of the Navy (Frank V. Martinek)
  2441. Don't Badger A Badger (Michael Adashefski)
  2442. Don't be Afraid of the Dark (Eduard Joseph)
  2443. Don't Cry for me Margarita (Jeff Dvorak)
  2444. Don't Do It (Chloe Mason)
  2445. Don't feel sorry for Salim (Ramesh Iyer)
  2446. Don't Get Fancy Nancy (Mark Fitzgerald)
  2447. Don't Jinx It! A Little-Leaguer's Superstitions (John Keenan)
  2448. Don't Judge Me (Phylicia Joannis)
  2449. Don't Just Speak Love (Chalie Teh)
  2450. Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth (John Paul Wohlscheid)
  2451. Don't Make Love Blind For Lust To See (Owota Akpobowei Yankee)
  2452. Don't Mess with the Dead (Drac Von Stoller)
  2453. Don't Press the Red X (David S Reynolds)
  2454. Don't Rhine on My Parade (Erin Evans)
  2455. Don't Tell My Secret (Mark Stewart)
  2456. Don't Tell. (Lani Wendt Young)
  2457. Don't Ask (Hilary Freeman)
  2458. Don't Ask My Neighbor (Kristofer Clarke)
  2459. Don't Bite the Sun (Four-BEE Book 1) (Tanith Lee)
  2460. Don't Blame the Music (Caroline B. Cooney)
  2461. Don't Blink (James Patterson)
  2462. Don't Call It Night (Amos Oz)
  2463. Don't Call Me Christina Kringle (Chris Grabenstein)
  2464. Don't Call Me Ishmael (Michael Gerard Bauer)
  2465. Don't Care High (Gordon Korman)
  2466. Don't Close Your Eyes! (R. L. Stine)
  2467. Don't Deny Me (Megan Hart)
  2468. Don't Deny Me: Part One (Megan Hart)
  2469. Don't Eat Cat (Jess Walter)
  2470. Don't Forget Me! (R. L. Stine)
  2471. Don't Get in the Car (Kit Tolliver #9) (The Kit Tolliver Stories) (Lawrence Block)
  2472. Don't Give Up, Mallory (Ann M. Martin)
  2473. Don't Go (Lisa Scottoline)
  2474. Don't Hate the Player...Hate the Game (Katie Ashley)
  2475. Don't Let Go (Harlan Coben)
  2476. Don't Let Go (Jaci Burton)
  2477. Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood (Alexandra Fuller)
  2478. Don't Look Back (Jennifer L. Armentrout)
  2479. Don't Look Back (Karin Fossum)
  2480. Don't Look Back (Amanda Quick)
  2481. Don't Look Behind You (Lois Duncan)
  2482. Don't Look Behind You and Other True Cases (Ann Rule)
  2483. Don't Look Down (Jennifer Crusie)
  2484. Don't Look Now (Daphne Du Maurier)
  2485. Don't Look Now and Other Stories (Daphne Du Maurier)
  2486. Don't Look Twice (Carolyn Keene)
  2487. Don't Make Me Beautiful (Elle Casey)
  2488. Don't Make Me Smile (Barbara Park)
  2489. Don't Poke the Bear [western 02] (John Locke)
  2490. Don't Poke the Bear! (an Emmett Love Western) (John Locke)
  2491. Don't Say a Word (Andrew Klavan)
  2492. Don't Scream! (R. L. Stine)
  2493. Don't Sing at the Table (Adriana Trigiani)
  2494. Don't Stay Up Late (R. L. Stine)
  2495. Don't Stop Now (Julie Halpern)
  2496. Don't Swap Your Sweater for a Dog (Katherine Applegate)
  2497. Don't Tap-Dance on Your Teacher (Katherine Applegate)
  2498. Don't Tell (Karen Rose)
  2499. Don't Tell Alfred (Nancy Mitford)
  2500. Don't Tell Anyone (Peg Kehret)
  2501. Don't Tempt Me (Sylvia Day)
  2502. Don't Tempt Me (Loretta Chase)
  2503. Don't Trust A Killer (Cynthia Eden)
  2504. Don't Worry, Be Grumpy (Ajahn Brahm)
  2505. Don't You Cry (Mary Kubica)
  2506. Don't You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey (Margaret Peterson Haddix)
  2507. Don't You Forget About Me (Alexandra Potter)
  2508. Don't You Forget About Me (Cecily von Ziegesar)
  2509. Don't You Know There's a War On? (Avi)
  2510. Don't You Wish (Roxanne St Claire)
  2511. Dona Perfecta (Benito Pérez Galdós)
  2512. Doña Perfecta (?????????) (Benito Pérez Galdós)
  2513. Donalblane of Darien (J. Macdonald Oxley)
  2514. Donald McElroy, Scotch Irishman (Willie Walker Caldwell)
  2515. Don’t Forget to Remember Me (Kahlen Aymes)
  2516. Dongri to Dubai - Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia (S. Hussain Zaidi)
  2517. Donna (V. C. Andrews)
  2518. Donna (V. C. Andrews)
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  2521. Donnie (Michael Krause)
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  2523. Donovan Creed 11 - Because We Can! (John Locke)
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  2525. Donovan's Woman (Amanda Ashley)
  2526. Dont Bite the Bridesmaid (Tiffany Allee)
  2527. Dont Judge a Girl by Her Cover (Ally Carter)
  2528. Dont Let Go (Sharla Lovelace)
  2529. Donuts with Dad (Jim Dayton)
  2530. Don’t Deny Me: Part Three (Megan Hart)
  2531. Don’t Deny Me: Part Two (Megan Hart)
  2532. Don’t Trust Me (Joss Stirling)
  2533. Don’t Vote (P. J. O'Rourke)
  2534. Doofus, Dog of Doom (Emma Laybourn)
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  2555. Doppelginger (Brian Byrne)
  2556. Doppler (Erlend Loe)
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  2558. Dora: A Headcase (Lidia Yuknavitch)
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  2599. Doruntine (Ismail Kadare)
  2600. Dossier K: A Memoir (Imre Kertész)
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  2606. Dotty Dimple Out West (Sophie May)
  2607. Double Act (Jacqueline Wilson)
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  2618. Double Daddies (Madison Faye)
  2619. Double Dare (R. L. Mathewson)
  2620. Double Date (R. L. Stine)
  2621. Double Dates & Single Raisins (Dillie Dorian)
  2622. Double Deal (Drew Beatty)
  2623. Double Dealing (W. W. Jacobs)
  2624. Double Delight (Joyce Carol Oates)
  2625. Double Dexter (Jeff Lindsay)
  2626. Double Diamond (Tanya Hess)
  2627. Double Dog Dare (Roxanne St Claire)
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  2630. Double Down (Alessandra Torre)
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  2634. Double Exposure (Jim Stinson)
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  2639. Double Fold (Nicholson Baker)
  2640. Double Fudge (Judy Blume)
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  2642. Double Hexed (Jennifer Ashley)
  2643. Double Image (David Morrell)
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  2645. Double Lucky (Jackie Collins)
  2646. Double Minds (Terri Blackstock)
  2647. Double Moon (Francine Zapater)
  2648. Double or Die (Charlie Higson)
  2649. Double or Nothing (Jack Sharkey)
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  2657. Double Star (Robert A. Heinlein)
  2658. Double Take (Carolyn Keene)
  2659. Double Take (Richard Wilson)
  2660. Double Take (Catherine Coulter)
  2661. Double Take (A Dan Wilder Short Story) (Chris O'Grady)
  2662. Double Team (Sabrina Paige)
  2663. Double Time (Olivia Cunning)
  2664. Double Trouble (Deborah Cooke)
  2665. Double Trouble : Farm Capers (Kiara Ferreira)
  2666. Double Vision (Pat Barker)
  2667. Double Whammy (Carl Hiaasen)
  2668. Double-edged Malice (Margaret Gregory)
  2669. Doubleblind (Ann Aguirre)
  2670. Doubletake (Rob Thurman)
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  2688. Down and Out in Paris and London (George Orwell)
  2689. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (Cory Doctorow)
  2690. Down by the River (Robyn Carr)
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  2692. Down for the Count (Christine Bell)
  2693. Down From the Mountain (Florence Witkop)
  2694. Down Jump Blues (Jim Fogarty)
  2695. Down London Road (Samantha Young)
  2696. Down on Her Knees (Christine Bell)
  2697. Down on Me (J. Kenner)
  2698. Down on the Bayou (Ashlynn Elliott)
  2699. Down River (John Hart)
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  2701. Down Shift (K. Bromberg)
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  2713. Down Time (Barry Lyga)
  2714. Down Where My Love Lives (Charles Martin)
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  2835. Dragon Storm (Katie MacAlister)
  2836. Dragon Storm (Lindsay Buroker)
  2837. Dragon Tamer (Laura Lane)
  2838. Dragon Tears (Dean Koontz)
  2839. Dragon Teeth (Michael Crichton)
  2840. Dragon Thief (S. Andrew Swann)
  2841. Dragon Town (Tom Lichtenberg)
  2842. Dragon Unbound (Katie MacAlister)
  2843. Dragon Wars: A Dragon Novella (Rich Scribes)
  2844. Dragon Wizard (S. Andrew Swann)
  2845. Dragon Wytch (Yasmine Galenorn)
  2846. Dragon's Prize (Shannon Tripp)
  2847. Dragon's Pupils - The Sword Guest (part 1) (Martin Chu Shui)
  2848. Dragon's Bait (Vivian Vande Velde)
  2849. Dragon's Blood (Jane Yolen)
  2850. Dragon's Breath (E. D. Baker)
  2851. Dragon's Egg (Sarah L. Thomson)
  2852. Dragon's Fake Bride (Scarlett Grove)
  2853. Dragon's Green (Scarlett Thomas)
  2854. Dragon's Honor (Greg Cox)
  2855. Dragon's Keep (Janet Lee Carey)
  2856. Dragon's Lair (Sharon Kay Penman)
  2857. Dragon's Oath (P. C. Cast)
  2858. Dragon's Teeth (Upton Sinclair)
  2859. Dragon, Dragon and Other Tales (John Gardner)
  2860. Dragonback 01 Dragon and Thief (Timothy Zahn)
  2861. Dragonback 02 Dragon and Soldier (Timothy Zahn)
  2862. Dragonback 03 Dragon and Slave (Timothy Zahn)
  2863. Dragonback 04 Dragon and Herdsman (Timothy Zahn)
  2864. Dragonback 05 Dragon and Judge (Timothy Zahn)
  2865. Dragonback 06 Dragon and Liberator (Timothy Zahn)
  2866. Dragonbane (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
  2867. Dragonclaw (Kate Forsyth)
  2868. Dragonfield: And Other Stories (Jane Yolen)
  2869. DragonFire (Donita K. Paul)
  2870. Dragonfire (David Rose)
  2871. Dragonflight (Anne McCaffrey)
  2872. Dragonfly (Julia Golding)
  2873. Dragonfly in Amber (Diana Gabaldon)
  2874. Dragonfly Warrior (Jay Noel)
  2875. Dragonhaven (Robin McKinley)
  2876. Dragonkeeper (Carole Wilkinson)
  2877. Dragonkeeper 2: Garden of the Purple Dragon (Carole Wilkinson)
  2878. Dragonkeeper 4: Blood Brothers (Carole Wilkinson)
  2879. DragonKnight (Donita K. Paul)
  2880. DragonLight (Donita K. Paul)
  2881. Dragonmark (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
  2882. DragonQuest (Donita K. Paul)
  2883. Dragonquest (Anne McCaffrey)
  2884. Dragons & Dwarves (S. Andrew Swann)
  2885. Dragons Don't Cry (D'Elen McClain)
  2886. Dragons of Eden (Carl Sagan)
  2887. Dragons of the Valley (Donita K. Paul)
  2888. Dragons of the Watch (Donita K. Paul)
  2889. Dragons of Tomorrow (Kathleen Baldwin)
  2890. Dragons Realm (Tessa Dawn)
  2891. Dragons Reign (Tessa Dawn)
  2892. Dragonsapien (Jon Jacks)
  2893. Dragonslayers Return (R. A. Salvatore)
  2894. DragonSpell (Donita K. Paul)
  2895. Dragonswood (Janet Lee Carey)
  2896. Dragonsworn (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
  2897. Dragonwatch (Brandon Mull)
  2898. Dragonwitch (Anne Elisabeth Stengl)
  2899. Dragonwyck (Anya Seton)
  2900. Dragon’s Claw (Karen Chance)
  2901. Dragos Goes to Washington (Thea Harrison)
  2902. Dragoste Academy: Bayne and Lucas (Kayci Morgan)
  2903. Drained (Melissa J. Crispin)
  2904. Drake of Tanith (Chosen Soul) (Heather Killough-Walden)
  2905. Drama (Chris Hantzen)
  2906. Drama City (George Pelecanos)
  2907. Drama Geek (SM Dritschilo)
  2908. Dramarama (E. Lockhart)
  2909. Drantos (Laurann Dohner)
  2910. Drasmyr (Prequel: From the Ashes of Ruin) (Matthew D. Ryan)
  2911. Draven's Light (Anne Elisabeth Stengl)
  2912. Drawing Blood (Poppy Z. Brite)
  2913. Drawing Conclusions (Donna Leon)
  2914. Drawing God? (Wilde Blue Sky)
  2915. Drawn (Maria Keffler)
  2916. Drawn in Blood (Andrea Kane)
  2917. Drawn Together (Lauren Dane)
  2918. Dray (Tess Oliver)
  2919. Dread Brass Shadows (Glen Cook)
  2920. Dread Locks (Neal Shusterman)
  2921. Dread Nemesis of Mine (John Corwin)
  2922. Dreadful Skin (Cherie Priest)
  2923. Dreadknights (Tony Breeden)
  2924. Dreadnaught (Jack Campbell)
  2925. Dreadnought (Mark Walden)
  2926. Dreadnought (Cherie Priest)
  2927. Dreadnought (Robert K. Massie)
  2928. Dreadnought, Britain, Germany and the Coming of the Great War (Robert K. Massie)
  2929. Dream (ron franklin)
  2930. Dream a Little Christmas Dream (Giovanna Fletcher)
  2931. Dream a Little Dream (Megan Hart)
  2932. Dream a Little Dream (Giovanna Fletcher)
  2933. Dream a Little Dream (Susan Elizabeth Phillips)
  2934. Dream a Little Dream: A Tale of Myth and Moonshine (Piers Anthony)
  2935. Dream Boy (Jim Grimsley)
  2936. Dream Caster_Shadow (Adrienne Woods)
  2937. Dream Catcher - Romance Short Story (Marion Francis)
  2938. Dream Chamber Adventures (N. Y. Weaver)
  2939. Dream Chaser (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
  2940. Dream Cycle of H. P. Lovecraft: Dreams of Terror and Death (H. P. Lovecraft)
  2941. Dream Dark (Kami Garcia)
  2942. Dream Date (Ashley Kozlowski)
  2943. Dream Days (Kenneth Grahame)
  2944. Dream Displacement, or Love from the Grave (Robert Scott Leyse)
  2945. Dream Eyes (Jayne Ann Krentz)
  2946. Dream Haunter (Shayna Corinne)
  2947. Dream In A Rainy Day (Ratan Lal Basu)
  2948. Dream Journal (Nichole Haines)
  2949. Dream Kisses (Verna Clay)
  2950. Dream Lake (Lisa Kleypas)
  2951. Dream Lover (Jean MacIntyre)
  2952. Dream Lover (James Hold)
  2953. Dream Lover (Dusty the Demon Hunter) (D Michelle Gent)
  2954. Dream Mountain (Charissa Taylor Lees)
  2955. Dream Myself Alive At Christmas (Brian Lovestar)
  2956. Dream of Embers Book 1 (J.B. Kleynhans)
  2957. Dream of Fair to Middling Women (Samuel Beckett)
  2958. Dream of Me (Quinn Loftis)
  2959. Dream of You (J. Lynn)
  2960. Dream On (Kerstin Gier)
  2961. Dream Rider (Wilf Voss)
  2962. Dream Snippets (zainulhassan4)
  2963. Dream So Dark (Quinn Loftis)
  2964. Dream Soldiers (Michael D. Britton)
  2965. Dream Story (Arthur Schnitzler)
  2966. Dream Student (Dream Series book 1) (J.J. DiBenedetto)
  2967. Dream Thief (Tony Abbott)
  2968. Dream Thief (The Secrets of Droon #17) (Tony Abbott)
  2969. Dream Town (Henry Slesar)
  2970. Dream Travel (Janet Gillooly)
  2971. DREAM UPON WAKING (Megan Hart)
  2972. Dream Warrior (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
  2973. Dream When You're Feeling Blue (Elizabeth Berg)
  2974. Dream Whispers (K.L. Bauman)
  2975. Dreambox Junkies (Richard Laymon)
  2976. Dreamcatcher (Stephen King)
  2977. Dreamer (Daniel Quinn)
  2978. Dreamer's Daughter (Lynn Kurland)
  2979. Dreamer's Pool (Juliet Marillier)
  2980. Dreamers and Deceivers (Glenn Beck)
  2981. Dreamers of the Day (Mary Doria Russell)
  2982. Dreamers Often Lie (Jacqueline West)
  2983. Dreamfall (Joan D. Vinge)
  2984. Dreamfall (Amy Plum)
  2985. Dreamfever (Karen Marie Moning)
  2986. Dreamhunter (Elizabeth Knox)
  2987. Dreaming Anastasia (Joy Preble)
  2988. Dreaming Anastasia: A Novel of Love, Magic, and the Power of Dreams (Joy Preble)
  2989. Dreaming Awake (Gwen Hayes)
  2990. Dreaming Dangerous (Lauren DeStefano)
  2991. Dreaming Falling Down (Lee A Jackson)
  2992. Dreaming God (Rik Johnston)
  2993. Dreaming Immortality (Marco Santini)
  2994. Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas (Terry Spear)
  2995. Dreaming of Amelia (Jaclyn Moriarty)
  2996. Dreaming of Antigone (Robin Bridges)
  2997. Dreaming Of Darkness (TMS)
  2998. Dreaming of Love (Melissa Foster)
  2999. Dreaming of the Wolf (Terry Spear)
  3000. Dreaming of You (Lisa Kleypas)
  3001. Dreaming of Zhou Gong (Traci Harding)
  3002. Dreaming Spies (Laurie R. King)
  3003. Dreaming Water (Gail Tsukiyama)
  3004. Dreamland (Alyson Noel)
  3005. Dreamland (Sarah Dessen)
  3006. Dreamlander (K.M. Weiland)
  3007. Dreamlands 5: Questers for Kuranes: Two Tales of Hero and Eldin (Brian Lumley)
  3008. Dreamless (Josephine Angelini)
  3009. Dreamquake (Elizabeth Knox)
  3010. Dreamquake: Book Two of the Dreamhunter Duet (Elizabeth Knox)
  3011. Dreams Both Real and Strange (K.W. McCabe)
  3012. Dreams Both Real and Strange I and II (K.W. McCabe)
  3013. Dreams Come True - Book One of the Connor True Series (Andy Morris)
  3014. Dreams From Bunker Hill (John Fante)
  3015. Dreams in a Time of War (Ngũgĩ Wa Thiong'o)
  3016. Dreams Made Flesh (Anne Bishop)
  3017. Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Kresley Cole)
  3018. Dreams of Eschaton (Josh Shiben)
  3019. Dreams of Falling (Karen White)
  3020. Dreams of Gods & Monsters (Laini Taylor)
  3021. Dreams of Joy (Lisa See)
  3022. Dreams of Lilacs (Lynn Kurland)
  3023. Dreams of Sex and Stage Diving (Martin Millar)
  3024. Dreams of Stardust (Lynn Kurland)
  3025. Dreams of Steel (Glen Cook)
  3026. Dreams of the Compass Rose (Vera Nazarian)
  3027. Dreams of the Golden Age (Carrie Vaughn)
  3028. Dreams Underfoot (Charles de Lint)
  3029. Dreams: A Trio of Flash Fiction Tales (Joseph Geidel)
  3030. Dreamscape (Philip R Benge)
  3031. Dreamscape Netherworld Book I (Christie Rich)
  3032. Dreamseeker (C. S. Friedman)
  3033. Dreamseller (Brandon Novak)
  3034. Dreamshade (A. J. Lath)
  3035. Dreamsongs (George R. R. Martin)
  3036. Dreamsongs. Volume I (George R. R. Martin)
  3037. Dreamsongs. Volume II (George R. R. Martin)
  3038. Dreamspinner (Lynn Kurland)
  3039. Dreamthief (Tamara Grantham)
  3040. Dreamthief (Jason Knepper)
  3041. Dreamtreaders (Wayne Thomas Batson)
  3042. Dreamveil (Lynn Viehl)
  3043. DreamVision (David Bates)
  3044. Dreamwalker (C. S. Friedman)
  3045. Dreamwalkers (Part One) (D.M. Andrews)
  3046. Dreamwalkers Book One - The Intruder. A Markland Garraway Paranormal Mystery Thriller (Andrew M Stafford)
  3047. Dreamwater (Chrystalla Thoma)
  3048. Dreamweaver (C. S. Friedman)
  3049. Dreamweavers: Awakening (P J G Robbins)
  3050. Dreamweaving (Teresa Garcia)
  3051. Dreamworlds: Footprints and Pawprints (Victory Low)
  3052. Dream_A Skins Novel (Garrett Leigh)
  3053. Dredd: The Screenplay (Alex Garland)
  3054. Drekinn 3 - Reaching Rissa (Jana Leigh)
  3055. Drenched With a Duke (Emily Murdoch)
  3056. Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (David Sedaris)
  3057. Dressed for Death (Donna Leon)
  3058. Dressing Up for the Carnival (Carol Shields)
  3059. Drew (Khaleel Jooste)
  3060. Drew + Fable Forever (Novella) (Monica Murphy)
  3061. Dribble & Maggot in the Land of Dreams (Kevin L. O'Brien)
  3062. Drifter (Shane Griffin)
  3063. Drifter (MC Sinners Next Generation #2) (Bella Jewel)
  3064. Drifter On The Horizon (Travis Pasch)
  3065. Drifters' Alliance, Book 1 (Elle Casey)
  3066. Drifters' Alliance, Book 2 (Elle Casey)
  3067. Drifters' Alliance, Book 3 (Elle Casey)
  3068. Driftmetal (J.C. Staudt)
  3069. Driftwood Spars (Percival Christopher Wren)
  3070. Drill & Sanctimony (Peter Anthony)
  3071. Drink Deep (Chloe Neill)
  3072. Drink Down the Moon (Charles de Lint)
  3073. Drink of Me (Jacquelyn Frank)
  3074. Drink, Dance, Divorce (Charles Alworth)
  3075. Drink, Slay, Love (Sarah Beth Durst)
  3076. Drinking Midnight Wine (Simon R. Green)
  3077. Drinking Sapphire Wine (Tanith Lee)
  3078. Drinks Before Dinner (E. L. Doctorow)
  3079. Drip Drop Teardrop, a Novella (Samantha Young)
  3080. Drive (Philip John Walibba)
  3081. Drive Me Crazy (Tracy Wolff)
  3082. Drive Me Crazy (Marquita Valentine)
  3083. Drive Thru (Gerty So)
  3084. Drive-By (Lynne Ewing)
  3085. Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (Daniel H. Pink)
  3086. Driven (K. Bromberg)
  3087. Driven by Fire (Anne Stuart)
  3088. Driven Collection (K. Bromberg)
  3089. Driven from Home; Or, Carl Crawford's Experience (Jr. Horatio Alger)
  3090. Driver Ed (Eric Howling)
  3091. Driver's Dead (Peter Lerangis)
  3092. Driver's Ed (Caroline B. Cooney)
  3093. Driving Blind (Ray Bradbury)
  3094. Driving Force (Dick Francis)
  3095. Driving Heat (Richard Castle)
  3096. Driving Home (David Hoogterp)
  3097. Driving Mr. Dead (Molly Harper)
  3098. Driving Tempo (Raine Thomas)
  3099. Driving to You (Marquita Valentine)
  3100. Driving Whiskey Wild (Melissa Foster)
  3101. Drolls From Shadowland (J. H. Pearce)
  3102. Drone Wars - Issue 1 - Secrets and L.I.E.S. (William Hrdina)
  3103. Drone Wars - Issue 6 - A New Beginning (William Hrdina)
  3104. Drood (Dan Simmons)
  3105. Droozle (Frank Banta)
  3106. Drop City (T. Coraghessan Boyle)
  3107. Drop Dead Beautiful (Jackie Collins)
  3108. Drop Dead Gorgeous (Heather Graham)
  3109. Drop Dead Gorgeous (Linda Howard)
  3110. Drop Dead Sexy (Katie Ashley)
  3111. Drop Dead, Gorgeous! (MaryJanice Davidson)
  3112. Drop of Doubt (C. L. Stone)
  3113. Drop Shot (Harlan Coben)
  3114. Dropped Threads 2: More of What We Aren't Told (Carol Shields)
  3115. Dross (Henry Seton Merriman)
  3116. Drought (Martin Reed)
  3117. Drought (Eileen Gonzalez)
  3118. Drought (Pam Bachorz)
  3119. Drowned Ammet (Diana Wynne Jones)
  3120. Drowned Wednesday (Garth Nix)
  3121. Drowning (Yianna Yiannacou)
  3122. Drowning Instinct (Ilsa J. Bick)
  3123. Drowning on Dry Land: an erotic short story (Megan Hart)
  3124. Drowning Ruth (Christina Schwarz)
  3125. Drowning Tides (Karen Harper)
  3126. Drowning World (Alan Dean Foster)
  3127. Druid Vampire PG-13 Version (KuroKoneko Kamen)
  3128. Druid's Sword (Sara Douglass)
  3129. Drum-Taps: The Complete 1865 Edition (Walt Whitman)
  3130. Drums of Autumn (Diana Gabaldon)
  3131. Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie (Jordan Sonnenblick)
  3132. Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie (Jordan Sonnenblick)
  3133. Drums: a Novel (Brad Henderson)
  3134. Drunk Dial (Penelope Ward)
  3135. Drunk Olympics (Justin Langer)
  3136. Drunk on You (Harper Sloan)
  3137. Drunk Space Driving in the 21st Century (or Prelude to the Cosmic Misadventures of Floyd Pinkerton, Space Crock) (John Sloop Biederman)
  3138. Drunkard's Walk (Frederik Pohl)
  3139. Drunken Chaos (Antonin Januska)
  3140. Drury Manor: Volume 1 (George Esler)
  3141. Dry (Augusten Burroughs)
  3142. Dry as Rain (Gina Holmes)
  3143. Dry Bones (Felix Lukhale)
  3144. Dry Spell (Vi Keeland)
  3145. Dry Spell (Beth Madden)
  3146. Dryad's Tale, A Short Story (Angela Castillo)
  3147. Drycleaning (James Milsom)
  3148. Ds Roy Grace 11 - You Are Dead (Peter James)
  3149. Dual (Mike Brandish)
  3150. Dual Control (W. W. Jacobs)
  3151. Dual Image (Nora Roberts)
  3152. Duane's Depressed (Larry McMurtry)
  3153. Dubious Legacy (Mary Wesley)
  3154. Dublin 4 (Maeve Binchy)
  3155. Dubliners (James Joyce)
  3156. Duchess by Night (Eloisa James)
  3157. Duchess Diaries [2] How to Pursue a Princess (Karen Hawkins)
  3158. Duchess in Love (Eloisa James)
  3159. Duchess Swan and the Next Top Bird (Suzanne Selfors)
  3160. Duchess The Queen of The Streets (Sonnquetta Wilkerson)
  3161. Ducie (Chris Freeman)
  3162. Duckling Ugly (Neal Shusterman)
  3163. Dude Ranch Detective (Carolyn Keene)
  3164. Dudes, the School Is Haunted! (R. L. Stine)
  3165. Dudley the Dinosaur: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More! (Uncle Amon)
  3166. Due North to Freedom (Terence O'Grady)
  3167. Duel at Strolling Ponds (TD Bauer)
  3168. Duel on Syrtis (Poul Anderson)
  3169. Duel: Terror Stories (Richard Matheson)
  3170. Duet (Rockstar Book 8.5) (Anne Mercier)
  3171. Dug For Victory: Poems from RIP-TV (Liz Mackie)
  3172. Dugan's Luck (Howard Freedman)
  3173. Duino Elegies: A Bilingual Edition (Rainer Maria Rilke)
  3174. Duke (Jasinda Wilder)
  3175. Duke (Kirby Larson)
  3176. Duke of Desire (Elizabeth Hoyt)
  3177. Duke of Midnight (Elizabeth Hoyt)
  3178. Duke of Pleasure (Elizabeth Hoyt)
  3179. Duke of Sin (Elizabeth Hoyt)
  3180. Dukes Prefer Blondes (Loretta Chase)
  3181. Dulcibel: A Tale of Old Salem (Henry Peterson)
  3182. Dull Days Indeed (David S Denny)
  3183. Dull Knife (C. J. Box)
  3184. Dull Luminol (Hailey Hartford)
  3185. Duma Key (Stephen King)
  3186. Dumb Clucks (R. L. Stine)
  3187. Dumb White Husband vs. The Grocery Store (Benjamin Wallace)
  3188. Dumb White Husbands vs. Zombies: Monday (Benjamin Wallace)
  3189. Dumb Witness (Agatha Christie)
  3190. Dummies and College Applications (T. J. Robertson)
  3191. Dumplin' (Julie Murphy)
  3192. Dumpling Days (Grace Lin)
  3193. Dumps - A Plain Girl (L. T. Meade)
  3194. Dumpy's Adventures: Meet Sassy and Lumpy (Season 1: Pilot) (Aunt Kaytee)
  3195. Duncan's Bride (Linda Howard)
  3196. Duncton Found (William Horwood)
  3197. Duncton Quest (William Horwood)
  3198. Duncton Rising (William Horwood)
  3199. Duncton Stone (William Horwood)
  3200. Duncton Tales (William Horwood)
  3201. Duncton Wood (William Horwood)
  3202. Dune (Frank Herbert)
  3203. Dune Messiah (Frank Herbert)
  3204. Dune Road (Jane Green)
  3205. Dunkirk Crescendo (Bodie Thoene)
  3206. Dunsel (William Haloupek)
  3207. Dunstan (Conn Iggulden)
  3208. Duplicate Death (Georgette Heyer)
  3209. Duplicate Keys (Jane Smiley)
  3210. Durable Goods (Elizabeth Berg)
  3211. Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day (Seanan McGuire)
  3212. DUSKIN (Grace Livingston Hill)
  3213. Dusklands (J. M. Coetzee)
  3214. Dust (Evan Lewis)
  3215. Dust (Patricia Cornwell)
  3216. Dust (RG Risch)
  3217. Dust (G. L. Carpenter)
  3218. Dust (Hugh Howey)
  3219. Dust & Decay (Jonathan Maberry)
  3220. Dust 2: A New World Order (The Dust Series) (S.E. Smith)
  3221. Dust 2_A New World Order (S. E. Smith)
  3222. Dust and Decay (Jonathan Maberry)
  3223. Dust of Dreams (Steven Erikson)
  3224. Dust of the Desert (Robert Welles Ritchie)
  3225. Dust to Dust (Heather Graham)
  3226. Dust to Dust (Devon Thiele)
  3227. Dust to Dust (Karina Halle)
  3228. Dust to Dust: A Broken Fairy Tale (S.P. Cervantes)
  3229. Dust Tracks on a Road (Zora Neale Hurston)
  3230. Dust: Before and After (S.E. Smith)
  3231. Dustbin Baby (Jacqueline Wilson)
  3232. Dustin Jeckle & Mr. Hydel (Tim Greaton)
  3233. Dustland Requiem (A Bard's Folktale) (Aramis Barron)
  3234. Dusty Diamonds Cut and Polished: A Tale of City Arab Life and Adventure (R. M. Ballantyne)
  3235. Dusty Zebra: And Other Stories (Clifford D. Simak)
  3236. Dutch (Teri Woods)
  3237. Dutch Courage and Other Stories (Jack London)
  3238. Dutch III: International Gangster (Teri Woods)
  3239. Dutch the Diver; Or, A Man's Mistake (George Manville Fenn)
  3240. Duty Bound (Lindsay Buroker)
  3241. Dwarg in the Seventh Dimension : The Aggie Kellor Experience (Tony Lourensen)
  3242. Dwimmerscout (Gareth Lewis)
  3243. Dwindle (Audrey Higgins)
  3244. Dydeetown World (F. Paul Wilson)
  3245. Dying (Arthur Schnitzler)
  3246. Dying Breath (Heather Graham)
  3247. Dying for You (MaryJanice Davidson)
  3248. Dying Inside (Robert Silverberg)
  3249. Dying of the Light (George R. R. Martin)
  3250. Dying to be Famous (Tanya Landman)
  3251. Dying To Be With You (Lindsey Goddard)
  3252. Dying to Forget, Book 1 of The Station Series (Trish Marie Dawson)
  3253. Dying to Get Published (Judy Fitzwater)
  3254. Dying to Have Her (Heather Graham)
  3255. Dying to Know You (Aidan Chambers)
  3256. Dying to Please (Linda Howard)
  3257. DYING TO SURVIVE (Dark Erotica) (Scott Hildreth)
  3258. Dying Truth (Angela Marsons)
  3259. Dying Truth: A completely gripping crime thriller (Angela Marsons)
  3260. Dying Wish (Shannon K. Butcher)
  3261. Dying Wishes (Per Holbo)
  3262. Dying With My Children (Colin Marks)
  3263. Dyke Darrel the Railroad Detective; Or, The Crime of the Midnight Express (A. Frank Pinkerton)
  3264. Dylan's Circle of Palms (Valarie Vine)
  3265. Dylan's Yuletide Journey (Jemima Pett)
  3266. Dynamic - One Minute Read - OMR - Stories (Pat Ritter)
  3267. Dynamic Characters (Nancy Kress)
  3268. Dynamic Characters- How to create personalities that keep readers captivated (Nancy Kress)
  3269. Dynamics (Maria Santicelli)
  3270. Dynasty of Death (Taylor Caldwell)
  3271. Dynasty of Evil (Drew Karpyshyn)
  3272. Dysfunctional Poetry 101 for Bedtime Reading (Phil Cross)
  3273. Dysfunctional Poetry 102 for Bedtime Reading (Phil Cross)
  3274. DysFUNCTIOpia (Jose Moreno)
  3275. Dystopia (Janet McNulty)
  3276. Dystopia (Charles Eugene Anderson)
  3277. Dystopian Lullabies (Sara Jamieson)
  3278. Dzur (Vlad Taltos) (Steven Brust)
  3279. The Destiny of Violet & Luke (Jessica Sorensen)
  3280. The Diary of Lexi Ashford, Part One (Jessica Sorensen)