Sweet oblivion (sweet se.., p.74
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       Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1), p.74

           Bailey Ardisone
“RYDAN!!!” I screamed so loud my eyes instantly popped open, as my strangled voice cut through the darkest of nights. There was no moon. No moonlight to paint its soft glow over the expanse of the ‘Duck Room.’ To play with Mycah’s deep blue eyes as he lay next to me, staring at me with pained concern. It was dark.

  Very dark.

  It matched my mood.

  Four times. This was my fourth time tonight that I’d relived the events that happened earlier that day through a never-ending nightmare. I couldn’t escape.

  There was no escape.

  I would find no solace in sleep from this.

  My best friend was gone, and the memory of his departure was haunting me.

  How could he do it? How could he just leave me like that? Now for round five, I went to swipe away the cruel tear that stung my cheek as it fell. Only Mycah’s soft thumb got to it first. I looked up through my blurry vision and watched as he brought his hand to his lips and kissed the thumb stained with my salty tear.

  “Please don’t cry, love. My heart can’t take it,” he whispered so softly, so strained, I barely heard him.

  I closed my eyes. Sleep kept dragging me back under, but my brain couldn’t handle the memories, and an hour later I was back screaming Rydan’s name each time. But a part of me wanted to see him again, even if it was only a memory.

  So I would sleep.

  I begged for sleep and was rewarded right away. Because at least there he was still alive. He was still safe. I couldn’t even think about reality and what the truth might actually be. Mycah tried to warn him that he could be walking into a death trap.

  I may never see him again.

  And he just left.

  Just like that.

  Chapter One
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