Sweet oblivion (sweet se.., p.71
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       Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1), p.71

           Bailey Ardisone


  His fingers were interlocked with mine as we stood side by side overlooking Castle Edhel-N’dor.

  Something had changed since we last met in our dreams. He suddenly seemed more aware of our surroundings and appeared to be in sheer amazement of the scenery around us. Every now and then he glanced at the castle glaring in the distance and then slowly shook his head, as if trying to decipher something.

  I was startled, as all of a sudden I sensed a burst of strength coming from Calen, and seemingly out of nowhere I saw a beautiful deep red phoenix flying above, ready to swoop down near us. I clutched my racing heart and exclaimed, “Calen!” It felt amazing to lay my eyes on her once again, and oh how I loved to watch her fly. But how?

  Suddenly, the strong hand in mine clenched tighter, and as I turned to him, his angelic eyes stared intently into mine.

  “I…I heard you,” I heard him say. My eyes widened at the realization of his words. His words….

  “You can hear me?” I asked softly. I could not comprehend what was happening.

  “Yes, but how? I could never hear you before.” He turned to me with a smile and softly stroked my cheek.

  “I honestly do not know.” I smiled back at him. His touch was warm and gentle, and I basked in his sweet gesture.

  Jarringly, without any warning at all, my head started to hurt, and I could sense Calen’s power diminishing. I could no longer see her. I felt the familiar pain in the left side of my temple…Oh no! Not now…

  I turned at him with a look of utter horror as I felt myself slipping away from him. Somehow, it felt different this time. Something was wrong. I felt a sense of unease deep in my being.

  As I started to see darkness creeping in the corners of my mind, the place that held us here, I reached toward him and held his hands tightly, and said…

  “Rydan, please come home!”


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