Sweet oblivion (sweet se.., p.55
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       Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1), p.55

           Bailey Ardisone


  My mind started to cloud, and I felt the shadow approaching. I stopped, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. I just had to hold it and not let go. Every second that passed made it harder to maintain. I could feel beads of sweat on my brow, and I struggled to stay focused. That area in my left temple twitched with pain, yet I persisted in keeping my breathing even and concentrated on remaining where I stood.

  Every time we met, I got stronger. I was able to last longer, and it was easier as time went by. I opened my eyes and saw he had taken a step closer as well. We were now about three arm lengths apart. I longed to reach out and touch him—make contact with him—but I knew if I did it too soon I would lose him.

  We stood there and gazed into each other’s stares. I could see the desperation in his eyes. I dared not move much closer; I didn’t want to lose our progress. We could never get that close before. I looked into his bright eyes, and though we still could not communicate, we had developed something special between us. Oh, how I had come to look forward to seeing him. I ached to connect with him on a physical level, just wanting to be able to touch him somehow.

  He smiled at me, a smile that melted my insides and instantly made me weak in the knees. I took a deep breath as he slowly took a step toward me.

  He reached out his hand, and as I reached out toward him…I instantly succumbed to total darkness.

  Chapter Thirty-Six

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