Sweet oblivion (sweet se.., p.30
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       Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1), p.30

           Bailey Ardisone

  The sensation of movement stirred my consciousness, but it felt like my mind and body were trapped in sleep, unable to fully wake up. I wanted to open my eyes, to move my body, but it was as if I were being forced to stay asleep. I was caught between awareness and unconsciousness, my own mind yelling at me to wake up, to open my eyes and to just get up, but I wouldn’t. I couldn’t.

  “Secure the perimeter.”

  “Quickly, quickly! Keep the sedation steady.”

  “Otis, you ride with me and the girl. Maverick, you and your team take the male and cover our six.”

  Where were they taking me? The sound of wheels rolling down concrete echoed with a mixture of voices surrounding every side of me, but I only faintly registered what was being said.

  Was this another nightmare? It was hard to separate reality from imagination when my entire body refused to do anything but fall into a deep sleep. I told myself to move or to just open my eyes, but the extra thought seemed to only make it worse, and then before I knew it I had succumbed back into unconsciousness.

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