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       Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1), p.27

           Bailey Ardisone

  I slowly opened my eyes, letting them acclimate to the ray of sun streaming in through my windows. The beam of light warmed my skin at every spot it touched. I felt calm. Serene. As I lay completely motionless in my bed, staring at the million tiny speckles of dust dancing in the sunlight, Mycah’s face as he looked down at me—full of concern, healing my every wound—kept flashing to mind. I didn’t even know his last name. Or where he was from, who he was, what he was doing here. I didn’t know anything about him. And that didn't matter to me.

  I knew that it should; not knowing anything about someone should matter a whole lot. I mean, what sane person wouldn’t be completely horrified by what they’d seen Mycah, practically a stranger, do? I was confident a normal person would make sure to stay away from him. To never speak to him again and run screaming for the hills. A normal person would recognize that he was different, dangerous, and unexplainable, giving every reason not to get anywhere near him ever again.

  But, I wasn't normal. I could feel deep within me that I was far from normal. The same deep spot where I couldn’t seem to find a single ounce of fear toward Mycah. Not anymore. He saved my life and then healed my soul.

  My eyes closed the same time my heart skipped a beat at the memory of Mycah’s delicate, warm fingers on my skin. The concentration in his scorching aqua eyes as they appraised me and his heavenly scent that wrapped around me.

  I had to see him again. There was no way I could stay away now. I had so many questions to ask him. How did he do that to Ray? Did he fix my sculpture? I didn’t care what the answers were or if they were scary, I just wanted to know. I had to know.

  With a smile, I clambered out of bed, feeling completely refreshed and determined. I laid a hand over my chest, trying to calm my racing heart. I grabbed my favorite faded black jeans and stood in front of my closet. I wanted to look nice. I fingered through the rack, looking for the perfect shirt.

  I bit my lip, smiling at the prettiest shirt I had as I pulled it from the hanger. It was a white cotton, empire-waist shirt that tied in the back by thin strings. The ¾ length sleeves were made out of white eyelet lace, pulling the Victorian look together.

  I slowly turned to look in the mirror, but my reflection startled me. I didn’t know why, but I was still expecting to see a black eye and bruises. I peered closer, bright violet eyes staring back at me. I slowly reached up to touch my left eye. No pain. No discoloring. Nothing.

  So it was true. Mycah really did heal me. I knew he did on the inside, but now that the evidence was staring me in the face, there could be no doubt. Mycah was different. Very different. And I was okay with that.

  I brushed the sleep out of my long, dark brown hair and clipped a part of the left side back, leaving the rest down. Using the tips I learned from Zaylie, I added a touch of mascara and light pink lip-gloss. I stepped back and assessed my work. I’d never tried or cared to impress a guy before, so I was suddenly filled with anxiety.

  I grabbed my jacket, wallet, and cell phone just before reaching for the door. But, the sudden realization that Ray was just on the other side made me stop, hand left mid-air in front of the handle.

  I completely forgot about him. I could no longer hear him snoring so he must have been awake. What was he going to say? What was I going to say? I couldn’t even comprehend what happened last night, let alone try to explain it to someone else if he asked. Was he going to be angry? Too many questions started to bounce around in my head, so I decided to be brave and face whatever waited for me on the other side of that door. It had to happen sooner or later, and I’d rather get it out of the way.

  As I slowly and cautiously walked through the hallway, my heart betrayed my front of bravery as I grew more and more worried with each advancing step. My eyes stayed glued to the spot Ray had been lying in before, now empty.

  But it didn’t matter. None of that mattered, because as I stood staring at the empty spot and relief just starting to come over me at the thought that maybe Ray wasn’t home, someone grabbed me.

  With my body stricken and seized with fear, I tried to scream but couldn’t. One strong arm was around my waist holding me to them from behind, the other was forcefully holding cloth against my open mouth and nose. A strong smell of chemical burned my nose, assaulting my lungs and senses. As my head began to swim, I tried desperately to understand what was happening, but no answer made sense. Was this Ray? Was he going to finish what he tried to do last night and finally kill me? Mycah wouldn’t save my life, only to kill me the next day. I kicked and clawed for my freedom, but as hard as I fought against my captor and to stay conscious, I lost the battle.

  A black cloth bag was put over my head, causing a whole new wave of panic to flood through me, just before my eyes fluttered closed.

  Chapter Fifteen

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