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       Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1), p.18

           Bailey Ardisone

  I walked into Literature class feeling much better than I did yesterday, all thanks to my best friend. I ended up going crazy with my new camera and took way too many pictures, filling up the SD card in only a few hours. I then spent the night going through them and deleting what I could to make room, but it was very difficult deciding what to keep and what to delete.

  I could feel a huge grin on my face from the memory, but as I approached my usual desk in the back, it quickly disappeared. I had no idea what look took the grin’s place, believing it must be something similar to a deer caught in headlights or the look a child has from just coming face-to-face with a ghost. Regardless, I had no doubt whatever it was perfectly demonstrated the word "shocked."

  There, in my seat not to mention, was the sexiest guy I had ever seen. Oh, and by the way, as if my life couldn’t get any crazier, it was the boy I ran across twice within the last week.

  It faintly registered to me that I was staring, but what captured me and kept me firm in one spot is that he was staring right back.

  I reluctantly pulled my eyes away from his, realizing I could have seriously drown in their exquisite ocean-blue color that seemed to want to pull me under, to quickly take the rest of him in. He leaned all the way back in his chair—no, my chair—wearing dark jeans and a plain white undershirt with his right leg stretched out.

  I unconsciously walked toward him. He had his right hand in his pocket and his black hair was in a layered mess, resembling a rock star, with just a few strands falling over his eyes. I glanced at his tattoo for just a second before meeting his gaze again.

  But now that I was there, standing in front of him, my mind went blank. I wanted to tell him to get out of my seat, but just looking at him was making me nervous.

  “It’s you again. Hello,” he said in a velvety English accent.

  I could feel my mouth gaping open like a fish, but no words came out. Pull it together would you?!

  “H-h-hi. Hello,” I spat out, but barely. “You’re in my seat.”

  “Oh, am I? I’m sorry,” he said with a grin.

  “Yes, so, could you maybe move?” I didn’t know why I was being so rude; I was just frustrated that I couldn’t figure out this strange mystery that all of a sudden plagued my life.

  “But I like this desk. I can see why you chose it. You get to sit back here and observe the whole room, taking in everything that is discussed 'bout literature and it’s right by the windows. Please, can I stay?” he said to me while batting his eyelashes. “With a cherry on top?” Each word was perfectly clipped. Why were accents so darn sexy?

  His entire presence and foreign charm completely caught me off guard. I easily conceded to him. “Okay,” was all I could say. I slowly walked to the last empty desk in the room and just as slowly sat down. I was being completely ridiculous, I knew that. But why did he—

  Hold on—why was he staring at me? Why was I looking at him?! I quickly looked to the front of the room, my cheeks burning.

  What in the world was he doing here? My sculpture—could he have fixed it? Would he have?! I had to resist the urge to glance at him again. I couldn’t picture him fixing it for me…Why would he do that? I unconsciously looked at him—crap! What was wrong with me? Keep your eyes straight in front of you, Nari! You could do this! Ignore the stupid guy!

  But in that short—torturously way too short—second that I got to look at him, something odd stuck out in my mind. He was effortlessly balancing a Sharpie on the tip of his left index finger, looking very bored. Too bored. Hmph.

  I refused to succumb to the charms of a man just because they spoke in an alluring accent and looked completely devilish. And hot. That would be the last time I ever let myself fall prey to his cunning tricks.

  ….I hoped.

  As the novelty of surprise wore off, and the longer I sat listening to Mr. James go on and on about whatever, I couldn’t shake this eerie feeling that started creeping up my spine. For whatever reason, the new guy was beginning to freak me out. I had a strange alarming sensation in my gut, as if telling me he was dangerous. But all of it was nothing compared to what I felt out in the hallway after class ended.

  I slowly stood up to gather my things, hoping that everyone, and I mean everyone, would leave so I could get to my next class without speaking to anyone. Or at least one particular person.

  But as soon as I walked out the door he was there next to me, making me almost jump to the roof like a cat with my hair standing on end. He looked amused and wore a very adorable smirk. He backed me up against the lockers, pinning me with only his aqua eyes, and as he leaned down, both hands in his pockets, I stood there trapped by my own wonder at what was about to happen. But all he did was lean into the left side of my hair and take a long inhale of breath through his nose, like he was smelling me.

  “Mmmm,” was all he moaned before he gracefully skipped backward like a mountain lion and walked away, leaving me completely and utterly freaked. What the heck was that? That had to be the creepiest thing I had ever experienced.

  And hottest.

  But I refused to acknowledge that part.

  I began to dread going to any more classes, afraid he would be there. It all came to nothing though, because it turned out that I didn’t end up seeing him again the entire rest of the day. Thank the lord! Something was finally going my way.

  The next day, I was too scared to walk into Literature. I stood there at the door, hand over my heart, trying to calm down my nerves. I didn’t know what it was, but something about that guy had me frightened. I asked Zaylie and Desmond about him, but none of them saw him. Zaylie didn’t even remember seeing him in class yesterday. That right there had me reeling, expecting to see him anywhere I turned and being the only one who did. If I was starting to see ghosts, someone please just kill me now.

  I took a deep breath and stepped into the classroom. I was overcome by a feeling of relief and giddiness upon discovering that my favorite seat was empty and he was nowhere to be seen. I practically ran to it and sat down. I turned to Zaylie to say hi.

  “Boy am I glad to be able to sit next to you again.” I was practically ecstatic and had no intention of hiding it.

  “Oh, me too. It’s so weird that I don’t remember who was sitting here yesterday. I know there was a person, but I guess my mind took absolutely no notice of him. Either way, I’m glad you’re here now.” She beamed at me.

  “Let’s just hope it stays this way. If whoever he is goes to this school now and is in our class, I’m afraid we’ll be seeing a lot more of him. And if he tries to take this seat, I am ready to fight him to the death! Or, at least, until one of us gives in,” I finished with a brave smile.

  I wasn’t exactly sure if that was true or not. I didn’t want to be intimidated by him and especially didn’t want to be afraid of him. I was hoping that yesterday was a fluke and I’d quickly learn that there was nothing to be afraid of. He was just a boy. A very hot, 100% gorgeous boy mind you, with kinky tendencies and complete lack of acceptable social behavior. But that was beside the point.

  “Wanna hang out this weekend?” I asked Zaylie, desperately trying to change the subject.

  “Yes! I have been dying to show you this new series I’ve read. Well, it’s not ‘new,’ it’s a couple years old, but it’s new to me. You’ll totally love it! I think it might be my all-time favorite so far!”

  “Really? That sounds great! So you think it will be okay if I came over to your house?” I sure hoped it was okay, because there was no way I’d bring her to my place. I didn’t want to emotionally scar the poor girl after just becoming friends with her.

  “Of course! I’m positive my parents will be cool with it. I can text you later so you know for sure though. I can even pick you up.” She grinned, making me grin back.

  “Awesome,” I practically squealed just as the bell rang and Mr. James closed the door to get class started.

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