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       Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1), p.14

           Bailey Ardisone


  My outlook on life was once dismal, clouded with gloom. I had grown up a servant as had my father and mother. My mother Deasar worked in the kitchens, slaving over the other servants as they hastily struggled to keep up with the demands of the kitchen and the preparation of food for the royal family. My father Roche was head of the stables; he looked after the horses and the few griffins that were housed there. My brother, who was only two cycles behind me at fifteen, had been sent to the garrison and was to be thrown into combat. I was tortured with misery over Cathar’s welfare. I missed him greatly, for we had been good companions growing up. I feared for his safety; he was far too young to learn the pains of war.

  The only reason I savored any ounce of hope in this dreary life was because of Calen and our gift. She was my Fëa, and we were bonded forever. Although we were struggling with that bond, being apart as often as we were and not having the time and practice we needed for our bond to solidify, we still had each other. We would get better with practice, but it taxed a great toll on our mind, body, and soul to do what we were trying to accomplish. Huge amounts of energy we would expend, and it seemed to be wasted. Despite the hindrance, I knew we must press through it. No matter what it took, I must reach him again.

  Not every person of my kind was born with a gift. We were called Maite’Ona, and each one was born with a Fëa essence who would one day meet with their Fëa and bond for eternity. Any who were Maite’Ona were used by the King in efforts to prevail in the war. I would not allow myself or Calen to be used that way, and thus I held my gift in secrecy. Calen had to remain hidden in the forests, and we could meet only sparsely. She had the whole Tiuka Forest to fly around free, and how I longed to be free with her.

  One day.

  One day we would have the chance to be together.

  Cycles ago, I would have bad dreams that the King had found out and sentenced me to hang for not revealing it to him. The fate of Calen haunted me tremendously, and I shuddered at the thought of what would happen if anyone found out about her. I remembered waking up screaming, and then I would vow to myself that no one would ever find out.

  It wasn’t until one day I met the person who changed everything and gave me determination. He knew of my gift and brilliantly conspired a plan, giving me real purpose. I had a mission. I would carry it out at all costs.

  Chapter Nine

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