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       The Edge of Dominance, p.43
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         Part #4 of The Doms of Her Life series by Shayla Black

  “He’s obviously crazy, baby.” Reaching inside his pants, he pulled out his cock. “How about you let me put my hammer down in you—deep and hard?”

  “Oh, my god,” she whispered, staring at his cock with wide eyes. “Come here, Captain. Let me wrap my lips around that big gun of yours.”

  “Not yet, baby. I want to be inside you, make you scream for me.”

  “And you’re going to tie me up, right?”

  River kicked off his pants, then rushed to the bed, pulling the rope from all four corners. “You know I am. Strip out of your bra and panties. Let me rock your world.”

  “I can’t wait.” She giggled.

  In seconds flat, she was naked and lying in the center of the bed. River blocked out what a vile bitch she was and focused on her centerfold body. Thankfully, his cock had no conscience.

  Remembering Seth’s comment about how often her fields were plowed, River turned and double wrapped his dick in latex.

  “Hurry, Captain.”

  Gritting his teeth, he flashed her a smile as he bound her wrists and ankles. He couldn’t force himself to engage in any foreplay. He’d be doing well to fuck her. It was a damn good thing that as soon as he slid inside her, his swollen head took over.

  River pumped her furiously. As Marlie geared up for her third orgasm, River wished Seth would crash this party. The double condoms were strangling him, and she definitely wasn’t flipping his switch. But he’d fuck her all night if he had to. He’d done worse for his country.

  He might want an orgasm tonight, but he refused to have one with her.

  As she bucked and writhed and screamed beneath him, he flashed a WTF scowl at the camera mounted on the headboard.

  Finally, River’s cell phone rang.

  About fucking time, Seth. You son of a bitch.

  Rolling off her still-panting body, River plucked the device from his pants.


  “Where are you, man? They’re about to start the awards ceremony. You missed the dinner. What’s keeping you?” Seth asked, per their arranged script.

  “Son of a… What time is it?”

  “Time for you to pull your cock out of whoever you’ve got it in, throw on your Class A’s, and get your ass to the banquet. I’ll stall. Hurry.”

  “Wh-what’s wrong?” Marlie asked, half dazed.

  “I’ve got to go. I’m sorry, baby.” He tugged off the condoms and slipped into his pants. “But I’m being awarded the Medal of Honor tonight. I’m late.”

  She didn’t bat a lash. “Oh, how exciting.”

  Clearly, the woman didn’t have a goddamn clue that such awards were often given posthumously and only at the White House, never in LA.

  River tried not to roll his eyes as he untied her from the bed. “A thrill.”

  She launched out of bed and tossed on her clothes. “I’ll be in the bar until late tonight. When you get back, come find me. I’d really like to see you again.”

  I’d rather hang myself with barbed wire over a pit of hungry gators.

  “You know I will.” River gave her a broad smile.

  He kissed her cheek, smacked her ass, and shoved her out the door. Waiting to the count of ten, he peered through the peephole to make sure she’d left the hall.

  The coast was clear.

  Seconds later, the lock clicked, and Seth sauntered into the room wearing a big-ass grin and holding a DVD. “You got her. We’re so close to nailing Marlie, that slimy tech nerd Hammer hired, and that asshole AUSA to the wall.”

  “Fuck yeah,” River cheered.

  “A little more legwork, and I think I can shore this up. Hammer should be as good as free.” Seth was grinning from ear to ear. “I told you your sister is a tough girl.”

  He had to give Raine credit. “She called it.”

  “By the way, how did you work Marlie so fast? You had her up here before I even finished the cheeseburger I ordered from room service.”

  “Hell, I was doing well to get her in the room before she raped me.” River shook his head. “In the elevator, she had her tongue so far down my throat I thought it was going to come out my ass.”

  Seth roared with laughter.

  River shuddered. “It’s not funny, shithead. Please tell me you have bleach in your room.”

  “Why the hell do you need that?”

  “To soak the germs off my dick.”

  Chapter 17

  Friday, February 22

  * * *

  Wearing a crooked smile, Liam watched from the doorway as Raine paced the living room, peering out the bay window every few seconds. She only paused to glance at the clock.

  He strolled closer and wrapped his arms around her from behind. “They’re not going to get here any faster because you’re wearing a hole in the rug waiting for them, love.”

  “I know, but it’s past two. Seth and River were supposed to be here five minutes ago.”

  Her normal bluish-white aura had been streaked with sharp purple before she’d gone to Shadows. Now that she’d returned, it pulsed violet, which told him Raine was up to something—and determined to keep it to herself. He didn’t like it.

  “You’re keeping secrets from me, love,” Liam challenged in low tones.

  She whipped around to face him, eyes wide. “Not exactly. I’m waiting for Seth and River to…”

  “To what?”

  “Okay, so I had a hunch. Call it woman’s intuition. I didn’t put myself in harm’s way, just asked them to investigate something for me. River called this morning and told me they have news to share.”

  “And you didn’t mention any of this to me or Hammer?”

  “Because I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up if I was wrong. I’ll explain everything shortly. Just give me a few more minutes, okay?”

  “Very well. But if they don’t have answers to your woman’s intuition, you and I are going to have a long talk.”

  “We will.” She nodded and turned her attention toward the window once more.

  He shook his head and smirked. “You’re bloody marvelous at a lot of things, but being patient isn’t one of them.”

  “I can’t help it. Waiting drives me crazy.”

  He nibbled the sensitive spot beneath her ear. “Hammer and I will gladly take you upstairs to occupy your mind—and your luscious body. That would make going crazy a lot more fun.”

  “Did someone say my name?” Hammer strode into the room, merging himself in their hug.

  “I thought you were out.” Raine blinked up at him. “I went to the garage to get some apple juice and your car was gone. I was hoping you’d bring me back some chocolate donuts.”

  Macen blanched slightly. “No, but I’ll pick some up for you tomorrow morning.”

  The two men had sat at the pool the other night, polishing off a half bottle of scotch and tequila, respectively. They’d shared curses and even a few tears while Liam delved into his friend’s psyche. Knowing the man had been so near the edge scared the bloody hell out of Liam. But by five that morning, he was confident he’d reached his pal and even more secure the fuckwit wouldn’t pull a stunt like that again—ever.

  Then Hammer had called for a tow truck, which arrived as the sun rose. Liam had watched gratefully as the demolished Audi was hauled to the graveyard, instead of his mate. Still, Liam couldn’t help but feel they’d somehow buried a body. Maybe it was Hammer’s fears. Either way, all evidence of the man’s breakdown was gone.

  “That would be nice but where’s your car?” she asked suspiciously.

  “Well…” Hammer looked his way. “My frustration got the best of me. I sort of…beat it up with a tire iron.”

  That was as much explanation as Raine needed.

  “You what?” she gasped.

  “It’s all right, precious. I needed to vent, and it was time I got a new car anyway.”

  “That’s an awfully expensive way to take out your frustrations.” She scowled, then turned toward Liam. “So you yank the phon
e out of the wall and Hammer beats up his car. Do you two need anger management classes or something?”

  “No. We plan to expend all our energies on you from now on,” Hammer assured.

  She cupped his chin, concern written all over her face. “Do you feel better?”

  He bent and kissed her tenderly. “I feel alive, precious. The only way I could feel better is if we resolved this fucking mess.”

  A secret smile tugged the corners of Raine’s lips. Liam hoped whatever she was hiding might make their most profound wish come true.

  As Bryn and Duncan descended the stairs, the doorbell rang.

  “Would you like me to get that?” Duncan asked.

  “I’ve got it.” Raine peeled herself from their arms and ran to the door.

  She yanked it open. Beck and Sterling stood on the porch, wearing expectant expressions.

  Liam wondered why those two were dropping by since Raine had said she was waiting for Seth and her brother. So she hadn’t told him everything. Liam planned to remind her about her vow of honesty with several well-placed slaps on her milky ass soon. His palm began to itch.

  “Come on in,” Raine invited.

  As the two men stepped into the foyer, she poked her head out the door and looked both ways, as if scanning the street. With a heavy sigh, she shut it again, then followed Beck and Sterling into the family room. The guys all shook hands before taking a seat on the couch.

  “What brings you two here?” Liam asked curiously.

  “I’ll get us all some tea,” Bryn announced, blatantly preventing the other men from answering his question.

  What are you up to, Mum? he asked with a mental nudge.

  She simply smiled.

  “Do you have a beer?” Beck asked.

  “It’s two o’clock in the afternoon, Kenneth,” Bryn pointed out.

  He flashed her a mischievous grin. “It’s five o’clock somewhere.”

  “You’ve melted your share of hearts with that smile, but it’s going to take more than that to snare a heavenly heart.”

  Beck scowled. “I’d rather have a beer than predictions.”

  Liam snorted. “Good luck with that.”

  “I’ll get you a pint, mate.” Duncan slapped Bryn on the ass. “Come on, wench. You’re scaring the kids with your riddles again.”

  Sterling looked confused but shrugged.

  “Exactly why are we here, princess?” Beck peered at Raine.

  She nibbled her bottom lip, then cast a hopeful glance at the door. “Well, um… Seth and River will be here any second. We’ll explain then.”

  Hammer frowned and turned to his lawyer. “So you don’t know what’s up?”

  “Haven’t a clue.” Sterling shook his head. “Raine called and said it was urgent, so I cleared my afternoon.”

  “I’m sorry you had to rearrange your schedule,” she apologized. “They should—”

  The doorbell rang again. She raced across the room, yanked the door open, then ushered Seth and River in.

  Bryn and Duncan appeared, setting a variety of drinks on the coffee table.

  “Well?” Raine looked at her brother, barely able to contain her excitement.

  Liam watched. What the devil was she up to?

  Wearing a broad smile, River grabbed her, lifted her off the ground, and kissed her cheek.

  Hammer tensed. Liam gripped his friend’s shoulder to calm him. Both River and Seth had the same violet aura pulsing around them, so they were in on Raine’s plot. Liam watched curiously as River set Raine down before reaching inside his jacket. He pulled out a DVD and handed it to her.

  “Go ahead, storm cloud. You were right. This is your show. You did good. Finish saving your man.”

  Wariness stamped Macen’s face. “Raine, what is he talking about?”

  Liam couldn’t miss the hum of anticipation singing in the air. Something big was on the horizon. Huge. He fastened his stare on Raine.

  “After we tried to determine which blonde had a vendetta against you, I couldn’t shake the feeling that a certain person was involved,” she explained. “Something in the back of my head kept telling me to check her out.”

  “Who?” Hammer asked impatiently.

  “I’m getting there.” Raine sent him a pleading stare. “I asked River and Seth to set a trap. She never saw River coming, and that’s a good thing, because I think they caught her. Everything should be on this disc.” She eased in next to Hammer and sent him a stare full of love. “Watch this. Especially you, Sterling. I think you’ll find it…educational. And from the look Seth is giving me, maybe even alarming.” Then she placed the DVD in Hammer’s hand and kissed him softly. “I love you.”

  He stared at the flat plastic, turning it over and over in his hand. “Does this have something to do with my case?”

  “It should keep you out of prison, Macen,” she softly whispered.

  “Seriously?” Hammer blinked in total disbelief.

  “One hundred and ten percent,” Seth promised.

  “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet,” Sterling warned. “What exactly is on that disc?”

  “Well, River took a big one for the team.” Seth chuckled.

  Bryn’s eyes grew wide. “Oh. Oh, my. Raine? Dear, I think it best if you and I went upstairs for a wee bit.”

  His girl cringed. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I know what’s on it. I’d rather wash my eyes out with battery acid than see that.”

  Bryn put her arm around Raine’s shoulder. “Your brother’s dedication to you is admirable but disturbing.”

  She sent River a broad smile. “Thank you, big brother.”

  “Anything for you, storm cloud.” River smiled lovingly.

  Seth darted toward the front door, returning seconds later with an enormous bag of popcorn and a wide grin.

  Liam felt as if Raine had passed her impatience on to him. If whatever they were about to view could solve Hammer’s case, he didn’t want to piss around talking.

  “Gentlemen, let’s get this show on the road and adjourn to the media room, shall we?” he suggested.

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