The edge of dominance, p.24
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       The Edge of Dominance, p.24

         Part #4 of The Doms of Her Life series by Shayla Black
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  Irishman was steady and determined to give her what she needed.

  Just beyond him, she caught sight of Macen, watching her with the scrutiny of a Master and the concern of a lover.

  God, she’d be empty without them both.

  Though she felt held and supported in every way, a fine tremor still ran through her body. She curled up tighter against Liam’s chest. Everything inside her jumbled into a vulnerable sort of triumph. All in a few days, she’d confronted Macen’s potential legal troubles and her brother. She’d begun to face her fear. Tomorrow, she would accept the deaths of her mother and sister. She was growing stronger, healing.

  And now she wanted to take this raw devotion spilling from her heart and give to her men.

  Liam set her on the bed and followed her down, enveloping her left side. Seconds later, Hammer followed, plastering himself against her right. Raine breathed in the moment—their hands warming her skin, their lips in her hair, their voices in her ear.

  She was safe. She was loved.

  Now she needed their touch, to feel their reassurance deep inside her. She craved their three hearts coming together to beat as one because they were her life and her breath. They were every smile, every tear.

  They were her soul.

  Rolling to her side, she faced Liam, curling her hand around his head and caressing down, bringing him closer until their foreheads touched. She grabbed the strands of hair growing at his nape, kissed the bridge of his nose. The urge to draw him deeper bled into Raine and filled her chest until it hurt. When Hammer sidled up behind her, wrapping his beefy arm around her waist and brushing her hair aside to kiss his way down her neck, the ache of love only spread.

  She was truly blessed.

  Liam took her face in his hands and searched her expression. “Raine?”

  “I’m okay now. Nothing is wrong.” She reached for Macen’s hand and brought it against her heart while tilting her head back to him. “It’s so right.”

  Then Raine pressed forward. Liam met her halfway. Their lips collided. He surged in. She yielded. They melted together, tongues stroking, breaths mingling, heartbeats syncing. Desire drizzled through her blood, sweet, sugary, sinful.

  “Let him in deeper, precious.” Hammer spoke against her ear. “I love to watch you accept the pleasure he gives you. Take it all. Yes…”

  Macen’s voice swirled in her head, mixing with the languid, clever skill of Liam’s kiss to send her senses spinning. She shuddered, sinking into a chasm of arousal.

  With another nip at the sensitive flesh of her neck, Hammer disentangled his fingers from hers and cupped her breast, leisurely flicking her nipple with his thumb. As she gave a supplicating arch toward his touch, he twisted the hard bud between his thumb and finger. Liam swallowed her gasp and gripped her hair in his fists, pulling just enough to jet the electric tingle in her scalp all the way through her body. His control over her kiss became utter command. Thoughts melted away as Raine tumbled into the endless moment.

  She surged closer to Liam, seeking his body heat, relief from the ache seizing her lungs, boiling her blood. His cock grazed her belly, but it wasn’t enough of him. It never would be.

  A frustrated moan slipped from her chest.

  Liam broke the kiss, and it was Hammer’s turn to take her hair in his fist. His tug was gentle, but it left her no doubt in that moment that he’d taken charge of her. She tilted her head back toward him, giving in to his silent demand.

  As if the men were on some silent wavelength, Liam took the opportunity Hammer had presented him to unclasp her top and release her breasts. Macen plucked at the little bow between her legs, exposing her pussy. Liam’s lips closed around her nipple while Hammer’s fingers slid against her slick furrow.

  Desire converged, heavy and devastating.

  She scratched at Liam’s shoulders, panting hard, skin melting, blood burning. “Please…”

  Raine cried out for relief. Love. Dominance. Them.

  As Macen rubbed toying circles around her clit, his lips brushed her ear again. “Your surrender is heady. Your begging makes us hard. Keep burning, baby. We’re going to push you to the edge of orgasm and make you hold it. When you’re desperate, that’s when I’ll work my fat cock into your narrow backside. You can plead all you like, but you’ll be forbidden to come, especially as Liam eases that thick crest of his into your little pussy one wicked inch at a time. Once you’re packed full of us, then…” His breath heated her nape as he chuckled. “But if you think you’re ready to beg now… Oh, you haven’t even started.”

  Raine didn’t doubt him for a moment. She whimpered, writhed, silently imploring them to start.

  Liam bit at her nipple, sending a shock of pleasure-pain trilling across her senses. She was still processing the fine shiver when he urged her to face Hammer. Suddenly, she was looking into Macen’s molten hazel eyes.

  “Kiss him,” Liam demanded thickly behind her. “And spread your legs for me. Now, Raine.”

  Their power converged in the air around her, swirling tighter, faster, like a whirlpool sucking her under. The gravity of it was unbeatable, so she gave herself over, drowned willingly—and obeyed.

  As she layered her mouth over Hammer’s, he was ready, crashing into her and taking her with a demand that stole her breath. As Raine let go of the last shred of rational thought, she bent one knee and placed her foot flat on the mattress.

  Liam had plenty of space to slide his big hand between her thighs. He plunged his fingers inside her slick opening. She gasped into Hammer’s mouth.

  Neither man showed her mercy. Macen’s kiss and Liam’s digits both delved deeper, determined to take more of her. Her Irishman bucked against her, pressing every dizzying inch of his hard shaft against her backside.

  “Hammer will soon be fucking this ass, love. While he’s filling you, I’m going to watch your face. Every widening of your eyes, every gasp, every shiver of pleasure, I’ll drink it in. While I’ve got my fingers in your cunt.” He wriggled them—as if she needed the reminder—and added a softly brutal swipe of his thumb over her throbbing clit. “And tormenting you in every way I know how.”

  “Liam,” she gasped.

  “Once Macen has buried himself inside your wee opening, I’ll be sliding your body down to mine and squeezing my way into your pussy. Such a sweet, tight fit.” He groaned. “But you’ll open to me and give us all of yourself, Raine. Is that clear?”

  Hammer didn’t release her mouth so she could answer. Desperate, she moaned, clung, squirmed in agonized need.

  “Yes.” Satisfaction laced Liam’s voice. “You will.”

  Every single time you want me.

  While she lost herself in Hammer’s unrelenting kiss, she swooned at the feel of Liam’s fingers strumming her every sensitive spot until she didn’t care if she couldn’t move or breathe. She only cared about the honeyed pleasure they oozed all over her, thick and seductive…and so close she could taste it.

  Finally, Macen eased back, leaving her with eyes closed, lips parted, body disintegrating into a puddle of liquid desire while Liam continued toying with her screaming clit. Gaze raking down her body, Hammer stroked her hip while he watched his best friend torment her. His eyes turned a deeper shade of magnetic allure.

  “She’s on the edge, trying so hard not to disobey us and come,” Hammer murmured. “Fuck, she’s pretty.”

  “And so hot around my fingers. She’ll burn our cocks.”

  “I’m looking forward to it.” Macen eased off the bed. “You mind keeping Raine flushed and desperate? I want to watch while I get ready to fuck her.”

  “My pleasure.”

  No, no, no! But Raine was beyond forming words. Instead, she mewled and continued to melt under Liam’s sweltering touch. Hammer gave her a bawdy smile as he shucked his clothes, revealing the big body that never failed to have her biting her lip in need. With a slow gait and a tall staff, he prowled to the nightstand and drew out a tube of lube.

  Raine k
new what he intended next. Her breath caught. These two always made this act the most potent thrill, had her feeling delicate, submissive, and taken.

  She begged Hammer to hurry with her eyes.

  He juggled the tube in his hand. “You want something, precious?”

  Liam’s fingers did another sweep over the terrible ache behind her clit. “Answer the man. I’d like to hear this, too.”

  Holding her breath to fight the climax railing at her, she tried to gather her words. Her thoughts slid around like oil. But every place they touched her burned like dry kindling under their flame.

  “Silence, love?” He bit at her shoulder and heaped on more suffering.

  “Fuck me,” she managed to gasp. “Now. I…need…you.”

  “There it is.” Hammer smiled again. “But it sounds like she thinks she’s giving the orders.”

  “It does,” Liam mused.

  Lunging on the bed, Hammer grabbed her hair in his hand again, his face hovering right over hers. “Do you give the orders?”

  “No,” she blurted. “You and Liam. Please…”

  He eased the grip on her hair, then stroked her cheek. “Good answer.”

  “You could reward her,” Liam suggested slyly.

  Yes, yes, yes! But she said nothing, merely blinked at Hammer, silently supplicating. His smile widened. God, they were enjoying their power. And she was relishing every second of surrendering to them.

  “Or you could,” Macen tossed back. “But you didn’t have an orgasm in mind, right?”

  Liam shrugged. “Of course not…yet.”

  “Then we’re on the same page.” He flipped open the cap of the lube.

  Raine froze, suspended in the throes of this excruciating ache, hoping, praying…

  Until Liam took his fingers from her clit. Another swipe or two and she would have been tumbling into a gasping, stunning euphoria.

  And both disobeying and disappointing them.

  Pressing her lips together to hold in her protest, she put her faith in them. They would eventually end their torture and give her the most sublime ecstasy.

  “Her face is priceless,” Hammer drawled. “You’re fighting it, aren’t you, precious?”

  She gave a wild, shaky bob of her head, not trusting her words.

  They grinned as Liam rolled her to face him, then eased onto his back, sending her sprawling on top of him. “On your hands and knees, wench. Give him that lush, wee ass he wants.”

  Raine scrambled to comply, poised over Liam and blinking into his eyes as Hammer stepped up behind her. She heard the squirt of the lube, felt the cool gel slick across her rosette, then imagined him slathering the liquid all over his shaft. God, she couldn’t breathe. Her heart was about to beat out of her chest.

  Suddenly, the tube plopped on the bed next to her knee. Macen’s body heat warmed the backs of her thighs. He palmed her ass. “Arch your back.”

  “Down on your elbows,” Liam added. “Look at me.”

  Instantly, she obeyed. His eyes, usually a warm sepia, had darkened to a raw umber, and she couldn’t stop herself from breathlessly plummeting into their depths. She had no beginning; he had no end. Here she found her undoing, both her enslavement and her salvation.

  She whispered his name. He palmed her crown.

  Then Hammer set his crest against her opening, worked past the ring of muscle, and inched inside her at a crawling pace that had her digging into Liam’s shoulders with a gasp.

  “You must be doing something right, mate. I’ve got her nails in my skin.”

  “Yeah.” Macen sounded strained. “Her walls are clenching my cock. Oh, fuck.”

  “I intend to…in good time.” Just as he’d promised, Liam worked his hand between them and circled her clit again.

  Raine sank her fingers deeper into him with a high-pitched whimper that seemed to come from someplace in her throat she’d never used. Liam paid her no mind, just watched her face as Hammer gripped her hips, pressed forward, and slid deeper.

  God, she wanted to wriggle, find more friction—anything to end this incendiary agony. But she had nowhere to go, no way to usurp the ruthless control they had over her body. Hammer filled her at his own pace, and Liam enjoyed every helpless emotion that ripped across her face.

  Finally, Macen gave a guttural groan from deep in his chest. The hair on his thighs gently abraded the backs of hers. He surged forward, trying to root in even deeper, but he was in to the hilt. All she could do was gape as he dragged the swollen head of his cock over her sensitive tissue.

  “Hurry the fuck up, man.” Hammer rocked back, then shoved in again, pushing her closer to Liam—and the edge. “Holy shit.”

  “On it. Lower yourself onto me, love. Give me your cunt.”

  He didn’t have to tell her twice.

  Raine gladly sat back on his cock, standing thick and waiting between her legs. With a wriggle and a nudge, she began taking him in, her hungry pussy swallowing inch after inch. The sting of the stretch they demanded of her openings as she took them both always had her grappling to accommodate and marveling at the wondrous feeling of completeness they gave her.

  Beneath her, Liam surged up the rest of the way. As he fell back, Hammer invaded. Their perfectly synchronized dance drove her up, soaring toward an intoxicating rapture that would launch her straight to the heaven only they could give her.

  Liam lunged. Hammer parried. She moved with them, sinking her teeth into Liam’s shoulder, moaning. Astonishing. Exhilarating.


  They felt as if they were made for her. Yes, they’d all had struggles, but each of them had fought their way back to the others time and again. For this. Because they were meant to be.

  And she couldn’t hold back the wrenching, undeniable love she felt for them anymore.

  Heaving for her last sane breath, she lifted her lips from Liam’s skin. The purple love bite there barely registered as she howled out for them. “Please…Sirs. I’m begging.”

  “Fuck, I could almost beg, too,” Hammer muttered.

  “With you, mate. Christ…” Liam panted, a flush rushing across his skin. “Nothing turns me on more than watching you come. Do it, Raine. Shatter hard!”

  She jolted, her entire system bucking and spasming as she splintered into a million pieces for them. As they crashed into her, they followed her into bliss, roaring out a chorus of curses and groans. The aftermath was a hush of whispers filled with devotion, tender kisses, and an unspoken hope that their every tomorrow could be this full of love.

  * * *

  Friday, February 15

  * * *

  At noon the next day, Raine emerged from Hammer’s Audi at the cemetery. Wearing a somber gray suit, Liam opened the door for her and held out his hand. By the time she gathered the flowers she’d brought, placed her fingers in his, and stood, Macen was beside him, locking the sedan with a concerned glance her way. River pulled up in his big black truck and killed the engine. He was slow to emerge.

  As they left the parking lot, everything became more real. Her entire body trembled.

  “You don’t have to do this today, love,” Liam offered.

  Maybe it wasn’t the best timing in the face of everything else going on but… “Yeah, I do. I know you want to protect me. But I owe my mother and sister my love and respect. I’ve waited too long as it is.”

  Raine squeezed his hand in unspoken thanks before she released him.

  “We understand. We’re here for you,” Macen murmured.

  With a grateful smile their way, she gathered herself and
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