Beast billionaire 1 (bad.., p.8
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       Beast Billionaire #1 (Bad Boy Alpha Billionaire Werewolf Shifter Romance), p.8

           Mac Flynn
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Maggie's car waited for her, and she drove home. She found her father asleep in his favorite chair. The TV was on. She set the mirror on the coffee table in front of the chair and took a quilt from the foot of the bed. It was one sewn by her mother. She lay it over her father. He stirred a little and a few mumbling words passed his lips.

  "Maggie. Maggie, where are you?"

  Maggie smiled and whispered her reply. "I'm right here, Dad."

  Robert's eyes fluttered open. His gaze fell on her and his face brightened with a smile. He sat up and clasped her hands. "I've been worried sick about you! Where did you go? Why didn't answer you phone?"

  Maggie patted his hand. "You didn't need to worry, Dad. I went to see A-Mr. Forrest about your job."

  His eyes widened. "You did what?"

  Maggie winced. "I thought it would help."

  He squeezed her hands and shook his head. "I know my job meant a lot to us, but you didn't have to go to see him."

  Maggie smiled. "But it was worth it. I met him and he promised to look into it."

  Her father blinked at her. "You. . .you did?" He shook himself. "I mean, he did?"

  Maggie nodded. "Yep. We might hear from your work tomorrow."

  His eyes lit up and a grin parted his lips. He jumped to his feet and swung her in a wild dance around the furniture. "This is wonderful! Stupendous! Now you can stay in college!"

  Maggie fell back onto the couch and laughed. "It hasn't happened yet."

  He rubbed his hands together and smiled. "But I believe it has. If Mr. Forrest is as honest a man as his father then I'm sure to get my job back." He gave her a wink. "Just you wait and see. He'll come through for us."

  Maggie's eyes flickered to the mirror on the table. Her heart sank as she thought about her half of the strange, unfulfilled bargain. Her father hurried past her to the kitchen.

  "Now why don't we celebrate with some spaghetti?" He pulled a frying pan from the cupboards and turned to her. "My treat."

  Maggie grabbed the mirror and stood to face him. The mirror was hidden behind her back. "Actually, I'm a little tired from all that driving. I think I'll go to bed."

  He blinked at her. "Oh, all right. Goodnight."

  "'Night," Maggie replied.

  Maggie slipped down her hall into the room and shut the door. The mirror weighed heavy in her hand as she strode over to her bed and settled herself on the covers. She cupped the mirror in one palm and studied the beautiful jewels and gold that surrounded the glass. Her palm brushed against the back and her fingers touched something. Maggie flipped the mirror over and studied the back. A few words were engraved in the gold inlaid.

  A glass to see

  What may be

  Or what one

  Needs to see

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