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           Lolita London
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  "I don't need to ask if you're sure do I," Madeline's father said.

  "Is it that obvious," she replied and smiled.

  "I know it must have made life difficult for you to come back," he went on. "But I'm glad you did."

  "Me too," she told him as she hugged him then picked up her bag.

  It was almost four weeks since she left the town of Melrose to come home and her father was right about it making her life difficult. The fact that her mother was getting better meant it was worth it, but now that she was on the verge of boarding a train yet again she wondered just what she was going back to.

  The trip to the doctor a couple of days previously brought the good news that the new medication was working to get her mother's health back to a state where she would be able to enjoy life again. It also brought Madeline some other news and she wasn't sure quite how it would affect her life.

  She said goodbye to her father and let out a sigh as she stepped from the platform to the train. Her old habit of being frugal with money led her to buy just a standard ticket and she was aware that the carriage she was in was nowhere near the luxury of first class.

  "Getting airs and graces,' she chided herself. "Remember where you come from."

  It wasn't difficult to do that as she found a seat and looked out at her father. He disappeared from view as the train got moving and it reminded her of the trip she made just a few weeks before. On that occasion she didn't really know what she was letting herself in for. This time she did although there were plenty of complications that might make life difficult or even impossible.

  She'd sent Robert a weekly telegram to let him know what was going on with her mother, but she hadn't sent him one that week and was traveling back unannounced. That was deliberate on her part as she wanted to see what she found when she returned without forewarning of her arrival. She suspected that might make him mad, but decided to risk it.

  She was still unsure of what the true situation was between her husband and his gold depository manager. Victoria's insinuations that she would look after Robert played on her mind often during the four weeks she was away, but there was nothing she could do about it. Now she wanted to find out for sure if there was anything going on between them beyond their professional relationship.

  Madeline tried to put the whole situation out of her mind for a while and found a book in her bag she could read to do just that. It helped to pass the minutes and hours of the trip quicker and in what seemed like no time she found herself looking out onto the outskirts of Melrose. There was nobody to meet her this time when she arrived at the station and she went to have something to eat before setting off on the walk to the mansion. When she arrived at the gates, she stopped to compose herself. She'd deliberately got a later train in the knowledge that it would get her to the property in the early evening. It would mean that Robert should be home from work and as she stood at the gates, she played out in her mind the happy scene of her falling in his arms for a passionate kiss.

  "Time to find out," she let out quietly and steeled herself for what was about to come.

  Moving quietly through the gates, she walked up the small incline and stopped at the top. The mansion was lit up as expected and she could see the carriage was sitting at the front of the building to show for sure that Robert was there. She walked towards it in the darkness and it was only as she got closer that she became aware of a maid standing by the open door of the mansion.

  The carriage blocked the view of her approach and it was only as she walked past it that she was spotted. A surprised expression crossed the maid's face and she immediately turned to walk inside.

  "Stop," Madeline said as she hurried forward.

  The maid halted in her tracks and turned around. The apprehensive look on her face made Madeline suspicious and she watched as the young woman dropped her gaze to the floor.

  "What are you doing?" Madeline asked.

  The maid shuffled her feet nervously, but said nothing at first.

  "You know who I am?" Madeline went on.

  "Yes Mrs. Cortege."

  "So you realize if I tell my husband to fire you that it will happen," she warned.

  The maid looked up and this time it was fear that showed on her face. Madeline felt slightly guilty at making the threat and had no intention of seeing it through. She just wanted to loosen the maid's tongue and find out what was going on.

  "What are you doing?" she repeated and found that the threat worked.

  "I?, I was asked to keep a watch on anyone arriving at the house," the maid replied.

  "Asked by whom?" Madeline queried.

  "The manager of the gold depository," the maid admitted.

  The news shocked Madeline. Not only that Victoria was at the house, but that she was giving orders to the servants.

  "Why is she here?" she demanded.

  "Mr. Cortege invited her," the maid answered. "They are in the drawing room and I was to inform them if anyone arrived."

  "Well you're not going to do that," Madeline informed her. "Do you understand me?"

  "Yes Miss," the maid replied.

  "Go to your room right now," she told her.

  The maid nodded and scurried off in the direction of the servant's quarters in the property. Madeline watched her go and wondered if anyone heard the exchange that just took place. There didn't seem to be anybody around, so she made way quietly in the direction of the drawing room. As she got closer to it she began to hear voices through the gap in the door and recognized them as her husband and Victoria.

  "The figures look OK for last month's business," Robert said.

  "We've increased the number of clients," Victoria replied. "That's being reflected in the bottom line and the monthly profits are improving."

  Madeline listened as the business conversation continued and relaxed a bit. It seemed her fears were unfounded, but she remained in place. She wanted to see what happened when the work discussion ended.

  "Would you like a drink," Robert offered when it did.

  "That would be nice," Victoria replied.

  Madeline tensed as the short silence stretched out and she then heard the clink of glasses.

  "So no sign of your wife coming back," Victoria said.

  "I haven't heard from her this week," Robert replied.

  "Are you sure she will come back?" Victoria went on. "It's not like you really know her."

  Madeline's mouth tightened as she listened. She wanted to burst in the room and tell Victoria to shut up, but held off doing it as a bad idea and just continued to listen.

  "I trust her," Robert replied. "She's keeping in touch and I know she'll be back."

  There was a brief silence before Victoria's voice sounded out again.

  "You know everyone thinks you made a big mistake by marrying her."

  "Is that right," Robert replied.

  "Well?, I think so," Victoria carried on. "You can do so much better than her."

  "Like you, you mean?" Robert asked.

  "Would that be so bad?" Victoria replied. "We work well together and it can be about more than business."

  "What can be more than business?" he said.

  "Us," Victoria told him. "We're perfect for each other. You don't need that little whore ruining your life. You can have me and I promise I'll do anything and everything you want."

  Madeline's heart began to sink as she listened and she suddenly wished she hadn't.

  "So what are you suggesting?" Robert asked.

  "Your sham of a marriage can be annulled or if not get a divorce,' Victoria answered. "Then we can be together."

  The silence in the room stretched out and Madeline wanted to cry as the life with Robert she was desperate for appeared to move out of reach.

  "You know what I think," he eventually said.

  "What?" Victoria asked and Madeline could hear the expectation in her voice.

  "I think you should get the hell out of my house," he went on calmly.

" Victoria said.

  "But nothing," Robert went on in a raised voice. "Get the fuck out of my house and don't bother coming in to work tomorrow or for the rest of your life for that matter because you're fired."

  The smile spread across Madeline's face, but she decided to get away from the door before she was caught eavesdropping. She didn't want Robert to know she'd been listening, so moved to the stairs as quietly as she could and climbed them. As she walked along the hallway towards her room, she heard a door slam and suspected it was Victoria making a less than ladylike exit.

  "Good riddance," she muttered and felt the joy that she wouldn't have to put up with any more insults.

  She walked in her room, closed the door and went to lie down on the bed. She rested her head on the pillows and considered how she was going to let it be known that she was there. The knock on the door five minutes later startled her and she wondered if the maid revealed to Gillian that she was back. She waited for the door to open, but instead a second knock sounded out.

  "Come in." she shouted and waited.

  A third knock got her to her feet and she cross the room and opened the door.

  "I told you?"

  Her words stopped as she found herself staring at Robert.

  "This isn't your room," he said and walked off.

  Madeline's anxiety flared and she wondered how he knew she was there. Did he know she'd eavesdropped on his conversation? Was she about to be punished? Her pulse accelerated as she walked out of the room and hurried to catch up. She managed it just as Robert got to his bedroom and followed him inside. He went to the large globe and opened it to pour himself a whisky. The silence stretched out and she finally couldn't stop herself.

  "How did you know I was here?" she asked.

  He pulled a piece of paper from his pocket as he dropped in his seat and held it out. Madeline moved across to him and took it. Her eyes opened wide as she read the telegram from her father to her husband. It thanked him for being generous enough to let her come home and look after her mother and crucially gave the details of her return.

  "It arrived this morning," Robert said.

  "So you knew I would be here," Madeline said and saw him nod his head. "And the whole thing was a set up."

  She saw the smile flash across his face, but he didn't answer. There was no doubt that the whole scenario with Victoria was set up for her benefit though. He took another sip of the whisky before he finally did speak.

  "I wanted you to know she meant nothing to me," he told her. "I only want one girl in my life?, and it's you. I already told you my gut instinct was that I made the right choice with you. I haven't changed my mind about that."

  "And you're really going to fire Victoria from her job," Madeline asked.

  "Yes," he replied.

  "You don't need a bitch like her in your life anyway," she told him.

  Robert laughed, but the noise of it quickly ended.

  "You still need to know your place and your duties," he said.

  "I do," Madeline replied as she dropped to her knees beside the chair. "I promise you will get everything you want from me and I mean everything."

  "It might mean a punishment when you make a mistake," he said. "You understand that don't you."

  Madeline was taken back to being over his knee and spanked. She knew it wasn't all about punishing her. That was made clear by how strong Robert's erection got when he meted out the stinging discipline and she remembered her own reaction to it.

  "Yes sir," she answered his question.

  Knowing that she was the only woman he wanted was an aphrodisiac that brought out her longing and the stirrings of arousal began to take hold in her body. She didn't want to be punished, but remembered how good it felt to let her husband have full control. It was going to happen again at some time, but not at that moment. It was a kiss that excited her as Robert leaned in close and brushed his lips gently on hers. She could taste the whisky and when his hand slid in the hair at the back of her head the kiss became more passionate.

  Madeline let out a quiet gasp as their lips parted and watched as he enjoyed another drink. She could see in her husband's eyes what he wanted as his gaze roamed over her body and got to her feet without even being told.

  "Good girl," he murmured as she slowly undid the buttons of her blouse to expose her bra.

  She teased the top edge down to flash her nipples and saw Robert's eyes light up. He sat forward on the chair.

  "Closer," he ordered her.

  The flush of arousal grew stronger at the hoarse lust she heard in his voice and her chest began to heave as she moved forward. Robert put down the glass he was holding then dragged the sides of her blouse wider apart. Madeline knew what she was expected to do and eased down her bra again to reveal her breasts. She felt a thrill as her husband leaned forward and kissed on one then the other. She rocked her head back as a shiver of delight rippled through her body.

  Madeline was back where she wanted to be and she groaned as teeth grazed on a nipple. The gently bite brought out more shivers and her breath rasped out as Robert sucked the erect bud deeper in his mouth. His tongue swirled around it and his lips crushed against soft skin as he enjoyed his fill of pretty curves. He moved his head from side to side before he leaned back and picked up his glass again.

  Taking a sip of whisky, he quickly circled his lips around a stiff nipple again. The alcohol spilled from his mouth to run down naked skin and Madeline gasped as he made her stand up. His tongue flicked out to follow the wet trails lower until he was kissing on the naked skin just above her skirt. It made her muscles flutter and the tingle of flickering flames it brought between her thighs began to burn hotter. Her panties were becoming moist at the attention she was receiving and she wanted more.

  When Robert glanced up at her, she saw the smile on his face and again knew what he wanted without him even having to say. She reached for the buttons at her left hip and released them to make her skirt slide down her legs. His eyes went to her panties and he looked up again as he reached out to them. Madeline groaned as his touch stroked on the silky material and she moved her legs apart as he slid his fingers between her thighs. Her body weakened as he brushed his fingertips on the wet material to tease her pussy lips. When he pulled his hand free, he grabbed her wrist to drag her back down to her knees in front of the seat then let got to reach out to her face.

  There was no hesitation this time. She immediately took his fingers in her mouth and eagerly licked them clean. Robert gently stroked his fingers in and out and she clamped her lips around them. The sensual touch stirred her desire for something bigger, but she continued to suck on his fingers and wait for him to pull them out of her mouth. He slid forward on the seat when he did and she saw the way his erection was already straining to be released from his pants.

  Madeline wasted no time in doing it and the sweat prickled at her hairline as the hot arousal taking hold in her petite frame grew stronger. Robert groaned as she squeezed her fingers around his swollen shaft and stroked touches up and down. He squirmed in the seat as she leaned forward and kissed on the head.

  "Use your breasts first," he ordered her. "I want to feel your soft skin on me."

  Again Madeline could hear the hunger for her coming through in his voice and she knew she was going to give him everything he wanted like she promised. Grabbing hold of her breasts, she leaned in closer and enjoyed the thrill of wrapping her soft curves around the hardness of her husband's erect length. He picked up the whisky bottle and poured some alcohol on her upper chest. The smell of it filled the room as it trickled in her cleavage and she gasped as she was made to stroke her breasts along his erect length.

  She was learning something new and could tell just how much Robert liked it when he rocked his head back and shuddered. He groaned and lifted his butt up as she quickened her movements to pleasure him with her breasts. It was kinky, but that was something she was finding she enjoyed and expected she was going to be taught plenty more by her
dominant lover. He tried to fuck his cock into her cleavage, but eventually dropped down to enjoy letting her do the work.

  Madeline looked down to the sight of the swollen head popping out the top of her cleavage as she continued to stroke her breasts on him. The craving to take it in her mouth became too strong to resist and she released her grip on her tits. Grabbing hold of his stiff shaft, she brought her mouth to it and immediately tasted the whisky as she worked her lips over the tip. Her eagerness welled up as she started to give the blowjob and she tried to take more of Robert's erect length with each bob of her head.

  "Good girl," he said again as he grabbed her hair to push it back from her forehead so he could watch her lips running over bulging veins.

  His groans got gradually louder, but he finally pulled her head up. The desire showed in his eyes as he got to his feet and removed the belt from his pants.

  "Turn around," he ordered her.

  Madeline gasped as he hauled her arms behind her back and looped the belt around her wrists to secure them together. When she turned back, she was on her knees looking at his erection and knew that she was completely under his control. She could do nothing but wait to see what happened and let out a soft whimper as her hair was stroked back from her forehead.

  Robert dragged his pants and underwear down then wrapped fingers around his cock when he stepped closer to slap it on her mouth. Trembles rippled through her as he continued to do it, but the tip finally settled on her lips. As he eased his hips forward, she was made to open her mouth wide. She took a breath before it was filled with her husband's thick hardness. His grip tightened on her hair to hold her head steady as he enjoyed the soft wetness engulfing his stiff shaft.

  Madeline gasped for breath as her mouth was fucked. She was submitting to her dominant husband and her head was knocked back as his thrusts became increasingly forceful. His excitement at being in control was all too evident as he lost himself to the thrill of what he was doing to the point that it seemed he was about to fill her mouth with his cum. He moved back before that happened and grabbed her arm to haul her to her feet.

  He then took Madeline to the bed and made her lie face down on it. She turned her head to watch him and her eyes fixed on his rampant erection as he stared down at her half naked body. Her longing for what was happening welled up and she shuddered as he got on the bed and straddled the back of her thighs. His fingertips trailed across her silky underwear and she pressed her face in the bedcovers and closed her eyes as the delight rippled through her.

  She tensed as Robert slipped fingers under the waistband to peel her panties lower and she groaned as a touch traced gently along the crease of her ass. It made her clench her buttocks and the surge of exhilaration made her trembling grow worse. Her breathing became more and more ragged as every inch of her naked ass was explored.

  Robert dragged her panties down her legs and off then leaned forward and she groaned as his hot kisses played on the smooth skin of her ass. He slid his hands under her hips to pull them up and she was manhandled to get on her knees, with her face still stuck to the mattress. Fingers slipped between her thighs and she shivered as they stroked along her pussy lips. The pressure increased to open her up and kisses played on her ass cheeks again as the penetration of her husband's fingers stroked deeper inside her.

  "You like that don't you?" Robert let out.

  "Yes?, yes," Madeline gasped in a desperate voice.

  She squirmed as his fingers began to pump in and out her pussy and her body responded to the rough touch. Robert's harsh breathing grew louder as he increased his efforts and Madeline pushed back to meet the thrusts of his fingers. It was driving her towards a high and the tension gripped her body as she got closer to the moment she wanted. When the fingers withdrew, she thrilled to the touch of licking on her pussy lips. It heightened her arousal and she found herself begging for tongue inside her wet hole.

  The torment of not getting it went on as Robert teased touches along her pussy lips, but she let out a loud groan when her pleading finally got her what she wanted. Her body quivered as her husband's tongue lashed around inside her and the prickle of his stubble rubbing on her soft skin only added to what she was experiencing. She was so close and her muscles stretched tight as she was almost tipped over the edge.

  Her desperate cry rang out as Robert pulled his tongue free, but the sound quickly changed to a gasp as he straightened up and moved forward. She strained against the belt holding her wrists together and the slight pain of the leather chafing on her skin added to the rippling waves of pleasure brought on by the hardness touching on her butt. It spread her ass cheeks apart and the strong throbbing of cock pulsated against her puckered skin.

  Madeline whimpered as Robert slid the tip of his erection to her slick entrance. She was still so close to completely losing control and shut her eyes tightly as her pussy lips were spread open by the thick head The touch of it sliding deeper inside set her off and she let out an almost despairing groan as the heat of a burning climax flared to life. The grip on her hips pulled her back to take her lover's full length as the rippling contractions of her pussy muscles tightened her around it.

  Robert's fingers sunk deeper in her soft flesh as she writhed on the deep penetration of his stiff shaft. She was all too aware of his groans matching hers as the pure bliss of the moment played out, but he wanted even more and controlled himself. Madeline's body went limp as the heat of the orgasm died down, but her breath rasped out as the crashing thrusts began to hammer against her body.

  Robert released his grip on her hips to grab hold of her bound wrists and held on tightly as he pulled himself into her to take his pleasure in filling Madeline's pussy with his seed. He clenched his buttocks to hold himself back for as long as he could to drill his cock in the tight softness until he was finally overwhelmed by the frantic sex. He drove in deep as his heavy sacs gave up their load and the shudders of the climax wracked his body as he spurted load after load of seed deep inside her.

  Madeline winced when her arms were hauled back and Robert held his cock inside her as he let loose with powerful streams of cum. She could feel his hips pressed tightly on her ass and groaned as the hot splashes erupted inside her. His body continued to buck and convulse against her until his climax began to fade away. He dropped his weight down on her and she collapsed to the mattress with her husband lying on top of her.

  His erection remained inside her to stop his cum spilling out, but the power eventually drained from it and he rolled to the side to lie on the bed beside her. He released the belt around her wrists and she shrugged it off then turned onto her back. She put a hand on her chest and tied to calm herself from the exertions of the sex. Her eyes were closed when she spoke.

  "Do you really want me to bear you a child?' she asked quietly.

  "Yes," he replied. "I want my child growing in you as quickly as possible."

  Madeline opened her eyes and rolled closer to put her head on his chest.

  "It already is," she told him.

  "What did you say?" he demanded.

  Madeline raised her head to look at him.

  "I needed to go to the doctor's office a lot with my mother while I was away," she went on. "I was expecting my period not long after I arrived home and when it never came, I asked the doctor to check."

  "And you're pregnant?" Robert asked.

  "Yes," she said and nodded her head. "He confirmed it a couple of days ago."

  "That's?, that's fantastic," he went on.

  He wrapped his arms around her and held her in a tight embrace. Madeline felt comfortable and cuddled close to the warmth of his body. His muscles pressed against her soft curves and the touch under her chin tilted her head up. The kiss was gentle at first, but grew more passionate as they reveled in being together.

  "I love you," she let out quietly when the kiss came to an end and settled her head on his chest again.

  "I love you too," he replied as he nuzzled his lips against her hair.

  Madeline suspected that the pregnancy wouldn't stop her learning more about sex in the coming weeks and she shivered at the thought of getting intimate with Robert again. For the moment she relaxed in his arms and enjoyed just being there. She couldn't think of anywhere else she would rather be as she slowly drifted off to sleep in the arms of her dominant, loving husband.

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