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         Part #3 of THIRDS series by Charlie Cochet
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  “Would you like to dance, Lou?”

  “I’d love to.”

  Levi led Lou away, and Sloane noticed Dex was frozen to the spot. Sloane stepped behind him to look at the pair over Dex’s shoulder. “You okay? Do you mind him dancing with Lou?”

  Dex seemed to snap out of it. “No, it’s not that. Levi’s a Therian. Not just a Therian, a white tiger Therian. Huge. I really thought Lou was going to bolt. Instead, he went all swoony.” Something seemed to strike him, and he gasped. “Dude, the guy smiled!”

  “Who? Lou? He’s always smiling.”

  “No, Levi. Did you know his name was Levi?”

  “Of course I did. I’ve been working with the guy for the last ten years. You’ve probably noticed that his team and Taylor’s are usually the ones sent in to back us up. Beta Pride and Beta Ambush have been around almost as long as Destructive Delta. They haven’t changed Team Leaders since.”

  Dex went thoughtful. “Considering how long you’ve known him, how come you don’t call Taylor by his first name?”

  “Because unlike Levi who’s a nice guy, Taylor is a certified jackass. Always has been.”

  “No arguments there,” Dex muttered. “This is the first time I’ve seen Levi smile.”

  Sloane shrugged. “It’s been known to happen. Or so I’ve heard. Now I know the rumors are true.” Stranger things had happened. Like Sloane going all these years without kicking Taylor’s ass.

  “He made a joke, and Lou laughed.”

  “I was there,” Sloane replied with a chuckle.

  “And he dances too.” They both watched Lou chatting and dancing with Levi, doing his flirty, playful smack-on-the arm thing. “Look at him. A few months ago he was ranting about Therians, and now he’s flirting with one.”

  Sloane wrapped his arms around Dex’s neck from behind and leaned on his shoulders, his head coming to rest against Dex’s. “Well, he’s been hanging around us a lot. Maybe he’s coming around to the fact Therians aren’t as bad as he thought. Has he talked to you about why he feels that way about Therians?”

  “No.” Dex sounded troubled by the thought. “I brought it up once, and he got really pissed about it. Said he wasn’t going to get into it.”

  “Well, I hope whatever it is, he’s leaving it behind. He seems happy now.” Sloane hadn’t given his affectionate gesture any thought until he heard Ash’s growl behind them.

  “What the fuck are you two—”

  Dex cut Ash off, pointing to the opposite end of the room.

  “Don’t look now, Ash, but Herrera’s about to take a piss on your fern.”

  “What?” Ash looked over his shoulder. “Motherfuck. Herrera!” Ash darted off, and Sloane pulled away from Dex. He shoved his hands in his pockets.

  “Shit.” What the hell was wrong with him? They were in a room filled with coworkers, and he was hanging off Dex. He hadn’t even realized what he’d been doing. Dex gave him a wink and playful nudge.

  “Take it easy, big guy. Crisis averted.”

  “I’m sorry. We need to be more careful. I should be more careful.” No one would suspect anything if it was Dex hanging off him since his partner did the same with everyone else on the team—with the exception of Ash. Other than the occasional reassuring hug or companionable arm around the shoulder, Sloane had never behaved that way toward any teammate. Not even Gabe.

  “You two look hot together. Ever think of having a little Fancy Feast, Daley?”

  Jesus. The guy was like a bad rash. He was going to have a serious talk with Taylor soon as he sobered up. This had to end before Sloane ended up planting one in Taylor’s face. Then Sloane would have to explain himself to his sergeant. He doubted Maddock would be happy with Sloane punching out a fellow Team Leader, even if it concerned Dex. “Fuck off, Taylor. Go back to humping the couch.”

  “Only if I can have Dex with me while I do it.”

  Dex grinned broadly at Taylor. “Yeah, all right.” Sloane eyed Dex, wondering what his partner was up to. Dex pointed to a cream-colored door past the kitchen. “But not the couch. Go wait for me in the laundry room.”

  Taylor looked from Dex to the door and back. “Really?”

  “Yeah, why not.”

  “Okay.” Taylor sped off.

  Dex turned his attention back to Sloane. “What the fuck is a Fancy Feast?”

  Sloane cleared his throat, feeling somewhat embarrassed. “It’s a threesome. Two Felid Therians and a submissive Human in the middle.”

  “Man, you Felid Therians are kinky,” Dex teased.

  “No, Taylor’s kinky. I don’t like to share.” Sloane wrapped an arm around Dex and brought him hard up against him.

  “Weren’t you just freakin’ out about getting close like a second ago?” Dex asked, subtly pressing his crotch against Sloane’s thigh.

  Sloane craned his neck to the agent beside him practically dry-humping an equally enthusiastic female agent. “Hey, Gerry?”

  The wolf Therian looked around before realizing where the voice was coming from. “Yeah?”

  “What’s your mom’s name?” Sloane asked him.


  “It’s okay, don’t hurt yourself.”

  “Okay.” Gerry went back to what he’d been doing.

  Dex let his head fall back with a laugh, and Sloane had the fiercest urge to sink his teeth into that deliciously exposed skin. It was true, he had been freaking out and telling himself he’d made a big mistake, how he had to be careful. Then he’d thought of someone else’s hands on Dex, and he didn’t like it. At all.

  “We need to find somewhere private.” Sloane felt a shiver go through his partner at the implication, and Dex’s gaze fell to Sloane’s lips. His voice was low and husky when he spoke.

  “Your pupils are dilated.”

  “Then you better do something about it,” Sloane warned, his hand slipping away from Dex before it ended up somewhere it shouldn’t. At least not in public.

  Dex licked his lips. “Bathroom. Upstairs. Two minutes.”

  Sloane released Dex and went to the bar where Bradley gave him a knowing look. The guy was too perceptive for his own good.


  “I didn’t say anything,” Bradley said holding a hand up.

  “Just give me a shot of something.”

  Bradley slid the shot glass over with a wicked grin. “If you’re going to go upstairs, I’d do it now while Ash is busy putting the fear in the lovebirds he caught making out on his kitchen counter.”

  Sloane threw back his shot and gave Bradley a pointed look before he made a quick but subtle dash up the stairs. There was a short line outside the main bathroom at the end of the hall, but Dex was smarter than that. His partner was also crazy. Sloane stood with his back to Ash’s locked bedroom his partner had undoubtedly broken into and reached behind him to give a knock. Something clicked, and he was hauled inside. Dex closed the door behind him and locked it before launching himself at Sloane.

  “Fuck. If Ash catches us in his room using his bathroom—”

  “I locked the door. Just a quickie.” Dex slipped his hand into the back of Sloane’s jeans to cup his ass cheek and give it a squeeze, drawing a low groan from him. Unable to hold himself back any longer, Sloane captured Dex’s soft lips with his own. He kissed Dex greedily, taking everything he could and demanding more. He could taste the beer on Dex’s tongue, feel the heat coming off his partner, and Sloane’s body threatened to catch fire. He continued to kiss Dex feverishly as he led him into the bathroom, closing the door behind them and locking it before pushing Dex up against it.

  “Do you know why I don’t dance?” Sloane said breathlessly, his hands finding the hem of Dex’s shirt and pushing it up his body.

  “Why? You’re good at it.”

  “I don’t dance because I like to watch you,” Sloane admitted, loving the whimper that escaped Dex as he cupped Sloane through his jeans, his hand kneading and massaging Sloane’s hard dick. “Also, if I dance with yo
u, I’m going to want to touch you. And then touching leads to us having sex in Ash’s bathroom.”

  “It’s a chance I’m willing to take,” Dex replied. He let out a gasp when Sloane grabbed him, turned him, and bent him over the sink. He handed Dex a towel. “Here, bite on this.” Dex didn’t argue.

  “Stay,” Sloane demanded. Fucking Dex brought out the wilder side in him, and he loved it. He rummaged in the sink’s drawers, found a bottle of lube and a box of condoms. Ash wouldn’t miss one. He returned the box to its place exactly the way he found it and put the bottle of lube on the sink beside Dex. With both hands, he reached under Dex and undid his belt. Dex loved it when he was a little rough, and Sloane was happy to give his lover exactly what he wanted. He tugged Dex’s jeans and boxer briefs down to his thighs and grabbed the bottle of lube to pour some on his fingers. They had to be quick, but Sloane had no intention of hurting Dex.

  He pushed Dex’s T-shirt up his back and planted quick kisses on his partner’s smooth skin before pushing a finger into Dex. His lover squirmed beneath him, his hips thrusting against the sink in his growing desperation for release. They didn’t have all that long before Ash came looking for them, so Sloane picked up his pace, adding a second finger and soon a third as Dex groaned around a mouthful of towel, his back arching. Sloane leaned in, talking quietly in his ear.

  “I’m going to fuck you fast and hard.” Sloane pressed the head of his cock between Dex’s ass cheeks. “You’re going to feel me inside you for hours. Just how you like it.”

  A low whimper escaped Dex, and Sloane pushed himself in, slowly at first. His teeth gritted as the tight heat enveloped him. Dex nodded and Sloane plunged the rest of the way in, grateful for the towel that muffled Dex’s surprised cry. He arched his back, his fingers gripping the edge of the sink. Grabbing Dex’s hips, Sloane pulled out, and drove himself back in. The sound of Dex’s muffled groans, his heavy breathing, his flushed face had Sloane desperate for more. He pounded into Dex hard and fast, as he’d promised.

  “Fuck. You feel so damn good.” He watched his dick driving into Dex’s ass for a few seconds, before folding himself over Dex and wrapping his arms around him. He thrust deep, the sound of skin on skin sending him over the edge. His muscles tightened, and he thrust hard twice more before he emptied himself into the condom with a low growl. With a smile, he nuzzled Dex’s hair, inhaling the sweet smell of his partner’s citrus shampoo. He continued driving himself into Dex until it became too painful, and then he pulled out, removed the condom, tied it up, and quickly wrapped it in some toilet paper before chucking it in the wastebasket. He gently turned Dex around and got on his knees to pull Dex’s hard cock into his mouth, a soft moan escaping him. He loved how Dex tasted, the smell of him, the feel of him.

  Sloane sucked and licked, feeling Dex’s hands in his hair. His tongue pressed against the base of Dex’s cock, and his partner gasped. Knowing just what drove his partner wild, Sloane swirled his tongue over the head of Dex’s cock before pressing his tongue into the slit, his hand giving the base a squeeze. Dex groaned and shivered. He leaned back against the sink, his eyes meeting Sloane’s. With his favorite audience watching his performance, Sloane devoured Dex like a hungry man having his first meal after days without.

  Seconds later Dex was coming. Once his partner had finished, Sloane stood and helped him with his clothes before giving him a languid kiss.

  “Mmm,” Dex hummed against Sloane’s mouth.

  Sloane held Dex close, kissing his lips before nuzzling his nose and brushing his lips across Dex’s jaw. “We should go.”

  “To bed?” Dex asked hopefully.

  “Soon,” Sloane promised, chuckling at Dex’s dreamy sigh. “This is your party, remember?”

  “Exactly. It’s my party, and I’ll sigh if I want to.”

  “You won’t be if Ash catches us.” He put Dex’s hand to his lips for a kiss when he noticed the blue and black band on his lover’s wrist. “What are you wearing?”

  Dex gave him a cheeky smile. “A wristband.”

  Sloane eyed the Pac-Man wristband and held back a smile. “You know that’s not what I meant.” How hadn’t he noticed it before? Maybe he’d been too busy trying not to ogle his sexy partner.

  “What? It’s a classic. I’m the fucking king of Pac-Man.” Dex gave him that wide boyish grin of his, and Sloane couldn’t resist kissing those lips again. As silly as his partner could be, Sloane hoped he never changed. It wasn’t that Sloane felt old, because he didn’t and he wasn’t, but he’d been through a lot in his life. Being around Dex made him feel lighter, stopped him from taking himself too seriously. They had fun together. He never thought his lover could also be his closest friend.

  “King of Pac-Man, huh?” Sloane gave Dex a wicked grin. “We’ll see about that.”

  Dex gasped, his eyes lighting up. “You play Pac-Man?”

  “Are you kidding?” Sloane let out a snort and backed away from him before pointing to himself. “Prepare to be dethroned.”

  “I think I might have come in my pants.” Dex thrust a finger at him. “It’s on. You’re going down.”

  “I already went down,” Sloane replied with a wink before spinning on his heels and leaving the bathroom. He headed for the bedroom door unable to keep the smile off his face knowing Dex was following his every move. Tonight he’d have a few more moves to show his lover. He might just come to enjoy these pre-birthday-party parties.

  “FUCK.” Dex stood staring at the door Sloane had disappeared through. Just when he thought he couldn’t find the guy any hotter. What were the chances Sloane would be a total geek? Dex was so excited at the prospect that he practically bounced over to the door. Remembering where he was, he carefully checked to make sure the coast was clear before slipping out into the hall. He was about to head down to the stairs when someone stepped in front of him, blocking his path.

  “Hey, there you are sexy.”

  Dex was seriously regretting inviting the guy. “Dude, you stink.”

  “How come you keep turning me down?” Taylor ran a hand down Dex’s arm. “The things I would do to you.”

  “Wow. How can I not drop my pants with a line like that?” Dex moved to get around Taylor, only to have his path blocked again. “Seriously? Let me rephrase my rejection so there’s no misunderstanding. I do not want to have sex with you.” He motioned to Taylor’s general personage. “I do not want anything of that, coming anywhere near any of this,” he said and motioned to himself. “No. Nyet. Nein. Nahi. Ni. Non.”

  “You’re so adorable.” Taylor gave a snort and stepped up to Dex, cupping him through his jeans. Dex gave Taylor a harsh shove away from him. He stared, stunned as Taylor stumbled back. Was this guy for real? Why was there always that one asshole in every office who thought himself to be irresistible when he was really a giant douchebag? Taylor was one and then some.

  “What the fuck, man? What part of back the fuck off did you not understand?”

  “Please. I know a cocktease when I see one.”

  “What?” Since when did not being interested in someone make him a cocktease?

  “You think I don’t see the way you flirt around the office?” Taylor scoffed. “The way you flirt with Brodie? Admit it. You want that big dick up your tight little ass, but Brodie won’t give it to you. He’s too busy playing hero. Plus, he’s got that stick permanently shoved up his own ass, which must be hell on his sex life.”

  “Stay away from me. I’m serious.” Un-fucking-believable. Dex turned to leave, only to have Taylor grab his arm. “I’m warning you, Taylor. I don’t give a fuck if you’re a Team Leader. You’re out of line.”

  “How do you know you won’t like it if you don’t try it? You know what they say. Once you go Therian….” He ran a hand down Dex’s back toward his ass.

  The last of Dex’s patience snapped, and he punched Taylor square across the jaw, the sound resonating through the hall. Everyone who’d been standing in line waiting to use the bathroom wen
t silent, their stunned gazes on Dex and Taylor, who was now on his ass.

  “You asked for that you dick,” Dex growled and backed up when Taylor pushed himself to his feet. He swayed for a moment before getting his bearings. The guy’s expression went from confused to pissed off. What the fuck did he have to be pissed about? Dex had given him plenty of warning.

  “Dex?” Sloane appeared beside him, his hand on Dex’s shoulder. “What the hell’s going on?”

  “Nothing,” Taylor spat out.

  Sloane didn’t hesitate. “Bullshit. What did you do?”

  “Your partner just punched a Team Leader, and you’re asking me what I did?” Taylor rubbed his jaw where Dex had clobbered him.

  “I bet he had a good reason for it.”

  Taylor gaped at Sloane. Had he been expecting Sloane to agree with him? The guy seemed to be considering his options. He clearly reconsidered making a move against Dex because he seemed to deflate, jutting his bottom lip out pathetically. “I was only talking to him.”

  That only succeeded in pissing Dex off. He’d heard that shit before, and it wasn’t going to fly. Not with him. “Oh, fuck you, Taylor. I don’t know how many others kept their mouth shut, but I’m not letting this slide. I couldn’t have said ‘no’ any fucking clearer. I told you how many times to keep your hands off?”

  “You son of a bitch!” Sloane grabbed Taylor and shoved him up against the wall. “I warned you to keep your hands off of my team, didn’t I?”

  “Your team or your partner?” Taylor sneered, pushing Sloane away from him. “That’s fine. I can take the hint.”

  Dex opened his mouth, then shut it. What was the point? He’d never met anyone who exhausted him the way Taylor did.

  “Maybe I’ll find me a sweet little cheetah Therian who’ll be less of a pain in the ass. At least not a pain in my ass. His will be another story.”

  The suggestion Taylor meant Cael would have pissed Dex off, but when a shadow caught his eye, he cringed instead. He almost felt sorry for the guy. Almost. “Now you done fucked up twice.”

  Ash materialized behind Taylor like some otherworldly specter, his hand slapping down on the smaller agent’s collarbone before giving it a squeeze that had Taylor hissing.

  “Join me outside for a chat, will you?”

  Shit. Ash was being civilized. That could only mean Taylor was lucky he didn’t get tossed over the balcony. Taylor had no choice but to accompany Ash. Dex headed downstairs with Sloane at his side.

  “What a dick. Whatever Ash gives him, he deserves.”

  “You okay?” Sloane asked, pulling Dex over to one side when they reached the kitchen.

  “Yeah. Guys like Taylor annoy the fuck out of me. They think they can put their hands wherever they want when they want. Like it’s somehow okay because you’re a dude. They don’t give a fuck what the other guy wants as long as they get laid.”


  “Sorry. Reminds me of this asshole in high school. He was hell bent on making me his fuck toy. He thought because he was the star of the school, and I was the class clown that it was okay for him to be all over me. That I should be grateful he handpicked me. And since I was gay that automatically meant I’d be okay to fuck anyone ready and willing.”

  “What happened?”

  Dex grinned widely. “I told him to meet me in the locker room after school in one of the stalls. Naked. I snapped a picture of him in his birthday suit and told him if he didn’t want the whole school to see how small his dick was, he’d leave me the fuck alone. I reminded him I was friends with the photography club’s president and could easily have the picture blown up, which would be necessary in order for anyone to find his dick.”

  Sloane laughed. “I bet you’d have gone through with it too.”

  “Fuck yeah. I spent so much time in the principal’s office that the man started penciling me into his schedule. We even shared lunch on occasion. He was pretty cool. He knew who the assholes were at school and didn’t exactly disapprove of my methods. I avoided fist fights so when I had to fight back, I did it in my own way.” Dex leaned back against the counter. “I bet no one messed with you in school.”

  “I never had that problem. But then again, I hung out with Ash. We weren’t really the most approachable guys on campus.”

  “Speaking of unapproachable. Here comes the king of.”

  Sloane turned to Ash who was looking even more miserable than usual. “Where’s Taylor? Alive, I hope.”

  “I put him in a cab and sent him home,” Ash grumbled. The guy looked tired. Like he hadn’t been sleeping. Well, Ash had called in sick a couple of days ago. Dex couldn’t understand why the guy had insisted on having the party at his place if he was feeling crappy.

  “Thanks for dealing with Taylor,” Dex said.

  “I didn’t do it for you.”

  “I didn’t think so, but thanks anyway. I don’t want that jackass anywhere near my brother.” For all of Ash’s faults, Dex couldn’t deny the guy was always there to back Cael up, and he appreciated that.

  “Won’t be a problem.” Ash leaned against the counter, his expression somber. Which wasn’t unusual, but there was something else. He was looking out into the
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